3 Ways to Successfully Market Your ‘Non-Visual’ Brand On Instagram

February 12, 2018 by kicksta

Last Updated: February 24, 2020

As you’ve hopefully noticed by now, Instagram can serve as a brilliant marketing platform for all types of businesses. While it’s primary function is to showcase beautiful imagery, don’t let Instagram’s aesthetic nature intimidate and prevent your non-visual brand from posting engaging content. Here’s how to promote business on Instagram.

Realistically, any company can have a successful Instagram business account if they’re willing to drop their current social habits and get a little creative. In fact, Instagram is the perfect platform to build your brand image and connect with new consumers and businesses alike you otherwise wouldn’t encounter.

How is Instagram still relevant if you’re not selling visually “sexy” products, you ask? The truth of the matter is that users love any account they can relate to and learn from.

Unfortunately there are certain types of companies that provide intangible, technical products and feel they have nothing significant to bring to Instagram. Allow me to change your mind by saying yes; people care what you have to offer if you present it tastefully and authentically.

Read through our three ways to learn how to promote business on Instagram through successfully marketing your ‘non-visual’ brand. Here’s how to kick-start your digital marketing campaign.

1) Target a Very Specific Audience

Fashion and sporting goods companies undeniably have it easier than a company that specializes in high-speed Internet modems when it comes to deciding what type of content to post. However, we assure you there’s a market on Instagram for you that is definitely worth your time and effort.

example of how to promote business on instagram for non-visual brands - adobe

While your Instagram business account might not reach the amount of likes and followers as a Nike or NatGeo, that’s not your purpose. Reach out to similar accounts to yours for a reference on what people are posting in your field. Use this as leverage to acquire their followers and ultimately post more intriguing content.

Keep in mind that your followers are likely to be in your industry, so don’t worry about dumbing down your technical content to suite the general public. Being genuinely intelligent and informative is what will ultimately set you apart from the rest.

2) How to Promote Business on Instagram? Think Beyond Your Product

We agree, photos of back-end jargon or a mess of wires isn’t necessarily the most interesting thing to scroll upon when browsing through Instagram. This is why you must think beyond your physical product and show how you actually benefit your consumers.

example of how to promote business on instagram for non-visual brands - ibm

What does high-speed Internet or a new type of banking app mean to most of us? A more seamless, productive lifestyle without the boundaries of the older technology.

Infographics, quotes from great leaders in your field, or hiring a photographer can certainly bring this emotion to life on Instagram. Even with these great images you should always include a compelling, educational caption.

3) Regularly Engage With Your Followers

The beauty of starting small on social media is the ability to interact with every curious follower, and prove your authenticity straight from the start. So many brands stop engaging with consumers once they’ve hit a satisfactory amount of followers — just because you have an established account doesn’t mean your followers are lifelong consumers … yet.

A great way to encourage conversation on Instagram is to simply ask your followers what they’d like to see or learn about. This can be a bit tacky to do in a permanent post, so utilize your Instagram Story feature and play around with your options there. This will open up a more intimate dialogue with your followers, as you will start chatting via direct messages as opposed to the comments section.

The fundamentals of advertising have remained the same for generations, although the formats we use seem to change weekly. Your Instagram business account is a perfect outlet to appeal to your target demographic on an emotional level and provide valuable insight into your brand. 

Keep up with Kicksta for more digital marketing advice for your brand. You’ll learn how to promote business on Instagram and reap the benefits before you know it, even if your follower account isn’t that of Apple or Gucci.

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