88 Engaging Instagram Post Ideas You Should Include In Your Social Media Calendar

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Last Updated: May 28, 2021

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Planning your social media ahead of time can really help you stay on track, create great, consistent content, and show up well for your audience. When you focus and brainstorm many Instagram post ideas at once, you can save time while staying in the zone. Creating a social media calendar is a great way to organize your ideas and create a cohesive plan for the next month, week or quarter.

You can plan a social media calendar as far in advance as you’d like, but the longer you’re planning in advance, the more wiggle room you should account for, too. After all, there are almost always surprises and unknowns that will appear in the world and in your business. You don’t want to have wasted time painstakingly creating a detailed social media calendar for three months at a time when some of your content is no longer relevant.

Why Is A Social Media Calendar Important?

The biggest reason to have a social media calendar is to use your time more wisely. There are few things worse than realizing you didn’t post on Instagram for a particular day and you have no ideas about what to post. When you set aside time to plan your calendar, you can at least organize your Instagram post ideas, even if you don’t write the detailed posts themselves that day.

instagram post ideas calendar

How To Make A Social Media Calendar

Creating a social media calendar doesn’t have to be difficult. Get started by following these five easy steps. 

  1. Plan your social media strategy. This way, you’ll know what you’re trying to accomplish both with your calendar and with posting on Instagram in general. This will also help you know how many posts you need to plan and when they should be published for your audience to enjoy.
  2. Conduct an Instagram audit so you can understand where your account is right now. What types of content are your followers enjoying and engaging with the most? Are your followers actual real people, or have you attracted bots at some point? Is your profile optimized to help convert visitors into followers?
  3. Create a plan for content storage. Whether you want to use Google Drive or Dropbox or some other form of storage, you’ll want to easily be able to access all of your Instagram post ideas when you’re ready to schedule or publish.
  4. Choose your calendar template. There are plenty of options online, but you can also create your own in spreadsheet software so that you can capture all of the information relevant to your brand and your posts.
  5. Schedule your content (if you choose to schedule it ahead of time) so it’s ready to be published. This is the most relaxing part of the process because you can now rest assured that your brand’s Instagram is going to publish posts on a consistent schedule because you took the time to plan them ahead of time.

Tools To Schedule Your Content

Speaking of scheduling your content ahead of time, there are plenty of different platforms you can use to schedule your Instagram post ideas. Before you choose a software solution, do some research so that you can choose the best option for you and your brand. Each one has slightly different features and benefits, so take your time to find one that you will want to use on a regular basis.


Hootsuite is a great option because they have a social media calendar template, as well as a scheduling platform you can use to collaborate with your team. It also offers a mobile app so you can log in whenever you want to evaluate how your plan is performing. 


Planoly is a visual-based planning tool that allows you to auto-post to Instagram. It also includes high-powered analytics tools so you can monitor your performance, and you can easily create your content before you need it.

instagram post ideas calendar

Sprout Social

Collect all of your Instagram post ideas in Sprout Social so you can see your content laid out in calendar format. Easily compare your scheduled posts to your plan to make sure you don’t miss anything. They even have an “optimal time” feature so you know your posts are being published at the best possible time.


Finally, choose AgoraPulse if you’ll have multiple people working on your social media calendar. This platform was designed for collaboration and has a “set for approval” option. This way, whoever creates the post can automatically send it for your approval so you can have the final say on the social content that’s published for your brand. 

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88 Instagram Post Ideas

After you choose your scheduling tool, it’s time to get started on creating your content. To help you get started, here are 88 Instagram post ideas you can take and add to your social media calendar. Any of these ideas can easily be tweaked to fit your brand’s mission and voice.

Beauty Instagram Post Ideas

1. Some products you love

These do not have to be sponsored! Just share about what you love (maybe you will get a sponsorship out of it, who knows). This will also help your followers trust you.

2. Your makeup routine

Everyone loves a good tutorial – so share what you know with your audience!

3. Bargain beauty products

Not everyone has a big budget for beauty, so share which products you’d go to the drugstore to grab.

4. Which products to splurge on

Sometimes you’ve got to budget and plan for a bigger item. What’s the best big-ticket beauty product you’ve bought?

5. Hair products you love

This could be serums, shampoos or styling tools – just talk about what you love.

6. Everyday looks

Share a makeup or hair tutorial for what you use on an everyday basis.

7. Special or going-out looks

Show your followers what you’d do for a special night.

8. How you became interested in beauty

What got you interested in posting about beauty in the first place?

9. Beauty trends

Share the most recent trends, but also share what you think of them.

10. Tutorials

Tutorials of any kind are good, from a smokey eye to a new hairstyle.

11. Best practices

Should your followers only be using heat on their hair every few days? What are the beauty “best practices” they should know?


12. Places you’ve been

Share your favorite travel destinations.

13. Places on your bucket list

Where do you dream of going?

14. Best travel tips

What hacks have you picked up over your travels?

15. Currency from other countries

People love to see “different” things, so if you have some leftover bills from various countries, consider posting about it.

16. City views

Share a picture and story from your favorite city.

17. Nature views

Maybe it’s a hike or a beach, but show your best nature site.

18. Best food you’ve had at a destination

Many people think of the food they’ll have when they visit somewhere new. Share your best dishes.

19. Your travel buddy

If you travel with someone else, post a picture with them and share a little about them.

20. Tips for traveling with someone else

Speaking of traveling with someone, what have you learned about traveling together?

21. Tips for traveling solo

If you’ve traveled by yourself, what are your best hacks for going alone?

22. Packing guide

Everyone loves a good packing guide. What are your must-haves?

Instagram Post Ideas For Health & Wellness

23. Health products you love

Is there a supplement you’ve come to love? Share with your audience.

24. Sleep habits

Sleep is the core of wellness for many people, so you could talk about your sleep routine.

25. Morning routine

Stick with the routine theme. What do you do in the morning to prepare for your day?

26. Evening routine

How do you wind down in the evening?

27. Types of exercise you’ve tried

Chances are you’ve done a number of kinds of exercise over the years. Talk about your favorites.

28. Sticking with habits

Habits are crucial for staying healthy. How do you keep up with your habits?

29. Easy health tips

People want to be able to take one easy, actionable step. Share some simple tips, like drinking more water or walking around the block everyday.

30. Local health and wellness shops

If you can promote a local business, they’d certainly appreciate it. What local health shops can you talk about?

31. Stress relief

How do you decrease stress in your life? This could be meditation, tea, daily walks or anything else you do.

32. Easy recipes

Simple recipes are often a hit, from a crockpot soup to an easy veggie-based snack. Talk about your favorites.

33. Healthy snacks

Sometimes we still want to grab pre-made things at the grocery store. What are the healthiest snack options your followers could buy?


34. Local boutiques

Showcase the local boutiques in your hometown (or anywhere you visit!)

35. Fashion influencers you love

Highlight other accounts that are doing a great job, and you might just find a partnership.

36. New trends

Fashion trends are always changing, so keep your followers up to date on what’s new.

37. Fashion events

New York Fashion Week certainly isn’t the only event in the fashion world. Share what’s going on with your followers.

38. Everyday style

So much of fashion can feel fancy. What are some everyday style choices you can make?

39. Work-from-home fashion choices

Working from home is happening more than ever before. What’s crucial for work-from-home fashion?

40. Making fashion comfortable

There are some parts of fashion (cough cough, high heels) that simply aren’t comfortable. What are your hacks for making them better?

41. Fashion of previous decades

Highlight some fashion fails (or successes) from the past for your followers.

42. Fashion for a night out

Show your favorite choices for a night out on the town.

43. Behind the scenes/day in the life

What does a normal day look like for you?

instagram post ideas behind the scenes

Retail Instagram Post Ideas

44. Highlight your team

People want to see and learn from people. Show off your team and talk about how great they are.

45. Share other local businesses

Local businesses like to promote other businesses. You don’t have to promote your competitors, but you could easily talk about the coffeeshop down the street!

46. Compilation of your products

Share your newest arrivals. Instagram Reels could be a great way to do this!

47. Story behind one of your favorite products

If you have a curated collection, choose one of your favorite products and tell your audience about it.

48. Day in the life at your store

Show the behind-the-scenes throughout a day at your shop, all the way from opening to close.

49. Countdown to a big sale

Build the hype around a sale you’re offering soon.

50. Sale

Promote your sale on social media (even if it’s only available in-store), and get your audience excited about coming in to shop.

51. Giveaway

Run a giveaway on your Instagram and offer a product from your shop to the lucky winner.

52. Showcase your customers

With their permission, show off some of your customers who are shopping with you.

53. Customer service

Customer service is important to any small business, so tell your audience what it means to you and how you prioritize it.

54. Decor in your shop

Whether your store is decorated for the holidays or just a normal Tuesday, show off the cute decor you have displayed.

Home & Garden

55. Decorating for holidays (around the year)

People tend to think about decorating for the holidays, but you can also share tips for decorating all year long.

56. Tips for starting a garden

What are the best plants for beginners to try to grow?

57. Tips for advanced gardeners

How can seasoned gardeners do even better next year?

58. Must-have home essentials

Make a wishlist for your followers to see what new pieces they should consider investing in next.

59. Latest home trends

Review the newest trending items so your followers know whether or not to try them themselves.

60. Eco-friendly home items

Going green is popular right now, so share your favorite “green” products.

61. Small businesses creating home items

Share a small business you love that makes great home items, like decor or charcuterie boards.

62. User-generated home content

With their permission, repost posts from your followers who have taken your advice.

63. Lifestyle entrepreneurs

Highlight lifestyle entrepreneurs and influencers who have great home and garden tips.

64. Cleaning tips

How do you keep your home organized? What’s your secret to cleaning your oven? Share it all.

65. Suggestions by the season

From seasonal veggies to get at the grocery store to what flowers to have on your table, create a seasonal post to bring your followers up to speed.

instagram post ideas season
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Instagram Post Ideas For Sports

66. Local collegiate teams

Cheer on the college team that’s closest to you, if applicable. This is a great way to create content relevant to anyone in your area.

67. Local major league teams

In the same vein, create a post about the closest major league team. Maybe offer a special discount the day after they win.

68. Local high school tournaments

Show your support for those in your area by following your local high school’s sports team. If applicable, offer a discount for young athletes.

69. Box scores during baseball season

Talk about box scores or stats for any sport, but especially baseball if it’s popular in your area.

70. Takeover from a local player

Invite a local player to take over your Instagram for a day. This can be a fun way to involve the community.

71. Team merchandise

If you carry sports merchandise in your shop, make sure you show it off to your audience.

72. Team branding

Marketing and business brands could create a post talking about a team’s branding. See – this doesn’t just apply to shops.

73. Game schedules

If your audience is interested in when your local team is playing next, share that with them.

74. [Your product or service} for athletes

This could range from a shoe store talking about shoes for athletes to a law firm talking about legal coverage for athletes and everything in between.

75. News about your local team

Have they done something great for the local community? Promote them!

76. Sports equipment and care

If you carry sports equipment, talk about how to properly care for it to make it last.


77. Tech trends

Tech trends are always changing, so keep your followers up-to-date.

78. New releases

When Apple or other big tech brands release new products, be ready to give your insight.

79. How tech products can impact people’s lives

Talk about how you’ve brought tech into your life and business and how your audience can do the same.

80. Most basic tech products for people to adopt

If someone is just getting started in tech, what’s the one product they should choose first?

81. Tutorial of tech products

How do you use the newest product you’ve purchased?

82. Reviews of new or popular tech products

Your audience will probably see you as an authority, so share your insights with them.

83. Safety with tech

How can your audience stay safe and healthy while using tech? Share products like blue light blocking glasses so they can know they’re being safe.

84. Hacks or secret abilities with tech

Share your favorite hacks on your phone or computer.

85. Early adopter interviews

Talk with someone who’s always the first to grab the newest tech item.

86. Pros and cons of being an early adopter

Being the first isn’t always a good thing, so share the good and the bad.

87. Tech for everyone

Talk about how everyone can use tech. Share the right options for young adults versus older people, and everyone in between.

88. Tech Accessories

Show off some of best accessories you have found, and be sure to show your followers where to get it!

instagram post ideas tech

Instagram Post Ideas

No matter your industry, take some of these Instagram post ideas and add them to your next social media calendar. You’re sure to create excellent posts that your audience will be excited to see and engage with on Instagram.

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