Kicksta vs. Stimsocial: Which One To Choose For Instagram Growth?

Kicksta vs. Stimsocial: Which One To Choose For Instagram Growth?
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Last Updated: Jan 31, 2023

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When you’re on Instagram for your business, you’re looking for Instagram growth.

When you reach more people, your brand can grow and you have a better chance of converting those followers into customers who move the bottom line in your business.

Growing your Instagram account, though, takes time, and when you’re busy marketing a business, you don’t have too much of that.

That’s where Instagram automation tools, like Kicksta and Stim Social can make an impact. These services can work to grow your Instagram following while you’re focused on the other aspects of your business.

Today we’re going to give you a Stim Social review so you can decide for yourself which of these Instagram growth services is legit.

Stim Social vs. Kicksta

Both of these services say that they can help you grow your following and expand your influence on Instagram.

That said, they are a little different from one another, so let’s compare the two to see which is the best Instagram growth tool.

This entire article is an in-depth review of each of these platforms, but this initial overview should give us a good jumping-off point.

What Is Stim Social?

Stim Social is an Instagram growth platform that works to increase your exposure on Instagram.

The platform recently launched Stim Social V2. This new, updated version offers no blocks, improved targeting, and an upgraded dashboard. Stim Social generates insights, analytics, and reports that you can use to better market your Instagram account.

Like any other growth platform, Stim Social says that it’ll help you gain more followers, drive site traffic, build your influence, and increase product sales. They’re focused on the end game and how growing your Instagram following can actually impact your business and the profit you’re able to make, which is good.

Some Instagram growth services are only focused on increasing your followers without mentioning how that’ll be able to impact your business overall.

Stim social screenshot of main page

What Is Kicksta?

Kicksta is an Instagram growth service that uses artificial intelligence to help you target ideal followers and grow your reach on Instagram.

This cutting-edge AI technology has been developed and improved over the past five years. Kicksta recently partnered with InfluenceGrid to provide an additional option to their customers.

With this Pro Plan, customers can generate an additional 1,200 followers or more each month, on top of the follower growth Kicksta creates with their technology. Kicksta is designed to help you grow your following with real people who are actually interested in seeing your posts.

This is different from just “real people.”

Even if you grow your following with thousands of real accounts (not bots), you won’t be impacting the bottom line of your business if you aren’t able to convert those followers to customers.

So, you need to have people following you who are excited about what you’re posting. The way Kicksta attracts your followers will help that exact thing happen.

Kicksta how it works screen
Kicksta logo

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Stim Social vs. Kicksta: Main Features

There are plenty of features that Instagram automation tools use to set themselves apart from their competitors. Features are the key ways that Instagram marketing platforms can attract customers and improve their services.

Let’s look more closely at the features of these two platforms.

Stim Social’s Features 

With Stim Social, you find your target audience and share that information with the service.

Then, they’ll auto-like and auto-follow your ideal customers, which will hopefully encourage them to follow you in return. Additionally, Stim Social also offers story views, so they’ll watch your ideal followers’ stories on your behalf.

You can also clean your feed and mute the people you follow so your feed doesn’t get too crowded.

Finally, Stim Social offers features like location, hashtag and profile targeting, and “maximum security, no blocks,” although that last portion isn’t explained anywhere.

Kicksta’s Features

Kicksta offers a number of unique features that make this service worthwhile.

First of all, customers can access advanced targeting so they know they’re reaching the right kinds of followers for their brand.

There’s no use in growing your following with bots or people who aren’t interested in your product or service. After all, you want to turn your followers into customers, right?

With Kicksta, you’ll be targeting real, authentic users who decide whether or not they want to follow you on their own. Kicksta will like a few posts from your target followers on your behalf so they know your account exists, there are no spammy follow/unfollow tactics here.

Kicksta also offers features like smart filters to further target your new followers, and their servers are US-based for additional safety for their customers.

Kicksta dashboard image

Stim Social vs. Kicksta: Instagram Growth Process

We touched on this a little bit earlier, but we’ll dive a little deeper to more fully showcase the Instagram growth process of each of these platforms.

Before you invest in a platform like this, you should understand how it works. After all, you’re giving them your credit card information and your Instagram login information.

You should be confident that you know how their platform works.

How Does Stim Social Work?

Stim Social says that their process is very easy.

First, you provide them with your ideal audience and the kinds of followers you’re looking to have. This is a common first step. After all, without it, how would the platform know who to engage with on your behalf? Then, Stim Social says the next step is to market your account using the insights on your dashboard.

Presumably, they’ll auto-like and follow people on your behalf, but it’s a little unclear. You can likely take the information from your dashboard and use it on your own, too, if you’d prefer.

Finally, you can look through the dashboard and analytics that Stim Social will generate for you to understand your account growth.

Stim social how it works screenshot

How Does Kicksta Work?

Kicksta uses what’s called engagement marketing.

This is a natural, organic way to grow your following, but it’s time-consuming.

So, Kicksta automates the process on your behalf, just as another automation tool might automatically publish posts for you. So, when you work with Kicksta, you provide them target accounts whose followers are similar to those you want to have following you.

These target accounts could be competitors, complementary brands, or even influencers in your industry.

Kicksta target accounts photo

Once you’ve established your target accounts, Kicksta will get to work automatically liking a couple of posts for each of these ideal followers.

These likes serve as a tap on the shoulder so that your ideal followers know that your account exists, but they have to make their own decision to come and follow you. This way you can be confident that you’re attracting real, organic followers who aren’t going to leave you as soon as they see your content in their feed. 

Then, you can keep an eye on your Kicksta dashboard and see which of your targets are performing well, and which are underperforming.

You can then find additional targets who are similar to the well-performing ones and remove the targets that aren’t generating good followers.

Kicksta’s growth strategy helps you generate real followers, rather than just attracting Instagram bots.

If you see a platform that guarantees a set number of followers, chances are high that they’re selling at least a few bots – not just Instagram followers.

Stim Social vs. Kicksta: Pricing

While pricing isn’t the only criterion you should use to choose an Instagram growth service, it’s still an important piece of information.

Stim Social and Kicksta both offer multiple pricing plans, so let’s compare them. Their actual price points are fairly similar, but just because those are the same doesn’t mean the value you’re getting is identical. This is where it’s important to look at and understand the features, growth process, and security protocols.

All of these can influence how valuable a platform is, regardless of the actual price point.

Kicksta logo

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Stim Social Pricing

Stim Social has two different plans you can choose from.

The first is the Professional Plan. According to their website, this is good for businesses starting out as well as personal profiles, and customers can expect about 600 followers per month. This plan is $49 per month and includes the hashtag, location, and profile targeting we mentioned earlier, as well as the maximum security without blocks. 

Stim Social pricing

Stim Social’s second plan is called the Managed Plan. This plan is recommended for influencers, businesses, and agencies. It’s also full of the leading features in the growth industry, like a personal account manager, targeting optimization, and maximum growth speed.

Additionally, it includes everything from the Professional Plan. The Managed Plan is $99 per month.

Kicksta Pricing

Kicksta offers three different plans to choose from, although two of them are fairly similar.

The first plan is the Standard plan, which comes in at $49 per month. While Kicksta doesn’t promise set numbers of followers from their AI technology, the Standard plan includes moderate growth speed. Customers also receive an onboarding course and can provide up to 10 target accounts. 

kicksta pricing photo

The next option from Kicksta is known as the Premium plan.

This plan still includes the onboarding course, but it also features maximum growth speed, and customers can provide up to 40 target accounts. Additionally, Premium customers can access VIP email support, they can use a blacklist to hone their targeting, and can access additional advanced targeting options. This advanced targeting includes hashtag and geo-location targeting.

Finally, we mentioned earlier that Kicksta has recently partnered with InfluenceGrid – a premiere network of micro-influencers. They now offer a Premium plus InfluenceGrid growth plan that starts with everything in the Premium plan.

Then, the monthly growth boost is an additional 1,200+ followers from InfluenceGrid. These followers are in addition to however many followers you gain from Kicksta’s normal service and the AI technology.

This Kicksta Pro plan is $218 per month. 

Stim Social vs. Kicksta: User Reviews

Just like you shouldn’t make a decision on a piece of technology without looking at the price, you also need to take a look at some user reviews before you make a final decision.

After all, what other people have to say about the platform is important. We’ll look at an external reviews website called TrustPilot, as well as the Stim Social and Kicksta websites themselves. There are certainly many other review sites that you can look at to decide which of these platforms is better for you.

Stim Social User Reviews

Stim Social has 2.8 stars on TrustPilot.

Some of their reviews are good, and some are very bad. It’s very common for reviews to be varied, but some of their reviewers actually say that Stim Social is a “scam,” which certainly isn’t a good thing.

stimsocial user trustpilot review by suzy labbe
stimsocial user trusptilot review b andrea maggi
stimsocial user trustpilot review by etienne domijan

Unfortunately, many of their recent reviews are ones that include negative content. Stim Social also doesn’t include any user reviews or testimonials on its website, which is unlike many other companies and service providers.

Kicksta User Reviews

Kicksta has 3.3 stars on TrustPilot, and their reviews also vary.

kicksta user trustpilot review by Ava
kicksta user trustpilot review by happy customer
kicksta user trustpilot review by samantha syrett
kicksta user trustpilot review by garik himebaugh

When Kicksta receives negative reviews, they respond to the commenter to try to get the additional information needed to amend the situation. They also have many positive reviews from people who have grown their followings.

Additionally, Kicksta showcases customer testimonials on their website, like these:

Kicksta reviews screenshot
Kicksta logo

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Stim Social vs. Kicksta: Customer Service

No matter what you’re choosing to invest in, whether it’s Instagram growth or something entirely unrelated, chances are you’ll need to engage with their customer service representatives at some point. It’s a good idea to understand what experience you’ll get beforehand. Some platforms offer customer service via chat. Others provide a phone number.

Still, others only offer an email address. We’ve even seen some platforms that don’t discuss customer service at all, which is worrisome. No matter how good a service or platform is, there’s bound to be a question or two that arises.

If your customer can’t get in contact with anyone, that’s a problem.

Stim Social Customer Service

Stim Social doesn’t mention anything about customer service on their website, which is a little troublesome.

They don’t have an email address listed anywhere, although they do have a chat icon on their website. Additionally, their “Contact Us” page is a form submission where you can submit a ticket for their team to review at some point. 

Kicksta Customer Service

Kicksta also offers a contact form where their customer service team is happy to assist.

On that page, they also provide a link to their FAQ page so people can get a quick answer if possible. Kicksta’s customer support team is made up of over a dozen knowledgeable employees. Premium customers receive VIP support, which comes from the most senior support team members. Kicksta’s FAQ page is actually very informative, and many people who have basic questions will likely be able to find their answers there.

For people with more specific questions, though, Kicksta’s skilled customer service team will be able to give them a specific answer. 

Stim Social vs. Kicksta: Which One Is Safer To Use?

At the end of the day, the safety of your account is paramount.

If someone hacks your account or if Instagram blacklists you, you’re out of luck. So, take some time to research the safety of your potential Instagram automation tools. Safety and security are incredibly important, especially on the Internet and especially for your business.

There are plenty of ways to protect your account, and platforms like Kicksta and Stim Social can do many different things to improve their security for their customers.

Stim Social Account Safety

Stim Social doesn’t directly address account safety on their website other than to say “Maximum Security.” But, that’s not overly descriptive. When you’re going to be trusting a company with your Instagram account growth, you probably want to know and understand their security measures.

Is Stim Social safe? Well, you probably need to decide that for yourself.

Just because they don’t share what they’re doing for safety doesn’t mean they’re unsafe, but it does potentially raise some additional questions.

Kicksta Account Safety

Kicksta takes its customers’ safety very seriously.

The company uses US-based servers to protect customer data and ensure that security is a top priority. Additionally, by simply automating the engagement marketing strategy, Kicksta is unlikely to be noticed by Instagram.

They like a reasonable amount of posts, nothing that could raise Instagram’s red flags.

Final Verdict: Real Instagram Followers With Kicksta

Well, at the end of the day, you’re the only one who can decide what Instagram growth platform is best for your business. And, this blog post is just the start.

Do your own research, read reviews, explore features and make your own decision.

That said, for their transparency about their process as well as their security, we think Kicksta is the better option.

We’ve helped grow over 110,000+ Instagram accounts, and we have plenty of satisfied customers who have continued to work with us for years.

Kicksta is a safe, secure way to get more real, organic followers for Instagram.

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