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Last Updated: May 27, 2021

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Here’s our 5 favorite Instagram Recipe Accounts to prep you for all that holiday cooking.

1. @thetraderstable

instagram recipe accounts_1 instagram recipe accounts_2

Have you ever tried following a recipe without visuals? It’s hard. Sometimes you’re just curious about what exact products people are using? Thankfully,The Traders Table (@thetraderstable) gives us pictures of the exact product they use and include the step-by-step recipe in the caption. We love Trader Joe’s, no denying. 

2. @thekitchenmccabe 

instagram recipe accounts _3 instagram recipe accounts _4













‘Recipe Developer’ Kayley McCabe is @thekitchenmccabe. Not only does she have deliciously decadent, yet rustic treats; but she’s also got great photos! This account is the perfect inspiration for that holiday pie you’ve been wanting to bake…or a delicious hot cocoa.

3. @howsweeteats
instagram recipe accounts_6instagram recipe accounts_5













For those recipes that sometimes overwhelm you, now better time than the holidays to start! Jessica Merchant of @howsweeteats takes us on a sweet ride through her kitchen. Her videos are fun and easy to follow; and there’s always a link back to step-by-step recipes. Spend the next month testing your way through a few recipes.

4. @sproutedkitchen 

instagram recipe account_7

instagram recipe account_8















For those of you trying to keep it a little cleaner for the holidays Sara Forte of @sproutedkitchen gives us recipes from her book ‘The Sprouted Kitchen’. There’s a gluten free pumpkin tart on the page that makes us want to live in Fall.

5. @food52

instagram recipe accounts_9

instagram recipe accounts_10















Ending with a bang! @food52 is our absolute favorite food blog to follow and their Instagram is food for the eyes! We want to make everything on this page. We guarantee you’ll find a few things you’ll want to make for all those holiday parties.

The holidays are right around the corner. Make sure you use Instagram to find some inspiration for meals to impress your guests, your SO’s family, or your boss! These Instagram recipe accounts are going to help you get through all those dinners.

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