The Nuts & Bolts: How to Quickly See Sales from Instagram Marketing

July 3, 2017 by kicksta

Last Updated: February 24, 2020

It’s a safe assumption that every serious brand on the market is running an Instagram account for promotional purposes. As this social media platform continues to evolve and incorporate new features, brands are discovering new ways to organically grow Instagram followers and ultimately boost their sales.

While there’s no cookie cutter formula for running a perfect brand account, there are proven strategies for some quick, profitable results. Instagram was founded on the notion of purely creative user engagement. Today, the most successful brand accounts remain true to its origin while capitalizing on its significant marketing potential. 

Below are the latest techniques being used by some of the most successful brands on Instagram right now:

Ask for Engagement

Regularly posting high-quality content will get you positive engagement on its own. However, asking your followers for additional engagement is both fun and rewarding for both parties.

Consider writing something along the lines of “tag a friend who would wear this,” or “tag someone who needs these” in the caption of product or promotional posts, and watch as you organically grow Instagram followers.

Additionally, many brands are asking their followers to send in personal photos wearing or using their products. This both increases engagement and provides free content for your brand. With this strategy, stress the importance of high-quality photo or video in your caption to ensure that the submissions are usable.

It’s Not All About Product

It’s true that product photos typically see more traffic than anything else on a brand’s account. However, they’re not the sole reason why users want to follow you. Your consumers want to follow an aesthetically cool account with a defined brand image. Merely posting product will result in your Instagram looking dangerously similar to your website’s product page.

Additionally, non-product or lifestyle photos can be some of the most fun to write captions for and strategically request tagging and further user engagement.

Sell In the Bio

Your Instagram bio is your first chance to win over new followers who aren’t yet familiar with your brand. In a brief phrase or a matter of sentences, sell your brand and stress what makes your product different from the competition. It’s safe to assume they already follow your biggest competitors.

Don’t forget to link your website here, and regularly update your bio with sales, promo codes or other useful information that might generate traffic to your site. It is also never a bad idea to display your established hashtags here (if applicable) or the Instagram handles of any partner accounts associated with your company.

Influencer Marketing

Perhaps the biggest trend in social media marketing right now is influencer marketing. Brands of all natures have outsourced models, athletes, Internet personalities and celebrities to promote their products on social media. Instagram also happens to be the best platform for this method due to its clean, visual layout.

When done correctly, this is one of the fastest and most effective methods of reaching new, genuine users who will soon be loyal customers. As influencers are currently in high demand, their rates have collectively gone up. Don’t let this discourage you from taking advantage of one of the greatest social marketing tools available.

If you choose to go this route and hire an Instagram influencer, be sure that their content and personality is a good match for your brand to avoid any false or negative perceptions of your product. Having the right influencer with an established following can be one of the quickest ways to grow your brand’s page, boost user engagement and ultimately see more sales.

Keep in mind that these techniques are not your only options for seeing an increase in sales from Instagram. However, these are proven strategies that when combined with your brand’s personal touch will result in a fruitful Instagram marketing campaign.

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