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Organic Instagram Followers: Team Up With an Influencer for Post Promotion

Organic Instagram Followers: Team Up With an Influencer for Post Promotion

Is there a guy on earth who really cares about the kind of underwear Michael Jordan wears on a regular basis? More than likely, not all that much. Still, when it comes time to buy boxer briefs and undershirts, it’s hard not to think of Mike bragging to his plethora of organic Instagram followers about how tagless his undergarments are.

For nearly 27 years now, His Airness has been rocking Hanes gear—hard to believe, huh?

But there’s a good reason for it—for the North Carolina-based clothing company, Big Mike’s endorsement has made the business one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

And while your up-and-coming company likely isn’t worth Hanes’ $11.1 billion, thanks to Instagram and some influencer marketing magic, you too can tap into the promotional powers of industry-specific celebrities to help you gain organic Instagram followers. 

And with good reason …

These days, 92 percent of people prefer individual product and service recommendations over those from brands. Needless to say, you’d be wise to hop onboard the gravy train. Who’s driving, you ask? Well, as you’ll soon see, that depends on what you’re looking to accomplish.

Anyway, ready to get started?

That’s what we thought—below, you’ll find a quick, five-step guide for making influencer post promotion on Instagram more of a reality than an aimless wish.

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Trust us: you’ll want to toss this post in the archives for reference at a later date—enjoy!

* Step #1: Check Out What Others Are Doing

Statistically speaking, Instagram has a 4.21 percent engagement rate—not bad, right?

The number is even more impressive, however, when you consider that it’s 50 times that of Facebook’s. The answer is clear-cut, here—Instagram is the place to be.

Newsflash, though—you’re not the first to realize this.

No, you’re not first to the Instagram party, but in the case of influencer marketing, this might not be a bad thing. Why? Well, to do things correctly, your first order of business is to see what your rivals are doing.

Seriously, make a list of ‘em, and then use Instagram’s built-in search feature to find their accounts. Check out the different types of content they’re producing—having compared a few different accounts, what appears to be getting the most engagement?

Note it, and move on.

* Step #2: Find the Right Influencer to Help You Gain Organic Instagram Followers

Armed with an idea of the type of content you’ll want your soon-to-be influencer to create, it’s time to do the obvious—find an influencer. Fortunately, you and your pocketbook don’t need to team up with the likes of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez or Kim Kardashian.

Remember—it’s not important that you partner with a household name.

What matters is that your target audience be familiar with the influencer with whom you ultimately connect. Still, limit yourself to accounts that have at least 100,000 followers—that way, it’s worth your while.

As you begin pouring over the Instagram accounts of potential influencers, keep an eye out for any email addresses or website links they might’ve included in their individual bios.

Both are your immediate ticket to a possible working relationship.

example of how to get Organic Instagram Followers

Using them, send an email like this:

example of how to get Organic Instagram Followers

Having officially reached out, prepare yourself for some rejection.

Sooner or later, depending on the status of the person you’ve contacted, you’re bound to get shot down. No worries—simply dust yourself off, and try again. You’ll hate us for saying this, but practice really does make perfect.

* Step #3: Establish the Terms of Your Partnership

Once you’ve found an influencer who’s willing to chat, throughout the course of the negotiation process, make sure that you and your team touch on each of the following points of interest:

      • Timeframe Are you working with a tight deadline? If so, make it known.
      • Output What exactly are you looking for? Be specific so as to avoid confusion.
      • Content Usage right are important when dealing with these people—ask about them.
      • Payment It’s sad, but true—influencers don’t work for free. Settle on a good price.
      • Hashtags Anything specific you’d like to use? Provide this instruction upfront.

It’s a lot to discuss, but to milk influencer post promotion on Instagram for all it’s worth, though you’ll feel like you’re splitting hairs, you’ll need to be as thorough as humanly possible.

* Step #4: Provide a Creative Brief

Remember all of that work you put into content research back in Step #1?

Well, now’s the time to put it to good use. Once you’ve found an influencer who’s willing to give your brand a shot, put some real time and energy into sending your newfound Instagram star a solid creative brief.

best way to get Organic Instagram Followers

Things don’t have to be done this way, but the document pictured above is known as a “mood brief.” Basically, its purpose is to give influencers a taste of the aesthetic your content likes to produce. Clinging closely to the creative themes provided therein, your post will be on point.

* Step #5: Promote the Post Elsewhere

Sorry, Facebook—Instagram is currently the grandaddy of all social networks.

That said, having put a great deal of effort into landing a high-authority post promotion on Instagram, your final step is to maximize its content value to help you gain organic Instagram followers. Check out a few of the options at your disposal:

      • Snap a quick screenshot and publish it on your business’ website or blog.
      • Taking out a Facebook ad? Now, you’ve got the social proof you need for an image.
      • Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and even LinkedIn—stretch the value of your post.


You’re not likely to pull Michael Jordan away from his devotion to men’s underwear and everyday comfort for some collaborative social work, but fortunately, in today’s day and age, you shouldn’t have to—there are many Instagram influencers who are are willing to help out in your quest to gain organic Instagram followers.

Until you’re able to find one for a post promotion on Instagram, best of luck!

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