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Last Updated: Nov 23, 2021

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Update (12/15/16): The information below is still active and relevant, but we have added an infographic with new secrets, tips, and even more information.  Check out the post on how to Get Your Disabled Instagram Account Back.

It’s a problem you never want to deal with—trying to log into your Instagram account, only to find it’s been disabled, or worse yet, deleted.

And while there’s no way to fully restore your account if it was deleted, here at Kickstagram, one thing we’ve noticed is that a lot of people spend their time searching for Instagram’s customer service number so they can restore access after it’s been disabled.

Sadly enough, this is actually a big waste of time.

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So how do you get in touch with Instagram to restore your account?

What Everyone Does

While your first thought to solving this dilemma might be to search for Instagram’s customer service number on Google, that’s probably not the best idea.

Why? Well, there isn’t one.

Yes, you’ll find a few different phone numbers after searching for the Instagram customer service number, but these won’t help you solve your problem—they’re not legit.

Frustrating, but that doesn’t make it impossible to restore your account.

We’ve restored a number of accounts—the following are three of our favorite methods to make it happen:

Option #1 – The Direct Approach

For starters, Instagram recommends that you appeal the disabling of your account “by opening the app, entering your username and password and following the on-screen instructions.”

To get this to work, click on the “Learn More” button, not the “OK” button.

disabled instagram - error message

This will take you through a series of menus, finishing off with the requirement that you attach a business document to your appeal—assuming you’re representing a business, that is.

This is typically your best option, but if it doesn’t work, don’t launch your phone into a nearby pond or lake quite yet.

There’s still hope …

Option #2 – Report!

The next best thing is to access the “Report Something” menu within Instagram’s Privacy & Safety Center.

disabled instagram - report

If your account was disabled because of content a hacker posted, you can submit a report through this menu. Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee a response to your report, but the fact that you are reporting a hacked account makes you much more likely to get a response.

Option #3 – Get Social and Be Persistent

If none of the above have helped you get your account back, your last option is to reach out via Instagram’s Facebook or Twitter accounts—yes, the other social media platforms.

Make sure you send direct messages, rather than posting on account timelines.

Keep your fingers crossed—responses are still not guaranteed, but persistence will eventually pay off.

disabled instagram - social

Regardless of which contact method you use, remember to be as specific as possible when you explain your situation. Your username is a must, but any screenshots you might have are also extremely helpful.

Lastly, as tempting as it might be, profanity isn’t likely to quicken the process—being a complete and total jerk won’t get you anywhere with customer support.

Why Was My Account Disabled?

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already read through Instagram’s Terms of Use or Community Guidelines in an attempt to figure out where you went wrong.

That’s all fine and dandy, but your best bet for avoiding future account banishment is to simply play by the rules.

For example, while you’re hopefully smart enough to realize that posting explicit content could get your account disabled, some businesses still fall into the trap of posting a photo or video that you don’t own the rights to.

Yup, it may seem like only a minor infraction, but it’s one that Instagram takes very seriously.

disabled instagram - hands smartphone

Spam content is another likely reason your account could be disabled.

You may want to sell your product, but if you post repetitive, spammy content or use shady methods to build your number of followers, you’re not contributing to Instagram’s idea of community.

As a result, you could get yourself a ban of Pete Rose proportions.

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Apologies if you read this article hoping to finally pinpoint Instagram’s customer service number—we don’t have it, and neither does anybody else.

But if you stick to the three methods outlined above, you give yourself a fighting chance to keep your account in the clear and restore it if it ever gets disabled.

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