Streetwear Boy Aesthetic on Instagram: The Definite guide 

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Last Updated: Jul 3, 2024

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Nowadays, there are a lot of different aesthetics going viral on social media. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest support different styles and help them get more popularity. Today, we will discuss the Streetwear Boy Aesthetic and how to achieve it. 

What is a Streetwear Boy Aesthetic?

The Streetwear Boy Aesthetic is characterized by comfortable, baggy outfits. Streetwear is a broad and evolving category that often incorporates elements of casual, athletic, and skateboarding styles. The Streetwear Boy Aesthetic typically features a blend of comfortable, casual clothing with an emphasis on branded and statement pieces. 

The Streetwear Boy Aesthetic is not rigid and allows for a wide range of interpretations, making it a dynamic and ever-evolving style influenced by cultural trends, fashion collaborations, and individual creativity. These boys wear denim jeans and joggers, which provide a comfortable and versatile base for streetwear outfits.

What type of people have a Streetwear Boy Aesthetic?

Streetwear Boys are typically passionate about fashion, particularly the unique and expressive styles associated with urban street culture. The aesthetic is often associated with a youthful and trendy vibe, attracting individuals who stay updated on the latest fashion trends and releases. People who live in or have a strong connection to urban environments, where street culture, art, and music thrive, may find the Streetwear Boy aesthetic resonant.

Streetwear and urban fashion have deep connections with music genres like hip-hop and rap. Individuals who enjoy and resonate with these music styles may be drawn to the Streetwear Boy aesthetic. Mostly, these boys listen to 2Pac, Biggie, Snoop Dogg, and many others. Streetwear Boys may be open to collaborations between fashion brands, artists, and musicians, as these collaborations often result in unique and sought-after pieces.

Where did a Streetwear Boy Aesthetic come from?

The Streetwear Boy aesthetic has roots in urban street culture, particularly emerging from the skateboarding and hip-hop scenes in the late 20th century. The origins of this style can be traced back to the skateboarding culture of the 1970s and 1980s. Skateboarders needed comfortable, durable clothing that allowed for movement, giving rise to loose-fitting t-shirts, baggy pants, and sneakers. The rise of hip-hop music and its influence on fashion played a crucial role in shaping streetwear. Rappers and artists embraced a bold, expressive style that incorporated oversized clothing, graphic tees, and statement accessories.

Japanese street fashion heavily influenced the global streetwear scene. Harajuku and Tokyo street styles brought unique and avant-garde elements to the aesthetic, influencing designers and enthusiasts worldwide. Sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma became central to the streetwear aesthetic. Sneakers, tracksuits, and other athletic pieces were incorporated into casual, everyday fashion.

What is the Streetwear Boy’s Aesthetic personality?

The Streetwear Boy’s aesthetic personality is characterized by a blend of confidence, individuality, and a laid-back, urban vibe. Boys with this style exude confidence and assertiveness in their style choices. There is often a rebellious and non-conformist spirit associated with the Streetwear Boy aesthetic. This rebelliousness is expressed through unconventional fashion choices, DIY customization, and a disregard for traditional fashion norms.

The aesthetic personality is youthful and energetic, capturing the vibrancy of urban street culture. Streetwear Boys often embody a youthful outlook on life, staying connected to the latest trends and cultural influences. The Streetwear Boy embraces a casual coolness, effortlessly combining comfort with style. This laid-back attitude is reflected in the choice of loose-fitting clothing, sneakers, and athletic influences.

How to achieve the Streetwear Boy Aesthetic?

If you want to achieve the Streetwear Boy Aesthetic, you have a lot of work to do. Here are some tips on how to achieve this aesthetic:

Wear Comfortable Clothes

The Streetwear Boy Aesthetic is all about wearing comfortable clothes. These boys look like rappers and hip-hop artists. If you want to look like a Streetwear Boy, you must choose baggy jeans, oversized hoodies, and comfortable sneakers to wear. Moreover, these guys often wear different accessories and jewelry to complete their looks. 

Be Artistic

This boy Aesthetic is not only about the clothes and fashion style. These guys have lots of talents like skateboarding, painting, design, and graffiti. For example, if you want to be a real Streetwear Boy, you must do at least one graffiti painting. It is alright if you are not a real artist, after some work you will become a professional for sure. 

Listen To Hip-Hop Music

The Streetwear Boys love to listen to music. Most of the time, they listen to hip-hop artists and rappers. Start listening to old-school artists like Big Daddy Kane, Eazy-E, 2Pac, Gang Starr, and many others you can find on Spotify. Make sure that the music you listen to is very popular and loved in the Streetwear Boy subculture. 

How to have Streetwear Boy Aesthetic on Instagram

The Streetwear Boy Aesthetic is very popular on Instagram. A lot of boys from this subculture are viral on Instagram and receive a lot of engagement. Here are some tips on how to gain popularity as the Streetwear Boy on Instagram:

Upload A Lot Of Pictures

Make sure that whenever you upload a post, your outfit is always on fire, and you look very cool and cold. For example, whenever you get ready in the morning, take a mirror selfie or ask your friends or family members to take pictures of you. The Instagram community will be obsessed with your unique and extraordinary fashion style. 

Use Original Captions

The captions are very important on Instagram. Whenever you upload a picture, try to add captions of your favorite songs. For example, a lyric from 2Pac’s song: “Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared,” is very original and unique. This way, your followers will know what type of music you listen to and this will complete your style even more. The Streetwear Boy culture embraces hip-hop music, and so should you.

Post Stories

Instagram is nothing without the stories. This way, if you don’t want to upload a lot of pictures as posts, you can post them on your story. Whenever you post a story, try adding some music to it to complete the aesthetic. Your stories mustn’t be very chic and perfect. You can post some random pictures like graffiti, selfies, or some moments of your day. This way, by posting stories, you will keep your followers more interested in your daily life, and you will get a lot of engagement. 

detail accessories of streetwear style for boys

Tips for Streetwear Boy Aesthetics on social media

This aesthetic for boys has a lot of engagement on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. Here are some tips on how to achieve this aesthetic on social media:

Tips for Streetwear Boy Aesthetics on TikTok

The TikTok community loves and adores the Streetwear Boy Aesthetic. If you search the #streetwearaesthetic on TikTok, you will see that it has a lot of followers and likes. Ensure that your outfit is always shown whenever you post a new video. Moreover, you can participate in trends like “OOTD” and “Get Ready With Me.” This way, a lot of fashion people will take some inspiration from you, and your follower count will increase. Once you take a good video, add some popular music that suits your aesthetic. There are a lot of sounds available on TikTok, so you can post videos of different sounds every day. Remember to always be supportive of others because social media can be harsh and rude sometimes. 

  • Show your outfits
  • Hop on different trends
  • Use viral sounds
  • Use viral hashtags
  • Be supportive
  • Be positive

Tips for Streetwear Boy Aesthetics on Instagram

As we’ve discussed before, people with this aesthetic has a lot of engagement on Instagram. If you want to get a lot of followers, you must post daily. Make sure that you always post the “Outfits Checks.” Try to have very original captions and bios. This will complete your look even more. Remember that posting your stories is essential as well. As a Streetwear Boy, you can be a shitposter as well. Post a lot of memes and share some funny reels to keep your followers entertained. 

  • Upload a lot of pictures
  • Post your outfits
  • Share selfies
  • Use original captions
  • Have an extraordinary bio
  • Post stories
  • Share music

H3 Tips for Streetwear Boy Aesthetics on Pinterest 

Creating this type of aesthetic on Pinterest involves curating a collection of images that reflect the style and vibe you’re going for.  Before you start pinning, have a clear idea of the specific streetwear boy aesthetic you want to achieve. This could include elements like skater style, urban influences, vintage vibes, or a mix of different styles. Start by creating a mood board that represents the overall feel and style you’re aiming for. Pin images that inspire you, including street fashion, accessories, colours, and lifestyle shots.

  • Share your outfits
  • Be an inspiration
  • Create boards
  • Pin images
  • Show your aesthetic

Which celebrities (or Influencers) have Streetwear Boy Aesthetics? 

There are a lot of celebrities with the Streetwear Boy Aesthetic. This aesthetic was very popular in the 2000s as well. So, here are some celebrities with the Streetwear Boy Aesthetics:

  • Tupac Shakur

Every generation knows who Tupac Shakur was. He was an artist who changed the whole perspective of rap music. If you look closely at Tupac’s style, you will be sure that he is a true Streetwear Boy. He used to wear baggy clothes and a bandana on his head. If you want to look like 2Pac, you can remake his outfits and be a real Streetwear Boy. Tupac Shakur is never forgotten in our hearts.

  • Snoop Dogg

Another Streetwear Boy’s favourite artist is Snoop Dogg. Everybody loves how sarcastic and funny Snoop Dogg is. If you stalk his Instagram account, you will see a lot of funny memes and reels there. Moreover, his style is always unique, and he embraces the real Streetwear Boy Aesthetic. So, take note that Snoop Dogg can be a real inspiration for you. 

Brands associated with Streetwear Boy Aesthetic

If you are following this Aesthetic, there are a lot of brands available for you. You can wear brands like Stussy, Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Bape, Kith, Palace, and many others. Some of the boys from this subculture wear Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, and Dior as well. 

Conclusion: Is Streetwear Boy Aesthetic for you? 

If you love to dress comfortably and uniquely, love to listen to old-school and hip-hop artists, and are never scared of the government, the streetwear boy Aesthetic is just for you. 

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