Gramista vs. Kicksta: A Side-by-Side Comparison of Instagram Automation

November 14, 2018 by Alexz Miller

Last Updated: February 24, 2020

Today we’ll be comparing Kicksta to another Instagram automation tool, Gramista. What is Gramista? Well according to their website, Gramista is a service that will automate liking, following and unfollowing just like a human being would.” Gramista is another option among others if you’re looking for an Instagram automation service. To help you make a make a better choice of what service to use, let’s take a side-by-side look at Gramista against our own Instagram growth tool, Kicksta.


In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps of setting up an account with each service.


Start by going to then click on‘Register’on the top right corner, and you’ll meet this screen.

Kicksta vs. Gramista

After providing the requested information and hitting‘SignUp’, you will be asked to verify your email. You will then connect your Instagram account by entering your Instagram handle & password, before being sent to your Gramista Dashboard.

Kicksta vs. Gramista


You can get started with Kicksta in three simple steps:

  1. Google “Kicksta” or go to
  2. As soon as you get to the homepage, you just have to enter your email.Kicksta vs. Gramista
  3. You’ll be sent to the payment page where you choose which plan you’d prefer then hit ‘GetStarted’ and then you’re all set!

Kicksta vs. Gramista

Congrats, you’re a ‘Kickstagrammer’ now. Next, you’ll be dropped into your Kicksta Dashboard where you can further tailor your target audience.



This is how Gramista works: You provide hashtags to target people who have certain interests or use locations to target people that are frequent to certain places. Then the Gramista bot will try to imitate human behavior to like, follow, and unfollow people without getting flagged for suspicious behavior by Instagram.

Kicksta vs. Gramista


Kicksta has all the automation that Gramista has plus more! Check it out: With Kicksta, you can target Instagram users, just like yours that have a large dedicated audience. Once you identify those users, Kicksta will get the attention of that user’s dedicated audience. Since your page is similar to that user’s page, then some of their audience should follow you as well! Thus, growing your audience organically. Do this process with multiple similar accounts and your audience should sky-rocket! You can also add locations or hashtags as targets to even further define your niche. Here’s a video explaining that process even more:



With Gramista, you can start automating your likes and follows without specifying your target audience by turning on your toggle on your Gramista Dashboard.

Kicksta vs. Gramista

If you do choose to specify your audience, you can add hashtags, locations, or other Instagram accounts to interact with.

Kicksta vs. Gramista

Gramista encourages users to pick popular hashtags and locations with a large number of posts associated with them as well as accounts with a high number of followers. You can ignore certain accounts or posts with certain hashtags by using their blacklist feature. Kicksta vs. Gramista


Kicksta is more focused on connecting you with your ideal target audience that fits your specific demographic. To start activity, you will have to specify which accounts, hashtags, and/or location you would like us to interact with. Kicksta will never like or follow an account that is not directly associated with your target preferences. We recommend sticking with middle range account with a following of less than 1 million as they tend to have a more niche-focuses audience. Same goes for hashtags and locations, not too big, but not too small.

Kicksta vs. Gramista

Is Kicksta safe?  Yes, Kicksta has an advanced targeting system to weed out any spam or undesirable accounts. These filters come automatically with all Kicksta accounts:

  • Profanity bad language filter
  • A private account filter
  • Account has to have posted in the last 90 days
  • Account has to have a certain followers-to-following ratio
  • Account has to be a certain number of months old

In addition, Kicksta clients can also activate these added filters to meet their specific audience needs:

  • A Gender Filter (male/female)
  • A Non-English Speaking Filter
  • A Business Account Filter (if you are a B2C company)
  • Blacklist Filter (Avoid specific people)

Kicksta vs. Gramista

Maintenance and Support


Gramista provides a support page on their site with an FAQ, longer articles explaining certain features in detail, a know issues section, and a ‘how-to’ section with step-by-step tutorials.


Kicksta offers you support around the clock, 24/7, via email support as well as live chat. With the Premium Plan,  Kicksta also provides a dedicated Customer Success Manager to each client that can help them pick targets and optimize growth. There’s also a very useful and comprehensive FAQ for quick answers.



With Gramista, you can track every individual action that is taken on your behalf.

Kicksta vs. Gramista


With Kicksta, you can see both high-level stats and individual target performance. Under the followers gained section, you can see your total number of followers gained.

Kicksta vs. Gramista

Under the daily stats section, you can see your net number of followers gained.

Kicksta vs. Gramista

In addition, clients can analyze individual target performance to see which ones are giving them the best return.

Kicksta vs. Gramista

This feature allows Kicksta users to remove underperforming targets, spot trends, and add new similar targets to optimize growth. BONUS: Under the recent posts section, users can track the likes & comments your followers leave on your posts. You can also see your engagement percentage, which is simply: (likes + comments) / your total number of followers.  Use this recent posts area to see which of your posts are most successful and post similar content in the future.

Kicksta vs. Gramista

All of these analytics combined make Kicksta your one-stop shop for not only growing your account, but also efficiently tracking growth, bot free.


How much does each cost?  Let’s compare the pricing model for both services.


Gramista has a multitude of payment plans to choose from:

Kicksta vs. Gramista Kicksta vs. Gramista

Each one more cost effective than the last. You start out with a 12-hour free trial, after which you choose one of these plans to continue.


Kicksta has two monthly payment plans: Kicksta vs. Gramista

With Kicksta’s ‘Creative’ payment plan, you are able to get a taste of the power of Kicksta’s Instagram growth tool. Kicksta vs. Gramista The full power comes with ‘TheProfessional’ plan. Where you can get all these useful features: Kicksta vs. Gramista Kicksta has all the automation that Gramista has, but is more focused on connecting you with your ideal audience that fits your demographic.  

With Kicksta’s advanced targeting system that filters out spammy accounts, and added filters to meet your specific audience needs, your account will grow followers organically, so you can focus on creating high-quality content.

Want to sign up for Kicksta? Click here to sign up.

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