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4 Effective Ways to Market Your Brand to a Gen Z Audience On Instagram

4 Effective Ways to Market Your Brand to a Gen Z Audience On Instagram

Perhaps the most difficult audience for brands to consistently resonate with is the Gen Z’ers — in other words, those born after 1995. There’s a significant psychological factor derived from their lifelong connection to wireless Internet technology that many of us simply cannot relate to.

Having never known a life without the Internet or cell phones has made this young demographic highly accustomed to advertisements and rather quick to lose interest. If you and your marketing team are researching how to grow your Instagram audience, appealing to Gen Z’ers is a sure way to increase your engagement rate.

As with any customer base, Gen Z’ers need to relate to marketing content on an emotional level. However, due to the fast-paced nature of the Internet, their interests and desires are always changing. Staying up-to-speed with pop culture and modern technology is more crucial than ever to appeal to even the toughest of critics.

For a more in-depth look into connecting with this young demographic, we’ve picked four of the most effective methods for you and your business to take advantage of today.

1) Surround Yourself With Gen Z’ers

How can you possibly understand your audience without interacting with them face-to-face? Not only on a social level, but for research purposes, too. It’s proven that interviewing Gen Z’ers about their social media habits and content preferences can open up creative doors for your brand and help broaden your social reach.

By disregarding your current ideologies about this tech-savvy demographic and willingly embracing their taste, you can find your own voice and image to both appeal the Gen Z’ers and uphold the integrity of your brand. Let them talk and allow them to inspire.

2) Keep an Instagram Story

Popularized by Snapchat in 2013, the idea of a “story” allows users to post unscripted, raw content that is live for their followers for just 24 hours. Needless to say, teen and young adults — Gen Z’ers — raved about this new medium and continue to utilize it today.

Since Instagram implemented this “story” feature in 2016, it has changed the way we use the app, and has gotten more young users to engage even more. While many of us only see the goofy face filters and party pics, Instagram Story serves as a brilliant marketing tool when used strategically.

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The Instagram Story allows users to reply to your posts via direct messages, which further initiates a more personal relationship and gratitude from your consumers. Try opening the conversation by asking questions in your story regarding your products, or even use the latest poll feature for more calculated feedback.

3) Hire Gen Z Influencers

Social media influencers are a relatively new concept, but they certainly understand how to grow your Instagram audience. By hiring celebrities or individuals with established brand images, you’ll be able to promote your company through new channels with entirely different followings.

4 Effective Ways to Market Your Brand to a Gen Z Audience On Instagram

At this point, there are plenty of influencers to choose from so you’re sure to find someone who matches your vision so the promotion appears seamless and natural.

4) Continuously Research Trends

The best way to stay current on pop culture and social media trends is to follow who the Gen Z’s follow. From meme accounts to fashion and music, the Gen Z users are highly influenced by an overwhelming amount of content and personalities.

4 Effective Ways to Market Your Brand to a Gen Z Audience On Instagram

To find the most prominent accounts and influencers, simply ask your young colleagues, interviewees, or browse their Instagram page for clues.

While copying material directly isn’t how to grow your Instagram audience effectively, taking small bits of inspiration, such as the tone of your caption, can serve you well when tailoring posts for a younger audience.

Staying relevant to Gen Z’er is a never-ending battle that we hope you’ll take advantage of and ultimately have some fun with. Be sure to check in with Kickstagram for more digital marketing tips for your brand.

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