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Introducing IGTV and How to Use it to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

Introducing IGTV and How to Use it to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

Think Youtube, Snapchat, and Facebook: all on one platform. Instagram has just launched a new feature that you never knew you wanted– yet can’t wait to master, and use to grow your brand. Say hello to IGTV — a brand new video platform for watching long-form, vertical videos from your favorite Instagram creators.

Since Instagram’s launch in 2010, they’ve accomplished many goals, making the widely anticipated statistic of hitting a billion users at the very top. Founder, Kevin Syndrome’s proudest accomplishment is, “building a thriving community of a billion,” as this number will only continue to grow with the release of IGTV. He believes that “video deserves a better home on mobile” and seems to have figured out exactly how to make this come to life.

Introducing IGTV and How to Use it to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

So, what is IGTV?

Anyone on Instagram has the ability to create their own IGTV channel where they will can share long-form videos with their followers. While there is a stand-alone IGTV app, you will also be able to access this feature within the Instagram app itself.

For now, videos can range anywhere between 15 seconds and 10 minutes for most accounts, and up to one hour for larger accounts, which is much more video time than the minute-long clips you currently see in your feed.

Instagram wants to change how people watch video, and has created this feature to fit the way you already use your phone– meaning all media will appear vertical. “All the data we have shows that people are spending less and less time in front of TV’s, but spending more and more time on their phones,” Syndrome said. This feature will ultimately change users’ behavior by veering them away from traditional media like desktop computers and TV’s, while distinguishing itself from other rivals like YouTube.

Introducing IGTV and How to Use it to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

How does IGTV work?

First, create a channel on either the IG app or the IGTV app. Look for the TV symbol Introducing IGTV and How to Use it to Increase Your Instagram Engagement:

  • 🤩
  • 🤙
  • 🤑

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how to use IGTV

Then select the settings icon Introducing IGTV and How to Use it to Increase Your Instagram Engagement: , and click on “create your channel”.

Introducing IGTV and How to Use it to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

You will be prompted with on-screen instructions to follow.

Next, the step where the possibilities are endless: creating your content. Your video must be at least fifteen seconds in length and make sure to film vertically. This is where you can become the pioneer of your own unique way of utilizing IGTV.  

how to use IGTV

For editing purposes, some great options are the Apple iMovie app or Video Show for Android. When you’re ready to post, click the plus sign on IGTV to select a video, create an engaging title and description, and you’re ready to post!

Finally, make use of Instagram’s in-app analytics for your video: they will tell you about your engagement in terms of your views, likes, and comments. In addition, your audience retention rate will be displayed in a graph, showing you the percent of plays active at a particular time.

This will help you by showing the exact moment where viewers tend to drop off, and can help you optimize future content based on the results.

How can my business benefit from IGTV?

IGTV has the ability to make Instagram a more dominant player in the social media industry. With this in mind, your business can utilize IGTV to showcase more behind-the-scenes content of your products and the overall message of your brand.

“Know your audience. Posting relatable and inspiring content helps you connect with the people who follow you. Our audience loves savvy and creative DIY projects and solutions to inspire their wedding day- so we love to share examples we create ourselves as well as feature projects from our followers! This helps to build goodwill and deeper connection with our audience.” -Jessica Bishop   https://thebudgetsavvybride.com@budgetsavvybride

Popular IGTV Content Ideas:

• Sneak Peeks: Short clips of what goes into the creation of your product.
• Meet the Team: Show the viewer the human side of your brand and introduce them to your company.
• Informative Segments: Teach your audience something valuable or provide a solution they can implement.

Similar to Instagram Stories, these videos are a great opportunity to come off personable and approachable for potential followers, customers, and the casual Instagram passersbyer. With the objective being to generate positive growth and a more loyal community for your brand

Good luck with pioneering IGTV and utilizing it to grow your brand. Stay tuned for more updates on how to optimize your channel!

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