Social Steeze vs. Kicksta: Is Social Steeze Legit?

Social Steeze vs. Kicksta
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Last Updated: Nov 23, 2021

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In your search for the best Instagram marketing service, you’ve likely come across two names: Social Steeze and Kicksta.

While both services (and others like them), promise to attract real followers for Instagram, which one should you trust for your brand to use?

The following guide delves into the differences between Social Steeze and Kicksta.

Update: Social Steeze is no longer operational. If you still would like to learn more about the differences Kicksta and Social Steeze had in terms of helping you gain more Instagram followers, read on. Otherwise, check out this comparison of the Top 12 Instagram Growth Services in 2021.

1. Setup

How to Get Started with Social Steeze

Getting started with Social Steeze is easy, yet risky. When signing up, simply input your Instagram name, email, and a choice of a payment plan.

While the site advertises “no setup or hidden fees”, the fact that users are provided with very little information about the service before they are asked to pay for it is a huge red flag.

How to Get Started with Kicksta

Kicksta clients can easily get started with the following three steps

  1. Go to
  2. Put in your email address.
  3. Choose your payment plan, then click “Get Started” and you’re signed up!
Get Started with Kicksta

However, prior to sign-up clients can learn exactly how Kicksta works via our case studies and how it works video. Check in it out for yourself below!

“With Kicksta, we’re able to see the impact they have on our Instagram account based on the engagement they drive, most of which we would not be able to do on our own.”.

Ryan and Andrew Beltran
Original Grain

“Kicksta has helped me consistently gain legitimate and engaged followers each month”.

Todd Pinckney

“I started with Kicksta in October of 2018 and grew my base from 2500 to 10.5K in just 2 months”

Kristi Eide

“Kicksta has enabled me to create a global network of like-minded people in the fashion industry and adjacent industries”.

Arianna Reagan

“Kicksta is immensely helpful in building my Instagram base not only with REAL followers and accounts, but with accounts that care about my product and business.”

Marteal Mayer
Loulette Bride

“I no longer have to spend hours upon hours trying to gain followers. Kicksta has helped me do that!”

Sally Harris
Social Media Manager
Kicksta logo

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2. Features & Filters

What features does Social Steeze offer?

The Social Steeze website doesn't quite go into detail with the specific growth methods they use to increase their client's followers, which is something you definitely want to look into before signing up for any Instagram growth service.

Methods such as auto-commenting or rapid follow/unfollow can come off extremely spammy and can hurt your brand's reputation. Not to mention, it can put you in risk of getting your Instagram account disabled, so be sure to avoid these tactics!

Like many similar services, Social Steeze uses hashtags, locations, and target accounts to attract new followers. However, the site seems to suggest that the blacklist is the only filter Social Steeze offers.

Every payment plan promises "real, targeted followers."

However, their lack of filters is a little alarming. It's not enough to interact with Instagram users, you need to make sure you are only liking images of users that are within you ideal target audience.

What features does Kicksta offer?

Once you've signed up with Kicksta, you'll have access to a wide variety of features and filters. Through the liking method, our Instagram growth service will attract new followers to your account that already follow profiles similar to yours.

After choosing your ideal locations, niche hashtags, and target accounts, you'll be ready to kickstart the organic growth on your Instagram.

Kicksta's advanced filters are what sets our service apart from others.

Kicksta doesn't offer automated direct messaging or commenting; it promotes the most organic growth by offering the following filters:

  • Ignore Inactive Accounts
  • Ignore Private Accounts
  • Ignore New Accounts
  • Ignore Suspicious Accounts

These additional Kicksta filters help to maintain the image of your brand, ensuring that you reach your target audience:

  • Profanity Filter
  • Gender Filter
  • Business Accounts Filters (Ignore business accounts for B2C companies)
  • Blacklist Filter
  • Foreign Language Filter
Social Steeze vs. Kicksta

3. Reporting and Statistics

How does Social Steeze track growth?

According to the "How It Works" page, the Social Steeze method for establishing growth is to "go viral".

A Social Steeze representative shared that they usually “see a growth of 100-500 followers per week”.

A separate email went on to further explain this estimated rate of growth based on one account:

"Chase of @chasehunterdiamond grew from 8,500 to 13,000 followers in his first five weeks with Social Steeze. While this may seem convincing, when reading through the reviews, we found one that pointed out that Social Steeze has only ever referenced the same client (Chase) in all of their emails. "

Though they claim that their methods are "trusted, verified, and proven", the lack of other case studies speaks volumes.

Social Steeze also has no dashboard or reporting center to help you track growth. This in itself may be a deal breaker. Without integrated analytics, it is very difficult to measure the ROI of Social Steeze's efforts.

How does Kicksta track growth?

Clients that are looking for consistent, quality growth turn to Kicksta as this service performs up to 1,500 daily interactions on Instagram to ensure efficient and authentic growth.

Kicksta makes it easy to track your growth on Instagram. In the Followers Gained section, you'll be able to view how many new users have followed your account.

Moreover, Kicksta clients can monitor the performance of their target accounts, which will allow them to better identify trends and select additional targets to improve their growth.

Target Report

Clients can also use the Posts section to track the engagement rate, likes, and comments for any recent posts.

Kicksta reporting dashboard
Kicksta logo

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4. Pricing

How much does Social Steeze cost?

Social Steeze is unique in that it doesn't offer a trial period. As soon as you enter your email and Instagram name, you are prompted to choose one of the following payment plans:

  • Weekly at $15/week or $25/week
  • Monthly at $38/month or $99/month
  • Yearly at $449/year

Each plan varies by the rate at which your Instagram grows. The more expensive the plan, Social Steeze promises "double the exposure."

While there isn't a trial period, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

How much does Kicksta cost?

Kicksta has a simple pricing structure with two distinct plans for their clients:

1. With the Creative plan, Kicksta clients have access to the Instagram growth tool and the basic filters.

The Creative plan is designed for influencers and entrepreneurs. At $49 a month, it is the best option for individuals that are just starting to use Instagram to grow their business.

2. With the Professional plan, clients will be able to use all the features and filters, resulting in highly targeted organic growth that will boost engagement, sales, and brand awareness.

At $99 a month, The Professional plan is ideal for professionals that rely on Instagram for their success.

5. Client Reviews

What are people saying about Social Steeze?

One SocialSteeze review alleges that the site creates fake positive reviews. In addition to this statement, they point out that after signing up with the service, they were denied a refund.

Social Steeze reveiw

Much like this review, most of the Social Steeze reviews are negative, with many that have been reported by Social Steeze for being "fraudulent". While we can't speak to the authenticity of every review, there is something to be said for a service that consistently receives one-star ratings.

Is Social Steeze legit? It doesn’t seem like it.

What are people saying about Kicksta?

Kicksta's dedication to authentic and organic growth is clear to see in their case studies and customer reviews.

Services like Kicksta focus on taking all the guesswork out of growing your Instagram. One satisfied client Arianna Raegan, founder of Arcana, shares:

"Kicksta has created a network for my business that lets the right people know I'm here when they otherwise would have never heard of my company."

Likewise, Martel Mayer of Lulette Bride attributes their newfound success to Kicksta:

"Kicksta has been immensely helpful in building my Instagram base, not only with real followers and accounts, but with accounts that care about my product and business."

Kicksta's reviews are just as compelling as on their website with:

6. Customer Service and Support

What is Social Steeze's customer service like?

Social Steeze has an FAQ page that users can use to answer basic questions.

Customers can also reach out by email to the Social Steeze support, though it is quite likely that any reply will be an automated one, which was mentioned in several reviews.

What is Kicksta's customer service like?

In addition to the features and filters unique to Kicksta, clients choose this service for its dedicated customer service.

Offering support 24/7 via live chat or email, clients know their success on Instagram is Kicksta's number one priority. Clients can also search through the video courses or FAQ for basic answers to their questions.

Additionally, clients that have The Professional plan are able to utilize the Customer Success Manager as they choose their target accounts.

While Social Steeze and Kicksta both aim to help optimize your organic growth on Instagram to get more real followers, Kicksta comes out on top as a client favorite. With Kicksta's dedication to authentic growth, it's clear that choosing Kicksta is the best way to improve your Instagram marketing efforts and to help grow your brand overall.

Ready to see how Kicksta works? Get started now by clicking here.

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