How to Quickly Optimize Your IG Profile in 3 Easy Steps

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Last Updated: Mar 7, 2023

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In this article, I’ll let you in on 3 simple tricks that you can implement on your Instagram account to make sure it looks good and performs well too. As I said, the tips and tricks are simple, but they can really help take your account to the next level.

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1. Write a Solid Bio

Your bio on Instagram oftentimes can be the first thing people see on your page, and as we all know, first impressions are everything! That said, your bio must be optimized in such a way that new visitors know exactly who you are and what your about the second they arrive!

Look at your bio as a biography of whatever it is that you are promoting on Instagram. Are you a retailer? Great! What do you sell? Premium men’s denim? Handmade jewelry? Let the viewers know in a simple fashion. You can also use your company slogan if you have one to enhance this part of your bio. Feel free to make it fun, but remember to always keep it simple/concise!

After you explain to people what you are, you should tell them what you want them to do. Whether you’re looking to have people visit and shop your online store or subscribe to your newsletter, or even just follow you, a strong bio always needs to include a call to action.

Instagram only allows you to put ONE clickable link in ONE place on your profile, and guess where that is? The bio! The final, and oftentimes most important part of your page, is the link to your website. If you’re selling something, that’s where you want people to go. If you have a blog, your link is going to take them there. Whatever your site, it is important to give it some context so that people know what to expect. Using text such as “click to shop” or “use code INSTA for 15% off checkout at” are great ways to introduce your website. You’ll also want to keep the link clean looking, so if it’s a longer URL, be sure to use a link in its place!

***Expert Tip: Using emojis to draw attention to your link or to enhance your bio is also a great way to keep your page fun and unique!

Check out this sample of a solid Instagram bio:

how to optimize your Instagram account - kelseymontagueart

2. Identify Hashtags

Great, we’ve got the bio down. Now let’s talk about hashtags, you know, that thing formerly known as the pound sign. Adding hashtags to your photos is a great way to find new followers and share your photos with more people. However, finding the right ones can be tricky sometimes! Below are three guidelines to follow when deciding on which hashtags to use:

#1 Be specific! If you sell luxury watches, for example, #LuxuryWatch would be an appropriate hashtag.

#2 Be relevant. Avoid using very general hashtags such as #photo or #watch. Hashtags are used to help make your photos stand out and to connect with people like you. By using a relevant, niche specific hashtag, you’ll get the attention of people who have a genuine interest in your page

#3 Pay attention to what others do! Check out what other hashtags successful accounts within your niche are using. If you click on a hashtag, you’ll be able to see how many other people use it as well and decide whether or not it is popular and relevant enough for you to use!

Instagram allows you to place up to 30 hashtags between the comments and caption on your photo. That may seem like a lot, and it is! To keep your post looking clean, if you have a ton of hashtags, we recommend putting them in the comments using a special formula. Instead of appearing as an ugly block of hashtags, your hashtags will appear hidden under the text, but will still be searchable! To keep things looking clean when it comes to using hashtags in the comments, go ahead and copy/paste the formula below and fill in your own hashtags:


Below are a couple of screenshots to show you the finished product!

how to optimize your Instagram account -

3. Have A Content Posting Strategy

Instagram is a 100% visual platform, so it is super important to make your content is visually appealing, both as individual photos and an account as a whole. Since your profile is a reflection of who you are, you are in charge of how you want to present yourself.

When choosing content, it is important to keep a theme by posting content that aligns with who you are. Visually speaking, you can play around with a variety of different themes, just be sure to decide on one and stick to it. A few strategies I’ve seen popular accounts use are posting black and white photos only, posting vibrant and colorful photos only, alternating between photos and quotes, sticking to a particular type of photo such as flat lay photos, and alternating between product photos and lifestyle photos. Below are a few screenshots of some visually appealing profiles to spark your creativity and get you inspired:

Our page ( switches back and forth between two types of images:

how to optimize your Instagram account - homepage

@ShopPlanetBlue focuses on high quality, vibrant and colorful images:

how to optimize your Instagram account - shopplanetblue

Photographer @RickWlms sticks to a completely black and white theme:

how to optimize your Instagram account - rickwlms

Whatever theme you should choose, be sure to stick to it. It’s never too late to start one either. You don’t have to delete your old posts, but you sure can recycle them and use them in accordance with your new theme!

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