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The Myth of the Instagram Shadowban

instagram shadowban

Brands and individuals alike often find themselves confused when they see a sharp decline in engagement. There are several reasons a users experience lower engagement, but most people are quick to blame their Instagram woes on something more sinister: the Instagram Shadowban.

While you may be wondering what being shadowbanned means, some are certain that Instagram is to blame for their lost engagement.

Understanding the Instagram Shadowban

So, what is shadowbanned?

The concept of the shadowban isn’t exactly new.

Shadowbanning is a term used to describe a users’ content being blocked by a platform making it harder for potential followers to discover them.

Essentially, shadowbanning is hiding a users’ content without alerting them that their content isn’t reaching as many people as it should.

The Truth Behind Your Low Engagement

Before you ask the Internet, “am I shadowbanned?”, WAIT!

You’re just guaranteed to uncover articles blaming your use of hashtags as the reason you aren’t getting your usual number of likes and comments.

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However, according to a spokesperson at Instagram, “Instagram does not hide posts in the feed” and “shadowbanning is not a real thing”.

Moreover, Instagram reassures users that users’ posts are never hidden for posting the same hashtags or using too many hashtags.

The Myth of the Instagram Shadowban

Thus, the concept of the Instagram shadowban is indeed a myth.

In reality, users that have noticed a drop in their likes, comments, and overall follower count are likely just experiencing the effects of the change in the Instagram algorithm.

The most recent algorithm changes were designed to sort users’ content according to relevancy.

As an attempt to block out abusive content and connect users with they are more interested in, the new algorithm inadvertently caused brands to experience lower engagement across the board.

The truth of the matter is you are looking for ways to fix Instagram shadowban, you’re headed on a wild goose chase.

What you really need are effective strategies to boost your Instagram engagement.

Getting Your Engagement Back

The key to taking back your engagement on Instagram is to focus on improving your current Instagram practices.

Start using the following four strategies to single-handedly boost your Instagram engagement.

  1. Quality Content: Start by focusing on the quality of the content that you share. Feeds that curate aesthetically pleasing images always fare better than users that share lower quality images.
  2. Call-To-Actions: The next step is to make a concentrated effort to include calls-to-action in your captions. As a way to encourage responses and engagement overall engagement, be sure to include something like, “What do you think? Let us know in the comment below”  or “ Be sure to tag a friend in this post!”

The Myth of the Instagram Shadowban

  1. Hashtags: In addition to using CTA’s, discovering the truth about shadowbanning should inspire you to use more hashtags as part of your social media campaign. Using hashtags is one of the most effective ways to make sure your content gets discovered by users that share a common interest. Moreover, brands that share hashtags with their posts experience a 12.6% higher engagement than Instagrammers that don’t.
  2. Location Geotag: The final fix for your lower engagement is to tag your location. When tagging your location, you are essentially checking in at a place–be it a brick-and-mortar business or a popular city. In addition to making your content visible in a search of that location, you’ll be able to boost your engagement by 79% when you add a location tag.

Don’t let your fear of the Instagram shadowban stop you from getting the engagement that your brand deserves. As you continue to learn ways to grow your engagement, you’ll see that the shadowban is really just a myth.

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