5 Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

September 13, 2018 by Alexz Miller

Last Updated: February 22, 2020

Do you know what you should be doing to increase engagement on Instagram?  In today’s fast-paced market, it’s nearly impossible to grow a thriving business without utilizing social media — particularly Instagram. Given its clean layout and visual nature, Instagram is the ideal platform to showcase your products, services and ultimately define your brand image. However, you may have noticed that lately, it is nearly impossible to increase engagement on Instagram.

Being a new company is one of the most exciting phases in the process. You don’t have any expectations to meet aside from your own, and the creative juices are flowing wildly. Carrying this energy into your social media marketing endeavors is crucial, but more importantly, don’t be discouraged by your initial lack of engagement.

So many brands expect thousands of followers from the start, and can’t understand why their Instagram business account isn’t getting as many likes as their competitors. The truth of the matter is that Instagram is a slow process if you want to establish a genuine account with loyal followers.

Whether you’re a new business entirely or just new to Instagram, we’ve compiled five promising methods to help increase engagement on Instagram.  

1) Visualize Before You’re Live

Once you make your profile public, it can appear unprofessional to be continuously changing your image. This means to have a solid logo, profile photo, bio and website linked in your profile from the start. The only changes to your profile you should be making are quality posts and follows.

increase your engagement on Instagram by creating cohesive branding

Take your time with crafting your bio and profile picture. These should ultimately summarize your mission statement without appearing overly serious or desperate for engagement.

2) Post Often to Increase Engagement on Instagram 

In addition to assuring your bio content is ready to be live, also be sure to have plenty of quality posts qued up and ready to post. Nothing says you’re an ambitious and soon-to-be established brand like already having professional content when your follower base is nowhere near your goal.

“Be sure to tell a story, and not to preach or push (even when selling services/products), and as important as it is to know when to post, I think it’s just as important not to ‘post just to post.’ If it means skipping a day to have more engaging content the following day then that’s okay! Many of the major influencers don’t post everyday, they still find other ways to stay relevant (i.e. Insta stories).” -Taylor Pitera  http://shoptailor.com/ @shoptailor

Professional photos, video content and design are essential to launch your brand and immediately receive the respect you deserve. In addition to quality product posts, gather tons of lifestyle and artistic content that represents your brand to post periodically.

3) Utilize Business Tools

Instagram has made the app even more user-friendly for business accounts like yours by offering an array of tools specifically for retail. Perhaps the most useful addition for you to take advantage of is “shoppable posts.” Similar to tagging people in photos, you’re now able to tag products with their name, price and a direct link to your site.

increase engagement on Instagram by using shoppable tags

Another great feature that will clearly distinguish your intentions on Instagram is to make it an official business account. It will read “business” or “retail” or one of several options right in your bio, and users will be able to contact you via email or phone number directly from Instagram. 

4) Captions Are Key

Instagram is just as much about captions as it is about posting quality visuals. Take your time with writing tasteful, clever captions to keep your followers interested. Touch on current events or issues associated with your industry.

A great tip to increase engagement on Instagram is to ask questions in your captions and tell your followers to post their replies in the comments below!

5) Always Have a Story

Instagram Stories are all the rage right now, and it’s proven to be more than a mere outlet for puppy filters and helium voices. Rather, Instagram Stories seem to have more updates and additions than any other feature on the app.

While these posts don’t require as much detail as permanent posts, your brand should still strive for quality and relevant content in your story. With the recent addition of polls and the “swipe up for more” feature, businesses can gain feedback about products before their on the market, or view new content on your site with a mere swipe of the finger.

“Regardless of if you’re a business or a personal brand, Instagram is the perfect platform to give you unparalleled exposure.” -Marc Alberts @motivationbymarc

Establishing your Instagram business account is a definitive part of your company’s success. By being patient and putting in honest work (not buying followers) you’ll reap the lifelong benefits of loyal consumers and an original brand image. By accumulating real, active followers, you will also increase engagement on Instagram. 

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