Flock Social Vs. Kicksta: Which One Is More Legit?

Flock Social Vs. Kicksta: Which One Is More Legit?
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Last Updated: Jul 31, 2023

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Flock Social vs. Kicksta – which one can earn you the most followers for your Instagram account without harming your reputation?

Instagram growth services have become increasingly popular in recent years. As anyone with a new Instagram account will know, drawing attention to your new profile when you’re first getting started is easier said than done.

After all, Instagram followers are more likely to trust an account that already has a decent level of engagement.

Plus, a low number of followers could make it harder to get your Instagram account ranking on the Explore page. With an Instagram growth tool, you can accelerate your account’s growth potential without spending weeks or months tracking down new followers.

The challenge is finding a tool you can trust to deliver results without leading to problems with the Instagram algorithm.

Fake followers and bots can quickly damage your account’s reputation and lead to bans or penalization from the social media network.

So which tool will make you an Instagram rising star?

Flock Social or Kicksta?

Flock Social vs. Kicksta: Instagram Growth Process

With around 1.35 billion monthly active users, Instagram is brimming with opportunities for companies and influencers to find new followers and customers.

However, getting started can be notoriously tricky, particularly in a landscape with so much competition.

Instagram Growth tools like Kicksta and Flock Social help you find the people most likely to engage with your accounts.

Notably, both of these tools focus on “organic growth.”

In other words, they automate engagement with potential followers on your behalf to draw real human beings back to your profile.

How Does Flock Social Work?

Flock Social is a growth optimization platform for social media.

Users start by creating an account with the service, where they’ll answer a few questions about the kind of profile they’re running.

flock social homepage screenshot

The service then allows users to find similar profiles with audience members they’d like to target. You can choose from competitors, complementary brands, and influencers.

Once you’ve selected your target accounts, Flock Social will automatically engage with these users on your behalf, liking posts, following and unfollowing accounts, and providing numerous opportunities for engagement.

You can watch your account grow using embedded analytics and get valuable tips and tricks on how to boost your account from the app.

Flock Social users can also choose to unfollow some of the accounts they’ve followed over time, to improve their following-to-follower ratio on Instagram.

Flock social works rapidly to enhance your position in the Instagram rankings, and leverage the Instagram algorithm.

How Does Kicksta Work?

Kicksta is a similar style of Instagram growth service to Flock Social, focused entirely on helping you find an organic target audience.

Users sign up and fill out all the required information for their account before targeting a series of specific profiles with the followers they want to reach.

Similar to Flock Social, Kicksta empowers companies to automatically engage with their audience using the “Follow/Unfollow” and “Like after Follow” methods. These strategies allow companies and creators to rapidly engage their audience members, prompting users to visit their social profiles and follow them in return.

kicksta how it works image

Like Flock Social, Kicksta allows you to track your progress on a built-in dashboard.

Kicksta uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to boost your chances of finding new customers organically.

Plus, the company offers businesses and Instagram users a range of ways to ensure they’re connecting with the best possible followers. You can target followers based on their gender, location, hashtags they use, and more.

Kicksta logo

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Flock Social vs. Kicksta: Features

Both Flock Social and Instagram have a lot of similar features to help generate consistent and organic Instagram growth.

Each solution supports you in not only finding the right followers for your account but improving your overall Instagram strategy.

Flock Social Features

A complete Flock social review shows this solution comes with various options to help business leaders generate the most meaningful results for their social campaigns.

Flock Social is a relatively straightforward tool with various features to explore depending on your chosen pricing package.

These capabilities increase followers and strengthen your chances of attracting the right people to your account.

Features include:

  • Scheduled interactions to reach potential customers directly
  • Targeting capabilities to focus on accounts according to location, competitor, or hashtag
  • Access to advanced analytics and insights
  • Personal account manager guidance
  • Similar user targeting for expanding your audience
  • Automated liking and un-liking for filtering your audience
  • Automated follow and unfollow options

Kicksta Features

A review of Kicksta highlights the company’s wide range of advanced capabilities for businesses keen to unlock rapid, valuable growth.

kicksta analytics for tyler mandarich

Though the exact features users can access on Kicksta will vary depending on their chosen plan, every package comes with the tools you need to target and engage new followers.

The easy-to-use features built into the Kicksta platform include:

  • Extensive targeting options (Account, Hashtag, Location, and even Gender)
  • Guaranteed organic growth with real followers on all plans
  • Onboarding guidance and support on certain plans
  • Home feed cleaning
  • Automatic liking, follow/unfollow, and like-after-follow options
  • Comprehensive analytics and insights
  • Fast and responsive customer support
  • Influencer and competitor targeting
  • Whitelisting and backlisting options
  • Welcome DMs for connecting with your new followers
  • Targeting suggestions powered by AI
  • Story Likes for connecting with followers on IG Stories
  • Hashtag generation tools for marketing campaigns
  • Engagement rate calculator for influencer marketing

Plus, all of Kicksta’s plans are contract-free, so you’re never tied into anything.

Flock Social vs. Kicksta: Account Management

Account management on both Kicksta and Flock Social is simple, streamlined, and effective.

Once you sign up with each service, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive account page where you can track your Instagram growth and make changes to your target accounts.

Flock Social Account Management

When you sign up with Flock Social, you’ll see a streamlined hub where you can sort through your target accounts and decide which ones you want to focus on actively.

You’ll also be able to see the performance of each account in the form of a star rating.

flock social account management profile screenshot

Flock Social is straightforward, with just a few buttons to click to get your campaigns up and running.

The dashboard includes insights into your growth and suggestions for which accounts you may want to target based on your progress.

Suppose you sign up for the premium Flock Social subscription, known as “Instagram as a Business”. This comes with access to your own personal account manager, priority support and consulting, and chat and email support.

Kicksta Account Management

Kicksta’s account experience is equally straightforward.

The easy-to-use platform allows you to choose your plan, and start selecting “Target accounts” with the type of followers you want to reach instantly. You’ll also be able to target users based on their Location, Hashtag, and Account details. 

There are tools for setting up Blacklists, and automatic Whitelisting options to help ensure you can connect with as many new followers as possible, quickly.

add targets screenshot for Kicksta

Kicksta’s technology is extremely easy to use, with a straightforward interface, visual analytics dashboard, and streamlined tools.

If you choose one of the more advanced plans, Kicksta’s expert team, with more than 8 years of experience in the social media growth landscape, is on-hand to help you make the most of your tools.

On the Advanced plan, you’ll receive VIP email support, as well as custom targeting suggestions to help you reach the highest number of quality, organic followers.

If you opt for the Ultimate plan, you also get the guarantee of at least 2,000 new followers per month through the Kicksta influencer network – InfluenceGrid, so you can rest assured you’ll have everything you need to grow.

Flock Social vs. Kicksta: Reporting

To ensure you get the best results from your Instagram follower automation efforts, it’s important to ensure you can track the performance of each campaign.

This is why both Kicksta and Flock Social provide users with access to an analytics tool.

Your reporting and analytics features will help you to determine which of your username, location, and hashtag targeting efforts are driving the best Instagram growth.

Flock Social Reporting

Your Flock Social dashboard will come with an “analytics” tab where you can track the growth of your account over time.

The dashboard provides insights into the number of followers you have at any given moment, your number of unfollows, and your interactions.

The solution shows you exactly how many new followers you’ve received per week, as well as tips and tricks on how to boost your results with Insta competitor targeting.

This could be great for beginners who don’t want to track down FAQs for advice.

flock social reporting screenshot

Kicksta Reporting

Similar to Flock Social, Kicksta has a dedicated dashboard available for tracking important growth metrics and analytics.

You can see high-level statistics and individual target performance, to boost your chances of making intelligent growth decisions.

The dashboard homepage will show you how many new followers, likes, and comments you’ve received each week, as well as an overview of your account status.

Kicksta also gives you the power to check the performance of your target accounts, so you can decide whether you want to switch the competitor or influencer accounts you’re pinpointing to find new potential followers. 

You can also use visual insights to track your growth over time, and access targeting recommendations from some of the more advanced Kicksta plans.

my targets instagram dashboard screenshot

Flock Social vs. Kicksta: Pricing

Budget will always be a common concern among companies and influencers looking to generate rapid Instagram growth with a marketing agency or tool.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect to pay for both Flock Social and Kicksta.

Flock Social Pricing

Flock Social has two subscriptions, with discounted prices, if you choose an annual plan instead of paying monthly.

flocksocial pricing options

Your options include:

Instagram Rising star: $49 per month or $29 per month when paid annually: Features include options to target by influencers, competitors, and more, target with hashtags, filter through followers, and automatically whitelist followers. You also get insights, a mobile-friendly dashboard, and email/live chat support.

Instagram as a Business: $99 per month or $49 per month when paid annually: This plan includes all of the features of Rising Star, plus a personal account manager, growth optimization support, and priority support and consulting.

Kicksta Pricing

Kicksta offers three pricing packages to choose from.

Each plan comes with absolutely no minimum contract, so you can cancel or change your plan whenever you like.

kicksta pricing 2023

There’s also a 7-day free trial for testing the service. Options include:

  • Starter: $69 per month for low growth speeds, a clean home feed solution, Like after Follow and Follow/Unfollow options, Whitelists, and Blacklists. You can also access Location, Hashtag, and Account targeting, as well as Competitor and Influencer targeting, and monitor your growth over time with analytics and reports.
  • Advanced: $129 per month for all the features of the Starter plan, plus moderate or medium growth speed, options to send welcome DMs to new followers, Story Liking options, and Gender filtering. You’ll also receive VIP email support, and targeting suggestions so you can boost your chances of finding organic followers.
  • Ultimate: $219 per month for all of the features in the Advanced plan, plus a maximum growth speed service, with a guaranteed 2,000 new followers every month. You’ll also have access to more diversified audiences from global influencers in the Kicksta network.

Kicksta logo

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Flock Social vs. Kicksta: User Reviews

If you’re looking for a high-quality Instagram growth tool that doesn’t damage your account reputation, it’s always helpful to check out some customer reviews.

Trustpilot reviews and other websites can give you a behind-the-scenes look at what you can expect in terms of monthly followers, support, and ease of use.

Flock Social Reviews

Flock Social has decent reviews from online customers.

Positive testimonials say that Flock Social is the real deal, offering rapid growth with good customer service. However, there are some negative reviews out there too.

Some consumers say the service doesn’t always deliver fast enough growth.

However, most customers say Flock Social is easy to use, reliable, and a safe way to start generating growth opportunities online.

flock social review on trustpilot by vanessa valarese
flock social review on trustpilot by C Frost

Kicksta Reviews

Similarly, Kicksta users love the company’s fantastic intelligent technology, and unique approach to tailored targeting.

Kicksta benefits from more than 8 years of experience in its field, which shines through in the brand’s approach to customer service.

kicksta review on trustpilot by Dillon Adams
kicksta review on trustpilot by Lewis Rogers

Flock Social vs Kicksta: Account Safety

One of the most important points to consider when searching for an Instagram growth tool is how safe your account is going to be.

Some growth services simply fill your account with bots and fake profiles, which damages your engagement level, and can lead to bans from Instagram.

Is Flock Social Safe to Use?

Flock Social promises a safe and organic growth experience to its target audience.

The company notes that a real account manager will ensure you get targeted followers and real engagement which leads to conversions.

However, this may only be the case if you pay for a premium subscription.

Flock does work hard to focus on only authentic users and genuine interactions, however, with targeting options to help you ensure you find the right followers.

The company attempts to avoid bots and fake followers; however, it has earned some negative reviews from customers who say the followers they receive haven’t been as engaged as they expected.

Is Kicksta Safe To Use?

Kicksta is widely considered to be a safe, affordable, and efficient tool for generating Instagram growth.

The Kicksta team uses their extensive experience in the social media marketing world to deliver a comprehensive and powerful service.

The company’s hyper-focused approach to targeting ensures businesses can pinpoint the exact followers they want to attract to their accounts, improving the quality of every lead. 

Additionally, with Kicksta, you can use Whitelisting and Blacklisting strategies to minimize your chances of following problematic accounts or attracting the wrong kind of people to your business.

You can even set the system up to automatically whitelist genuine accounts, saving you time on sorting through your new followers.

Final Verdict: Which Is More Legit?

Both Kicksta and Flock Verdict are relatively safe choices for companies looking to generate Instagram growth without falling victim to scam tactics.

As you can see from our Flock Social review, most of the people using Flock Social consider it to be an efficient and effective tool, great for attracting engaged followers to a range of social media platforms.

However, there are still a lot of people seeking out Flock Social alternatives, after they’ve failed to receive the results they were looking for.

Kicksta also has a relatively strong reputation for delivering excellent service and support to growing Instagram users.

However, the platform does have a larger number of features specifically suited to help you target the right accounts.

Kicksta ensures you can target customers based not just on the followers of Influencers and Competitor accounts, but by using other filtering options too. You can target customers based on Account details, Hashtags, Gender, Location, and more.

While Flock Social may be a good tool for beginners, Kicksta is a more advanced solution for targeting the specific followers most likely to generate results for your account.

Plus, its 7-day free trial offers an opportunity to try the service before you commit.

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  • Clara says:

    I hate them so much, total waste of money. Very unattentive account managers who respond two to five days later. I have no idea what they’re really doing and I am seeing minimal results.

    • kicksta says:

      Hey Clara, thanks for your comment and feedback about their service. It’s definitely the last thing we want our clients to experience with Kicksta.

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