7 Instagram Accounts Starving Foodies Must Absolutely Follow

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Last Updated: Dec 1, 2021

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Instagram isn’t only for selfies—it’s for food.  And we think that are seven best foodie Instagram accounts.  Seriously, any kind of food will do. It could be professionally done, or maybe even something that you whipped up in the kitchen and want to share with the rest of your Insta followers

Either way, if in need of a bit of creative inspiration, culinary allurement or distraction from the Maruchan ramen noodles waiting for you in the pantry when you get home, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best foodie Instagram accounts. If you’re one of ‘em, without a doubt, you’ll for sure want to keep reading …

1) Foooodie

best foodie instagram accounts - fooooodieee

If you’ve got a sweet tooth that those creepy orange Circus Peanuts simply won’t satisfy, you need to immediately tap into the ocular goodness that is Foooodie’s Instagram account. Managed by Tessa Gluck, though Foodie specializes in Diabetes-inducing deserts, from time to time, you can expect to see more standard edible items on display.

2) Spoon Fork Bacon

best foodie instagram accounts - spoonforkbacon

Food bloggers Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park run Spoon Fork Bacon. Even better, seeing as how both women have an affinity for trying out new recipes and sharing the end results with all of Instagram nation, the photos posted on this account are almost always original. So, if you’re not only looking for some mouth-watering images, but would also enjoy a tasty recipe or two to try out at home, Spoon Fork Bacon is the place for you.

3) New Fork City

best foodie instagram accounts - new fork city

New York City’s known for just about everything, isn’t it? Whether it be the skyscrapers, art, tourist attractions or sports teams, people love spending time in the Big Apple. That said, New York City is also known for its food—at least it should be. And no, we’re not just talking pizza and hot dogs, here. In short, that’s the myth that New Fork City sets out to debunk every day through their Instagram account. Run by three college students, it’s doing just that.

4) The Naughty Fork

best foodie instagram accounts - the naughty fork

What’s with all these “Fork” accounts, right? The temptation of endless puns is more than can be resisted, apparently. Anyway, though New York City is great for the fine diner in all of us, The Naughty Fork claims that Miami is America’s best city for top-notch eating. Unfortunately, The Naughty Fork often forgets to post the names of the restaurants from where they’re pulling their irresistible photos. But when they do, you’d be wise to indulge your taste buds.

5) Culinary Bro-Down

best foodie instagram accounts - culinarybrodown

Do you ever run into those people with amazing jobs, and you’re soon left thinking to yourself, “How on earth do you get someone to pay you to do that?” Well, you’re about to meet another one—his name is Josh Scherer. Scherer is the Associate Editor at Los Angeles Magazine’s Dine section. As such, he’s constantly posting images of appetizing dishes from the restaurants he reviews. Also, he’s a professional chef, so you know he’s a great source of information.

6) Best Foodie Instagram Accounts: Real Foodz

best foodie instagram accounts - realfoodz

Real Foodz is all about posting top-notch re-grams from other awesome foodstagrams. Thankfully, as should always be the case, Real Foodz makes certain to give credit where credit is due for each re-gram they post. That way, when your stomach starts growling, you can get your paws on the gut-busting eats this account frequently promotes. Also, if you do happen to dine at a restaurant that Real Foodz has worked with, snap a selfie and use the #RealFoodz hashtag.

7) Hungry Twins

best foodie instagram accounts - hungrytwins

Much like Real Foodz, one of the best foodie Instagram accounts, Hungry Twins,  is also a foodstagram that’s primarily dedicated to the regramming of engaging, food-centric posts. That said, with 156,000 followers, account administrators clearly know what they’re doing. Here, you can expect to find all the donuts and pizza your heart can both metaphorically and literally stand.

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Parting Thoughts

While the majority of us enjoy foodstagram accounts to simply indulge the more visual side of our glutenous tendencies, if you are fully entrenched in the increasingly competitive world of restauranteering, you can’t survive in today’s digital age of social marketing without an Instagram account.

Furthermore, if interested in injecting a bit of PR savvy into your Instagram marketing, take an hour or two to build your own list of Instagram accounts with content relevant to your restaurant’s niche. More often than not, an account will have an email address to which you can send inquiries about having your business’ foods featured for more eyes to see and tongues to taste.

For you and your kitchen to make Instagram marketing magic happen, it’s really only an issue of getting involved.  Keep up-to-date with the best foodie Instagram accounts!  And needless to say, the sooner you start, the sooner the demand for your restaurant skyrockets. On Instagram, both you and your customers stand to benefit.

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