The 7 Top Tools To Search Users On Instagram

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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2022

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If you’re looking for a specific account on Instagram, then an Instagram user search tool is a great place to start. These tools can be helpful to users who are looking to increase Instagram followers or simply learn more information about a certain account. 

But, as with most things related to social media, there are a lot of options for you to choose from when it comes to Instagram user search tools.

If you’re attempting to conduct an Instagram profile search, but you aren’t sure where to begin, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll walk you through the top seven Instagram user search tools that are available to you.

What Are Instagram User Search Tools

Instagram user search tools are fairly self-explanatory. While there are a variety of search engines to choose from, all of these tools offer users a way to search for (and find) Instagram accounts.

Each search tool is a bit different, and they all offer varying search methods, which is helpful depending on what information you already have on the account that you’re searching for. 

For example, some search engines allow you to search for Instagram accounts by username, and then they provide you with more information on the account. 

Meanwhile, other search engines allow you to search for accounts based on other aspects such as location, and then they will provide you with a list of Instagram users that fit the searched criteria.

Why Should You Use Instagram User Search Tools & When

Instagram user search tools can be an instrumental asset when it comes to Instagram marketing, for a variety of reasons. 

One way in which Instagram user search tools are beneficial when it comes to social media marketing and increasing Instagram followers is that they can help you to connect with influencers. 

Some Instagram user search tools allow you to search Instagram users by name, and then you’ll be presented with analytics on the account that you are researching. So, if you are considering collaborating with an influencer, you could conduct an Instagram profile search to get more information on their work. 

You can also use these tools to get a look at your brand’s own Instagram account through a different lens. You can type your own username into a search tool and take a look at the account information that is presented to you. This will allow you to better understand and assess the overall progress and success of your Instagram marketing strategies. 

Alternatively, you can use Instagram user search tools to scope out the competition. You can always look up accounts that are similar to yours and serve as competitors to your brand. This will allow you to see their analytics and compare them to the numbers on your own account.

Looking up fellow accounts in your niche will give you a good idea as to where you stand compared to similar or competitor accounts. After you find this information, you can adjust your social media marketing strategies as you see fit. 

So, it’s pretty clear that using Instagram user search tools is an effective method of improving your social media marketing strategy. But, which tools are the best to use? Let’s break down the seven leading options that are available to you. 

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Tools To Search Users On Instagram

1. Searchusers

searchusers instagram tool

Searchusers is an Instagram user search tool that allows users to search for Instagram accounts through a variety of methods. This makes the search engine especially versatile, since it can be used by almost anyone who is booking to conduct and Instagram user search. 

No matter what information you have already on the account that you’re looking for, Searchuser will probably be effective for you. 

This tool allows customers to search for users through the following features: Instagram Search User, Instagram Search Users by Name, Search Instagram Users by Username, Search Instagram Users Without an Account, View Instagram User Profiles, and View Similar Instagram Users. 

So, whether you have a specific account username in mind and you are looking for more specific info on them, you know someone’s name and are trying to find their Instagram profile, or you are just generally searching for users within a certain niche, Searchuser has options that will be effective for you. 

There are other features available through this site as well, once you find the account you’re looking for. These include Recent User Posts, Instagram User Data, Top Hashtags & Mentions, Popular Posts, View Like Counts, and View Comments. 

Additionally, once you start using this product, you can utilize features offered such as “Recently Viewed” and “Most Viewed.” Having search history stored can be helpful in keeping up with trends, which is always important to social media marketing. 

And, the best part of all? Searchusers is a free resource for anyone to use. So, there are no costs involved when you use this helpful tool to gather necessary info on other Instagram accounts (or your own account – whatever you happen to need!).

2. Inflact (formerly Ingramer)

ingramer for instagram user search

Inflact is another multi-faceted Instagram profile search tool that allows users to search for Instagram accounts based on varying criteria.

The search bar on Ingrammer allows customers to conduct Instagram user searches based on keywords, phone numbers, or usernames. To go beyond this, however, there are sliders available just below the search bar that allow customers to narrow down their searches. 

These sliding bars give customers the opportunity to specify the range of followers or post amounts that they want to see in accounts that are offered as search results. The bars range from zero to infinity, so customers can really tailor their searches to whatever they want or need to see. 

Additionally, when you use Ingrammer to search for Instagram profiles, you can select the gender that you’re looking for, and you can also select an industry from a myriad of categories available. 

These categories describe accounts by both general and specific industries, ranging from Medical Center and Political Organization all the way down to Image Consultant and Cupcake shop. So, no matter how niche you would like your search to be, Ingrammer can tailor your results to just what you’re looking for. 

There’s also a section on the site devoted to influencers. You can select what category of influencer you’re looking to find, and Ingrammer will provide you with a list of influencers in the niche, along with the bio, number of posts, and follower count that the account has. 

Other features of Ingrammer allow you to specify the age of the account you’re looking for or the area in which you are looking for an account.

Beyond the search feature, there are other Instagram-related tools available through the Ingrammer website. And, once again, the best part of it all is that it’s a free resource! Ingrammer users must create accounts on the website, but there’s no cost to use the available features. 

3. Code Of A Ninja

code of a ninja finding instagram user id

Code of a Ninja has a slightly different function from the first two tools on the list. This tool is primarily intended to be used by developers and designers, meaning that it’s more straightforward in nature and includes less search features. 

Instead of providing Instagram profiles to customers who search for various users, this resources generates Instagram User IDs for customers who for accounts by Instagram username. 

The Instagram User ID is a numeric ID that each Instagram account has and that’s specific to each profile. As stated above, this ID number is more effective for use by developers and designers, so this tool is less suited to those who are looking to collect general information for marketing strategies or find influencers to partner with. 

The unique function of this tool doesn’t make it any less effective, though – it’s extremely helpful for its intended audience. 

Code of a Ninja is free for users who are looking to find the user ID for an Instagram account. However, the website also offers more advanced coding information, such as API. If you’re interested in finding detailed data on various Instagram accounts, you can subscribe to Code of a Ninja for $50 per month. With this subscription, users receive API access for 5,000 requests per month, and chat and email support are available as well. 

4. Keygram

keygram instagram user search

Keygram is similar to Code of a Ninja in that it offers numeric Instagram user IDs to customers, based on usernames that are entered into the search bar. 

Users of this site can enter any Instagram username into the search engine, and they’ll receive the unique numeric ID for that Instagram account. Additionally, they’ll be provided with several Instagram accounts related to the one entered into the search bar. 

Primarily intended for an audience of designers and developers, Keygram provides information that’s helpful for users who need to receive data from Instagram. One example of when this info is useful, as stated by the website, is when a user is displaying an Instagram feed on a website. 

Additionally, Keygram provides information as to how early or late an account appears in the Instagram database, which gives users an idea of the account’s “place” on Instagram.

Keygram offers a five day free trial to users. After this, there are three packages available. 

The Starter package is $5 per month and offers the most limited variety of features. The Personal package offers a moderate amount of features for $15 per month and is the most popular option. Finally, the Business package is available for $29 per month, and it offer the most features and is recommended to users who run multiple Instagram accounts.

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5. Influencers Club

influencers club find & search instagram users photo

Influencers Club is more similar to the first two resources included on this list, as it provides general account information to users who search for Instagram profiles on the website. 

Influencers Club allows customers to search for Instagram accounts using the name of the account owner, the Instagram username, and/or the location. 

Once this information is inputted into the search bar, customers enter their own email addresses to receive information on the account. Once this step is completed, customers will receive a chart with detailed information on the desired account via email. 

This search tool is useful for users who know basic information on the profile that they’re searching and want to get a more detailed look into the target account. 

As potential users scope out Influencers Club, they’re able to receive sample data for free. To actually sign up with the website and receive tailored data, however, there are four pricing packages available. 

The Experiment package costs € 0.04 per email for 5,000 to 10,000 emails. The Startup package costs € 0.035 per email and includes 10,000 to 30,000 emails. (This is the most popular package and is available for 25% off.) The Growth package costs € 0.03 per email and is available for 30,000 to 100,000 emails. And, the Premium package is available for custom pricing and applies to one million emails and up.

All packages include custom filtering so that you are finding information on the ideal accounts that’ll help your own Instagram to grow in the most effective way possible. Other features available increase with the cost of each package.

6. Toolzu

toolzu instagram profile search photo

Toolzu offers specific, advanced search features to find information on various Instagram accounts. 

Using Toolzu, you can search for Instagram profiles based on a broad range of specific categories, follower range, or gender. You can also search by username or keyword. 

This tool doesn’t require users to set up an account or register using any personal information, and the search results are delivered quickly – this makes it an ideal resource for quick searches. The website also boasts of exact results, which is helpful when looking for a specific account.

Toolzu is another Instagram search tool that’s offered at absolutely no cost to users, which is definitely another plus-side of the website. 

So, if you’re looking for a specific account on Instagram or you’d like to find some accounts that exist within a specific niche or criteria, Toolzu could be the ideal resource for finding quick (and free!) results. 

7. Webstagram

webstagram instagram search account

Webstagram offers basic analytics on any Instagram account, which can be found by entering the username or profile link into the search bar. 

After searching for the desired profile, users will receive a report on the follower count, number of uploads, and engagement rate for the account. 

Using this tool, customers can track growth statistics as well as past, present, and future analytics/predictions. Additionally, users will receive weekly email reports detailing the progress of their social media accounts. 

Webstagram can be used to compare your own account’s statistics with those of your competitors’ accounts, and the site offers PDF exports of the reports that it generates. 

There’s also a directory of influencers available through Webstagram, through which users can search for influencers’ social media accounts using a variety of categories and filters. This is, of course helpful if you are looking for a tool that’ll help you to get connected with the ideal influencer for your account and your niche. 

Users can search for Instagram accounts through Webstagram without an account in a trail setting, but you must register with the website in order to have full access to all of the available features of the tool.

Time To Start Searching

Are you feeling overwhelmed with information yet? Don’t worry, we understand that it’s a lot to take in at once. But, just remember that if you know what you want to gain from using an Instagram user search tool, then it’ll help you narrow down all of the choices you have.

So, just take a bit of time to figure out why you want to use an Instagram profile search, and you’ll be on your way in no time! Once you find the tool that is the right fit for you…have at it!

Using an Instagram user search tool is one of the best ways to improve your social media marketing strategy and enhance your Instagram account. So, what are you waiting for? Get to work with one of these tools, today! And then feel free to come back and tell us about your experience! 

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