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Last Updated: Sep 2, 2020

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In the age iPhone photography and excessive editing apps, everyone likes to think they’re a photographer. While we can shoot and post all we want, there are some fundamental tips for learning how to take better Instagram photos, before you go on to call yourself a “qualified photographer.”

We can all differentiate an Instagram photographer from a professional photographer – but what makes a professional photo much easier on the eyes? Many amateurs believe that purchasing expensive cameras and lenses will improve their photography skills and ultimately promote organic Instagram growth, but this couldn’t be more false.

“Even though they’re listed together as placements on Business Manager, ads on Facebook and Instagram are not the same! Always ensure your ad creative is optimized for the network and fans you’re trying to reach. Even if flashy text graphics and explainer videos work well on Facebook, they won’t necessarily resonate on Instagram. Try testing stunning landscapes, compelling portraits or macro shots and see what works for your fans.” -Emily Taylor, @tradablebits

The truth of the matter is that composition is everything in photography, and it doesn’t matter what type of camera you’re shooting on to make a photo engaging. Luckily for you, modern smartphones have grid options which are amazing tools to help you improve your compositions significantly and give your Instagram feed that professional look you’ve been so envious of.

The Rule of Thirds

Perhaps one of the most basic rules in photography is not as much of a rule as it is a mere suggestion. However, before we dive into the Rule of Thirds we must understand the photo grids on our cameras and how they’ll apply to your photo compositions.

how to take better photos for Instagram

While most cameras have a pre-set grid in the viewfinder, you can utilize this same feature on your iPhone by going into your settings, selecting ‘Photos & Camera’ and turn on the ‘Grid’ option. Open up your camera and you’ll see a series of nine boxes, or four intersecting lines.

The Rule of Thirds suggests that by placing the subject or most interesting part of the photograph at one of these four intersections, the viewer will perceive the photo more naturally and take in all aspects of the image. This allows for a more candid feel even though the composition was entirely intentional.

Like most artistic rules, the Rule of Thirds was meant to be broken if done in a tasteful manner. For example, there’s nothing wrong with symmetry and centering your subjects if it fits the content matter.

Many photographers and filmmakers, such as Wes Anderson, have made successful careers out of steering clear of the Rule of Thirds and keeping each picture perfectly balanced and symmetrical. 

The Profile Grid

Take a look at your Instagram profile as a whole – not a specific post but all of your posts as one. Here you’ll see a layout similar to the photo grid on your camera. The most aesthetically conscious accounts are taking advantage of this overall view to improve their brand image and increase organic Instagram growth.

how to take better photos for Instagram

You can add to your overall profile image by keeping a consistent color scheme, posting similarly cropped image, or creating one large image using multiple posts.

An additional option that many successful accounts are using is Instasize – a highly versatile collage and cropping app that allows users to insert multiple photos into one post. This is a fantastic tool to utilize when you’ve overused the carousel feature or simply want to start a new series of “design-y” posts to spice up your profile.

The Big Picture

Everything you post on Instagram should be considered for the larger picture of your account and above all else, your brand image. Learning how to take better Instagram photos is key to attracting a real audience. No matter the type of business, never underestimate the power of Instagram and its ability to boost your consumer engagement.

“Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. For this reason, your VISUALS needs to be able to: show your brand consistently, position you as an expert, motivate and inspire your followers, attract your ideal client, amplify your message, AND build an emotional connection with your followers” -Melanie Falvey, @melaniefalvey

Due to the simple interface and minimalistic layout of the platform, it’s entirely up to you to ensure the content is original and well-crafted to generate organic Instagram growth.

“It’s not about being fixated on the changing algorithm – it’s about focusing on your own creative rhythm! Start with a row flow to style your Instagram to stand out.” -Lauren Wallett, @laurenwallett

We recommend you take these composition tips seriously for the quality of your posts, and be sure to keep up with Kicksta for more digital marketing advice.

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