150+ Instagram Tips and Tricks from Bloggers & Influencers

December 4, 2018 by Alexz Miller

Last Updated: June 23, 2020

Bloggers and Influencers

If you’re looking to become a blogger or influencer on Instagram, we’re here to help you out with over 150 Instagram tips and tricks directly from the source.

Blogger and Influencers have been a major assets for brands looking to expand their reach, spread their brand awareness, and increase sales.

In a recent study, researchers found that, “70% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers in buying decisions.”

As the trend of influencer marketing grows, there is no better time to find your niche and build a solid personal brand to get in on the action yourself. With our 150+ Influencer & Blogger Instagram, we’ll uncover the must-know strategies to Instagram growth, hashtagging, and content creation from the experts themselves.

Ready to take your Instagram to the next level?

Here are the 5 most popular types bloggers we’ll be sharing advice from:

    1. Fashion Bloggers
    1. Food Bloggers
    1. Mommy Bloggers
    1. Travel Bloggers
  1. Health & Beauty Bloggers

Instagram Tips and Tricks from

Fashion Bloggers

First up, the fashion gurus whose closet you wish you could raid. From high fashions #inspo to bargain shopping tips, these bloggers and influencers share with us personal tips for perfecting their fashion-forward feed and cohesive aesthetic.

“Use the caption as an opportunity to share authentic and relatable snippets of your life. You can try asking a question to spark engagement with your followers.” -Erin Busbee Busbeestyle.com, @busbeestyle

“Be consistent, set a goal of how many times you want to post in a day or a week and stick to it. I promise, it will pay off!”-Heather Anderson Soheather.com, @soheatherblog

“Be consistent. Give yourself a little schedule and stick to it. 10 minutes every day of engaging with similar accounts or beloved hashtags. In the long run, it is worth it.”-Caterina Petrucci 35mminstyle.com, @35mminstyle

Develop a unique hashtag:I tag all my photos #momtrends and encourage my community to do the same. I follow the hashtag and make sure to comment on all the #momtrends posts.” -Nicole Feliciano Momtrends.com, @momtrends

Bonus Tip From Kicksta:

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“Authenticity is so crucial to blogger/influencer marketing campaigns because, as brands and content creators, we want to feel like what we are investing our time in is a part of who we are. It’s the reason why people follow our journey, and once that trust is undervalued, it is finished.” -Igee Okafor Igeeokafor.com, @igeeokafor

“Get the A Color Story app! It’s awesome. You can buy different filter packs to suit the look of your feed to easily edit photos.” -Courtney Phyrra.net, @phyrra

“Block out a time each day or a day of the week to really map out your IG content and goals. If you are more focused on where you are going you’ll get there faster.” -Rema Koligian Jewelrynjeans.com, @jewelryandjeans

“You can use up to 30 hashtags, so make sure to use all those hashtags smartly and to target a specific, niche audience that would be interested in your content. I always make sure to post them as the first comment so it doesn’t clog my cute caption!” -Audrey Paillé Frenchallure.ca, @frenchallure

“Create a media kit for brands to see what you can offer them as well as your prices listed so you are getting paid fairly for the content you create!”

-Emma Walker

Withacitydream.com, @emmawlker

“Make sure you are engaging with ACTIVE users that are currently online/ on the gram as they are more likely to engage with you right away. You’ll know they are active as you can see how many seconds/ minutes ago they commented on a photo. Interact with these users and your account will grow much faster!” -Mitra Barber Leopardcouture.com, @leopardcouture8

Be friendly and form relationships with your followers Do not follow and unfollow!” -Laurie Bronze Vanityandmestyle.com, @Vanity_And_Me

“Focus on high-quality photography as well as being yourself.” -Jenny Donnell Thesensibleshopaholic.com, @thesensibleshopaholic

“Be consistent with your feed, both in your editing style and your content. But stay true to who you are.” -Nicole Wilson Darlingindots.com, @darlingindots

“Use Insta stories! They always get more views and love” -Rosie Nikci Lifeisjustrosie.tv @lifeisjustrosie

“I think forming your own community on Instagram is crucial. I love everything metallic and neon fashion, so bonding with people who also have that passion for bright colors has helped me. Find your niche and create a community around it.” -Diana Arvizu Theneonfactor.com, @TheNeonFactor

Bonus Tip From Kicksta:

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“Always try to improve your results and the way you work.” -Emre Emvoyoe Emvoyoe.de, @emvoyoe

“Don’t be afraid to Network! Utilize the comments, DM, and IGTV to contact and connect with prospects. It’s called a Social Network for a reason! I’ve landed over 10 clients, 2 mentors, and 3 JV Partners on Instagram…simply by mastering the art of social networking, making heart-to-heart connections, and getting my ASK in gear. There’s plenty of business happening on, thru, and within Instagram- get a piece of the action. Network, Network, Network!” -DeAnna DuPree Deannadupree.com, @DeAnnaDuPree

Use a tool like Planoly to plan out your feed and make it look consistent and aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes I’ll flip an image because I realize I’ll have two posts in a row where I’m looking the same direction, but with a quick horizontal flip everything feels balanced again.

-Elise Armitage

W-t-fab.com, @wtfab

“Treat your IG feed as if it were your baby, in order for it to grow you have to continually feed it. “ -Cassie Garcia @neon.be

“One thing that has helped me grow my Instagram is following other similar accounts and showing support by commenting.” -Lillie Morales Jerseyfashionista.com, @jerseyfashionista

“Don’t be afraid of some vulnerability, my most engaging posts is when I get real and reveal something about myself. Not everything has to be smoothies and sunsets.” -Nina Campioni Nina.elle.se, @ninacampioni

“When it comes to curating your feed, think about it from a potential followers’ perspective. Do your images (cohesively) give a clear image of who you are and what to expect. Is your content fun, inspiring, or entertaining? You can’t depend on the copy winning over followers and fans. People are on Instagram from a quick bit of fun. Give them a little you and a little of what they want!” -Luci Petlack Lucismorsels.com, @lucismorsels

“Personally I find using all features on Instagram (IG stories and regular posts) and consistently posting once a day helps to get more followers.” -Noell Riemslag Bynoelle.co.uk, @blogbynoelle

“It’s not enough to look at follower numbers, you need to know whether the followers are active and engaged. Quantify engagement actions such as ‘likes’, comments, and shares/reposts/retweets by taking that figure and calculating the percentage of the influencer’s followers that responds.”

-Taryn Williams

Theright.fit, @theright.fit

Taryn Williams

Theright.fit, @theright.fit

Instagram Tips and Tricks from

Food Bloggers

Where are our foodies at? These delicious grids are sure to inspire a craving. From food photography tips to mastering the art of flatlays, these food bloggers share their tips on how to capture mouth-watering content.

“Have a short, to-the-point bio and make sure your profile pic is a pic of your face to make it more personal for people to follow.”-Cameron Larkin Theofficialcocktailblogger.com, @theofficialcocktailblogger

“Speak to your ideal audience, tailoring your content to meet the needs of that one avatar you’ve dreamt up in your mind! When you speak to that person, it’s amazing the community you can cultivate that will continue to come back for your messaging and content!” -Elizabeth Shaw Shawsimpleswaps.com, @shawsimpleswaps

“Find a style and stick to it, whether it be cool, pale and understated, dark and moody, or brightly coloured and punchy. Instagram seems to reward consistency.”-Kerstin Rodgers Msmarmitelover.com, @msmarmitelover

“Consistency is key. Creating and posting high-quality content, every day, has allowed me to grow successfully on my own. With each post I ask myself what the purpose of sharing this content is and if it aligns with my overall vision for my brand.” -Dylan Cutler Phruitfuldish.com, @phruitfuldish

“It sounds obvious, but when you’re building your personal brand on social media, it’s important to actually be social. I try to reply to every comment and message, and I also spend a lot of time building relationships by engaging with other people’s posts. It’s effective and also makes Instagram a lot more meaningful and fun.” -Stephanie McKercher Gratefulgrazer.com, @gratefulgrazer

“Always make sure to use relevant hashtags and location tags. Not only will these help you be found by new people, they’re also helpful for your current audience!” -Brittany Kulick Thesweetwanderlust.com, @thesweetwanderlust

“Do use image editing apps. Instagram’s standard editing tools like brightness and structure can certainly help to give your images a little oomph and extra detail, but third-party apps like Snapseed can transform your shots from meh to marvelous in seconds.” -Aleney De Winter Boyeatsworld.com.au, @boyeatsworld

“Of all of the ‘tips and tricks’ I’ve religiously read or followed (and believe me, it’s a TON), just having a real human connection with people and providing true value is the key. I know, I know, provide value and engage with your audience is so overstated. It doesn’t have to mean just in the content you’re providing, but in your comments too! If I see someone is visiting a city that I’ve been to and there was a restaurant or food that I loved there, I’ll comment and say something like ‘OMG you have to go to ________. It was the best meal I’ve ever had.'” -Brittany Danyelle WanderingMillennial.com, @wandering_millennial

“If you aren’t utilizing Instagram stories yet, you should be. Instagram accounts with over 10,000 followers have the ability to add links to their stories, which can help to drive traffic to their websites.”

-Jaclyn Shimmel

Crayonsandcravings.com, @crayonsandcravings

“Use locations tags and hashtags in IG Stories for more visibility. You can make the tags and hashtag as small as possible, so they disappear for our eyes but the function is still there.” -Annelina Waller Annelinawaller.com, @annelinawaller

Just posting a picture is not enough, describing it is just as important. Tell your followers all the required information, rather than keep them guessing.” -Ankita Banerjee Spiceslicebite.com, @spicytarian

“Pick what you’re good at, stick to it, and do it well. Don’t feel the need to be on every platform or to create every type of content. Know your strengths and use them to your advantage.” -Antonette Galletti Nashfitfoodie.com, @Nashfitfoodie

“I think one of the main things that has changed the way I feel about Instagram is that I have unfollowed any pages/people that affect me negatively. I only follow very positive and inspiring people. Luckily now there is a ‘mute’ option on Instagram so you don’t have to unfollow a whole load of people!” -Safira Adam Tiffinandteaofficial.com, @tiffinandtea

“Engagement is the most important part of Instagram. I find that I get better engagement with people I’ve met in real life. I try to attend several conferences throughout the year and meet like-minded people who I can engage with on Instagram. This has opened the doors to collaborations and sponsored opportunities.” -Jessica Van Dop Dejesus Diningtraveler.com, @DiningTraveler

Bonus Tip From Kicksta:

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“The best way for me to keep a consistent and cohesive feed is to use a planning service like Planoly that lets me see my photos in a grid with my already published content. I can move things around and schedule posts so that my feed is always something you want to follow.” -Sarah Dyer Awayfromthebox.com, @awayfromthebox

“I think for me personally, I wouldn’t still be doing this if it wasn’t a topic I didn’t genuinely enjoy. I really love to eat! I think if you want to build your brand, you’ll have to put in some work: creating quality content, networking with others, stuff like that. But it’s a lot easier when it’s for something you love!”-Melissa Lindemann Foodcellfie.com, @foodcellfie

“Like all things in life, success doesn’t just happen overnight, but instead from steadfast dedication to an art.” -Natalie Migliarini Beautifulbooze.com, @beautifulbooze

“Having a more personal platform, where I can connect with readers and create a community of like-minded people has been huge for my business. The best part about Instagram is you can curate on your feed, and have all the pretty, perfect stuff, but also show the real and more vulnerable parts of yourself on stories.” -Rachael Yerkes Eazypeazymealz.com, @ezpzmealz

“Later is the best tool for managing your Instagram account. Not only is it free but it’s also authorized by Instagram, rather than being a third party application. It’s so easy to use- you literally drag and drop photos onto the calendar.”


Foodieflashpacker.com, @foodieflashpacker

“Engage with your audience! Respond to their comments, ask them questions on stories (the polls feature is awesome!) and use their feedback to help plan your content. I love using Instagram as a platform to make me more accessible and approachable to my audience as well as use them for feedback so I can post things they want to see!” -Chrissie Nelson Rotko Offtheeatenpathblog.com, @chrissie_beth

“Comment your followers’ posts and the posts that are related to your main interest.” -Thomas Guignard @guignard_thomas

“Use Google Snapseed to edit your photos. You’ll see immediate improvement on the style and look of your photos – for free!”

-Katie Lockhart

Findyourhappyplate.co, @findyourhappyplate

Instagram Tips and Tricks from

Mommy Bloggers

From family life, to parenting tips, and more, these ladies seem to be able to do it all! Find out all their Instagram tips for growing their online communities, while still keeping their feeds authentic!

“Always tag your photos with various companies that are represented. I tag Target items or the retailers we are wearing. This helps get your page on their radar. Promote them for free at first, and you will be amazed what shows up later.” -Jeava Brown Onlygirl4boyz.com, @onlygirl4boyz

“Bloggers should definitely be leveraging Instagram as an extension of their blog platform. I have personally been most successful with this strategy and maximizing reach/engagement when I include a caption fashioned like a mini blog post (in addition to a quality photo). I have found that sponsors will seek out Instagram influencers who tell a well-curated story through their feed!” -Michelle Olson-Rogers ModernBocaMom.com, @modernbocamom

“If you want to grow your brand on Instagram, focus on helpful content. Be real with your followers and show them who you are as a person, not just as brand. If your going to document and give advice to your followers on Instagram, show them how you’re using your advice and knowledge in your own life.”-Kumiko Thebudgetmom.com, @thebudgetmom

“Engaging with the people who post under the hashtags you use immediately after posting helps get your Instagram posts seen and increases the engagement you may get on your own posts. It’s also a good Instagram practice to be active where you “hang out” as far as hashtags and communities.” -Julie Fabworkingmomlife.com, @fabworkingmomjulie

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“Don’t be tempted to use like and comment threads all the time. Think about your main objective: is it to get sales, traffic, brand awareness, just more followers? First work out your objective, then work on your content.” –Jenny Lord Midwifeandlife.com, @midwifeandlife

“When planning my Instagram, I’m aware that there are people that just scroll for a pretty photo and some that really read your caption to know the story behind the photo. So, I try to produce content that covers both these bases, a beautiful photo for the scrollers and an in-depth caption for the readers.”-Louise Pinkpearbear.com, @pinkpearbear

“Instagram rewards you the more you use their platform! Comment and interact with your followers, especially those who comment on your posts. Invest in those who invest in you!” -Jessica Ashcroft Loveloveloveblog.com, @jessica_ashcroft

“Make your account a happy place. This means not engaging in any negative comments or conversation, not provoking people or controversial topics, and being positive. Make your IG a place people love stopping by! –Shanna Lakin Byshannablog.com, @Shanlakes

“Create a note section in your phone where you write down ideas + content to ready. Have a separate notes section with different hashtags in groupings to copy and paste. And always have so great photos ready in your camera roll.”

-Meghan Yancy

Meghanjoyyancy.com, @meghanjoytoday

“Don’t compare yourself to anyone one else. I see so many bloggers cry and try to be something they are not. Post quality content, but stay true to yourself. Never, never steer away from that. Pick a filter for your photos and stick with it. -Candace Moczarski Can1Love.com, @can1love

“My target audience is predominantly 25-45 year old women. IG is where they hang out so I (and my business) should be there too. It’s a great way to build relationships, and if potential clients look me up, seeing an active IG account can only help.”-Jill Reiter Theafterbabylady.com, @theafterbabylady

“Engage Engage Engage” -Tiffany Ching-Bean Tiffanychingbean.com, @tiffanychingbean

“Whatever you do on Instagram, let it be from the heart. Our main goal with using Instagram for business is to connect with those around us (or rather, those following us). The best way to do that is to genuinely connect with them by taking a few minutes to respond to comments or posting a story that your followers can bond with the REAL you.” -Brandi Little Brandijolittle.com, @brandijolittle

“Post less frequently. Gone are the days when you need to post on Instagram every day. It’s better to post three times a week with truly thumb-stoppable content that will get seen by more than post every day with mediocre content that will perhaps even cannibalize itself. “-Talya Stone Motherhoodtherealdeal.com, @motherhoodrealdeal

“Your pictures are important and should be edited in a way that makes your feed cohesive. The great thing about access to information nowadays is that you don’t have to have a lot of money or know a ton about photography to have great photos. Simple tricks or apps on your phone can completely transform your content. Take the time to research and find what works for you so that your content will be something attractive to others.” -Meg Marie Wallace Megmariewallace.com, @megmariewallace

“Like and comment regularly on Instagram. The more I interact, the more my posts appear to get seen by others and in turn get likes and interaction.”-Sabina Green Deepinmummymatters.com, @mummymatters

“I love Instagram, since it is such a visual platform and what I do is very visual. One of my favorite things I have found with it are the relationships I have formed with other teachers and parents. I have met people from all over that I would have never met otherwise. I feel like the followers I have gotten through Instagram has been more global. I have a new brick and mortar studio and would like to explore marketing to locals to promote that. I like to join in on Instagram challenges like @steamkidschallenge to help inspire projects and motivate me.”- Amber Scardino Figmentcreativelabs.com, @figmentcreative

“Connect with others in your niche through comment pods or telegram like pods. Not only do you boost each other’s engagement, but you get to know other awesome Instagram accounts.”-Susan Strayer MountainMomandTots.com, @mountainmomtots

“Engagement! Interacting with other IG users, following similar brands, and sometimes even making friends is what’s fun about IG!” -Jessi Puga Jessilivinglovely.com, @JessiLivingLovely

“Use Instagram Stories as a way to connect with your followers in a less than picture-perfect way. Most of our feeds are filled with perfectly filtered and edited photos, but Stories are a great place to showcase what real life looks like – all the unglamorous/slightly embarrassing/awkward parts of it.”

-Kayla Buell

Lostgenygirl.com, @kcruz012

“Instagram is the best social media platform out there to grow your business and/or brand. It’s a “social” outlet so make sure that you are engaging with your audience. Respond to their comments and direct messages. Let them know you see them and you will gain solid engagement as well as make new friends.” -Fawn Rosenbohm Fawnrosenbohm.com, @fawnrosenbohm

“Find your niche. There are a lot of women on Instagram who are looking for lifestyle and fashion inspiration. I chose to share my ideas from a mom’s perspective. While I share fashion and lifestyle ideas along with parent life, it always has a parenting twist to it. My followers who are moms are able to relate to it and follow my feed loyally.” -Lata Tokha FabulousMomLife.com, @FabulousMomLife

“My top tip is to not use comment pods as it is forcing engagement and doesn’t actually work. The only people who end up seeing your photos are other people in the pod rather than your target audience. You’re much better off spending 20 minutes per day interacting with real accounts who are your target audience.” -Samantha Rickelton Northeastfamilyfun.co.uk, @NorthEastFamilyFun

“Post fun relevant photos that show your true self. Let your customers know who you are so they come for you. I have the number one return rate in all of koa system and I know it’s because my campers know me. And we’ve become friends.”-Jakie Brightonkoa.com, @brightonkoa

“Instagram is a social platform, people head to it to connect. I think of it like a big campfire, where people congregate to hear good stories. If you want yours to be captured, focus on curating eye-catching images which articulate your narrative and allow people to interact with your story.” -Leah Smileski Kidbucketlist.com.au, @thekidbucketlist

“Be authentic and build a community. I have met so many amazing women through Instagram. They are the most supportive friends who understand me and can relate. A few of them who I have met in person are now some of my closest friends. Put yourself out there are build relationships on and offline.” -Cristy Stewart Happyfamilyblog.com, @happyfamilyblog

“Believe in you and your mission that’s the most important advice I can give. You are your biggest cheerleader. Surround yourself with people who are happy for you and encourage your success. It’s hard as women to do this but it really is important. Many women do not want to see other women like them succeed, and it’s sad. You have to do what you love and believe in your brand.”-Maria Hunt Unicornmoms.com, @unicornmoms

“If your account hasn’t reached 10K yet for the coveted “swipe” feature, you can apply a work around using the IG TV feature. Create an IG TV video and you can include a link in your description on the video. Then in your stories you will be able to link to or “swipe up” to your IG TV video that includes a link. Just one more way to get a link on IG other than the “in the bio” option before you hit 10K followers.”

-Mary Hoover

Missiontosave.com, @amissiontosave

“You have to give the love to receive the love. When I first started I would get one or two comments per pic, and then I started commenting like crazy on other bloggers’ pics pretty consistently and eventually you become “friends” and they reciprocate!”-Brooke Pitts Mommamosa.com, @brooklynnpitts

“Instagram is such a great platform for connecting real life with your brand and blog. It allows businesses to leverage a genuine community by posting small snapshots of behind the scenes or other more “everyday” content that might not be as curated as a blog post would be. When people can relate to you on a personal level, relationships that boost your brand genuinely follow.” -Lauren Elliott Simplyelliott.com, @elliott_lauren

“Find your niche and follow them, follow what they follow and hashtag how they hashtag.” -Kristen Miedema @kristamiedema

“When I think of using Instagram for business or branding I don’t just think of ‘Who am I targeting?’. I think, ‘I can’t wait to talk to my new mom friends!’. Valuing others like this first in my head helps me to write posts and articles later from my heart.” -Charity Russell MomSpelledBackwards.org, @momspelledbackwards

“Replying to all comments and interacting with similar accounts is also a must. Relevant hashtags on instastories as well as your posts help draw more viewers.” -Lisa Roddy Irishbabyfairy.com

Bonus Tip From Kicksta:

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“Never send a message to someone you don’t know asking if they want to join your team. I can’t tell you how many I get from people being like ‘want to earn $5000? Join my team’ and I have no earthly idea who they even are.” -Amber Myers Airingmylaundry.com, @airingmylaundry

“Be sure that you like and comment on other accounts. Don’t be selfish. You have to give to receive!” -Leila Brenner Lifeasleels.com, @lifeasleels

“Be yourself. Your audience is already there because they enjoy what you share. Post photos that are true to you and tell a story about your life, whatever that is (daily life, working from home, traveling, homeschooling).”-Darcel White Themahoganyway.com, @mahoganywaymama

Instagram Tips and Trick from

Travel Bloggers

These bloggers know how to inspire some serious wanderlust! Their profiles act as a virtual passport to some of the most exotic destinations.

Find out how to start your own adventure as a travel blogger with their insightful Instagram tips & tricks!

“When you’re going to a new location, try to find out what hashtags and accounts are popular. Besides that I sometimes try to connect with locals/local photographers. It’s a great way to meet new people with the same passion and besides that locals can tell you all the inside tips for photography in their city.” -Jessica Lokker Cornersoftheworld.nl, @cornersoftheworld.nl

“I love amplifying my content through paid ads and I have found a lot of success with it through testing various content and really getting to know my audience well.” -Carolin Pilligrath Breathingtravel.com, @breathingtravel

“I’ve found collaborating with like minded influencers/content creators very beneficial. Not necessarily in the “let’s make X piece of content together” kind of way, but something as simple as going to events, adding a location and hashtag, making new friends, tagging them in your stories, and them tagging you, etc. It all helps for the possibility for you to be discovered and followers by more people that might not have found you otherwise.”-Luisa-Christie Walton-Stoev Luisachristie.co.uk, @luisachristie

“What’s worked best for me in growing my brand was being personal in my Instagram captions. Telling stories, sharing what I’m doing, my thoughts, the things that go wrong etc. People actually like reading these things because it makes bloggers and influencers seem more real and relatable. These stories don’t always work as blog posts because they don’t normally have any SEO value, but they are perfect for Instagram.”-Hannah Logan Eatsleepbreathetravel.com, @hannahlogan21

Bonus Tip From Kicksta:

Writing captions can be tough, but they don’t have to be. Use our 5 hack s for crafting Instagram captions to create posts your followers actually want to read

“I’ve found that my photos do best when I have interacted and engaged on Instagram before posting. I then post my photo and afterwards I stay on Instagram for a bit longer looking at stories, scrolling, liking and replying to comments. Rather than posting a photo and leaving the app straight away.’ -Ellie Quinn Thewanderingquinn.com @thewanderingquinn

“I have definitely found engagement pods the most beneficial as you get guaranteed comments, likes and saves on each and every post. Plus you get to chat and discuss tips with other pros who often want to collab or meet with other influencers. -Charlotte Little Thepetitepassenger.com, @the.petite.passenger

“There’s one simple change that has had a massive effect on our Instagram engagement. Every time we post, we include a question or ask the viewer to tag someone. For example if we posted an epic view, we might ask ‘Who would you like to be sitting here with? Tag them below!’or on a picture from a city, we might ask ‘What’s the most beautiful city you’ve ever visited?’. We’ve gone from a few comments on each post, to 20+! Our likes and follows have also gone up over time as a result of this.” -Eric Bieller The Endless Adventure, @theendlessadventure

“Be human. Find your authentic voice – not a ‘marketing’ voice. Write captions and tell stories from that authentic place of self.” -Claire Robinson Weekendcandy.com, @weekendcandy

“For me, genuine interaction with your followers and comments to other accounts is the key to leveraging your IG brand. Try to make your posts personal which will resonate with your followers too.” -Angie Ibarra Travelmoments.net, @travel_moment

“Hop on a live very once in a while… most people get notifications when the people who they follow go live. That means it’s a great way to beat the algorithm and get in the eyes of people who don’t usually see your account’s content. Additionally, it’s a great way to connect with followers in a more personal level.”

-Andrea Valeria

Itsatravelod.com, @itsatravelod

“Never stop learning. There are so many free resources for Photoshop, Lightroom, and even basic photo taking skills that’ll help you improve your photography. The better you get, the more your account will stand out.” -Sarah Kim Fromlusttilldawn.com, @lusttilldawn

“Picking the right individual/brand to partner with – on the basis of who their audience is and where they are based – can reinforce a brand and encourage bookings.” -Vicki Garside Maketimetoseetheworld.com, @maketimetoseetheworld

“While my follower count may not be the highest, brands have always appreciated my engagement rates and this is driven by me treating Instagram as a social network rather than just a marketing platform. While it is time-consuming to reply to each comment and DM it’s so important to me to not just engage with my community, but build connections and friendships through it.” -Daniel James Danflyingsolo.com, @danflyingsolo

“When you’re taking photos or writing caption or using hashtags, think about what a stranger would think about it. Would you be interested in that picture or that story if you stumbled upon your account for the first time? If you can create something that creates an emotional response, you’ll get that like, that follow, that engagement, no question.” -Alex Shebar Eatplaypixels.com, @Alexshebar

“Stories made all the difference for me: I share personal aspects of my life and my travels, I ask questions and I invite people to engage with my photos. If you let yourself shine through your content, it works”. -Fran Opazo Lavidanomade.com, @nomad.fran

Bonus Tip From Kicksta:

Don’t forget to utilize the Instagram stories features. Here are 5 creative ways to use the question sticker on your IG stories to get even more engagement!

“Not only is the algorithm tracking the way in which others are engaging with your beautiful content, it appears platform is now observing your engagement as well. As someone growing a completely organic audience from the ground up, this realization has been a game changer” -Angela Barimah Queenadwoascloset.info, @angela.b.adwoa

“Before posting a picture always research your #hastags and see what other people are using for a similar picture and what is trending.” -Mel B Melbtravel.com, @melbtravel

“Have a plan and a style for your Instagram. I’ve recently given mine a complete makeover and have gone with a colour theme, have created presets to edit my pics with so there they all work together to create an overall look that works much more effectively than treating each photo as an individual. I’ve more than quadrupled the number of likes, comments and general engagement in the space of a few weeks.” -Lucy Ruthnum Absolutelylucy.com, @absolutelylucy

“Focus on your goals and needs, and not what everyone else is doing. People tend to compare their lives to others on Instagram and it’s terrible for mental health.” -Stephanie Be Buena.life, @StephBeTravel

“My top Instagram tip, as a travel blogger at least, is to always place yourself in the frame. When you are your brand, it’s important your audience connect with the personal journey. Showcasing a beautiful landscape has its merits, but putting yourself as the subject within a captivating image will hope grow an audience of loyal followers who want to keep regularly up to date with your content because they identify with you and your unfolding adventures.”

Steph Parker

Bigworldsmallpockets.com, @bigworldsmallpockets

“Use an Instagram scheduler like Later.com to map and schedule your posts for the month. You can then make sure to publish your content during your peak engagements times and make sure your feed colors flow nicely” -Vanessa Rivers WeAreTravelGirls.com, @WeAreTravelGirls

“In terms of making meaningful connections, it’s best to post quality photos that resonate with your actual experience once or twice a day.” -Heather McCann Extraadventure.com, @extra_adventure

“Be YOU! People follow you because they want to see and read your own take on things. Sure everyone and their mother has been to Paris, but you can post about your own version of Paris that is uniquely yours.” -DJ Yabis Dreameurotrip.com, @dreameurotrip

“BE SOCIAL. Many brands throughout social media are in the habit of posting with frequency but are forgetting what social media is really about and this is being “social”. It’s not hard to go through many different Instagram feeds to see comments from followers with no response. A response to a follower can make them feel a special connection with your brand which builds loyalty.” -Adam Doolittle Fulltimecanada.ca, @fulltimecanada

“Contrary to popular belief, I have found Instagram to be more about quality of followers than quantity. I receive many leads for my business, and even better – truly meaningful personal connections – by staying true to myself on the platform. You don’t need to have 100K followers to have an impact there.” -Anne Lowrey Parttimetraveler.com, @anne_elizabeth

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“Make sure your grid (the last 9 photos on your Instagram account) are cohesive and match your overall brand.” -Connie Peters Modernmama.com, @modernmama

“When using Instagram, I’ve noticed the more open I am with my followers about travel, the better my posts do. I’m the editor of Curiosity Magazine, making me an “expert” on travel, but it’s not always beautiful hotels and picture-perfect trips. There are travel mishaps too! And sharing those, or being honest about travel experiences rather than making it seem like I’m living in the pages of a magazine, helps me gain trust with my followers. I don’t have a massive following, but it’s a loyal and engaged one, and I love that!” -Rebecca Holland Curiositymag.com, @rebeccaleeholland

“Be alert and reachable by swiftly responding to comments with well thought-out replies. It’s a win-win: your followers feel heard and are more likely to engage again, plus Instagram’s algorithm recognizes this conversation as favorable activity, increasing your chances of appearing higher in the feed.” -Amanda Weisman Amandaweisman.com, @a.h.w

“Don’t do what everyone else is doing on Instagram. I attribute my success to not being in my photos and not taking all the same photos in all the same places that everyone else takes. Brands often like to see someone taking a different approach – so don’t be afraid to be that person.” -Nicole Sunderland Eatlivetraveldrink.com, @eatlivetraveldrink

“Instagram isn’t just about the pretty photos; it’s also about the captions. As a writer, I pay just as much attention to the text as I do the photo editing. I make it a point to add captions of substance, as to engage followers. Plus, it keeps followers on your photo longer, which supposedly impacts the algorithm.” -Leah Walker Leahtravels.com, @leahtravels

“If you have over 10k followers then you can use the swipe up feature and include a clickable link to drive traffic to your website or blog. If you have less than 10k followers then you can tag yourself and send people to your Instagram profile.” -Julia Rees Sylewithjulia.com,  @thevelvetrunway

“By strategically sharing your life, travel, projects you’re working, etc. your audience will really start to resonate with you. Then, when it comes to making sales – your audience is already invested!” Rachel Hill RachelTravels.com, @racheltravels

“When connecting with influencers and bloggers on social media, always check to see how many contacts you have in common and who they are. Great way to open up a conversation and get them to respond to you to see where there are possible links in your businesses for cross-referrals.” -Janette Burke Janetteburke.com, @janetteburke

“There are two tips I give to anyone looking to grow their audience organically and that is consistently post and use relevant hashtags. Consistently means a couple of things first off is how often you are posting. If you take weeks off at a time to post it is less likely people will follow you. But consistency also means have a specific look and feel to the images posted.

And finally, don’t put random hashtags. Think strategically about the hashtags you use. Hashtags are what draw people to your images so make sure they match what the image is.” -Sheila Dee Shevo.wtf, @shevo_studios

“Algorithmically, your post needs a boost within the first 30-60 minutes from posting time. Engaging with your followers and followers of similar accounts before post time will expand your reach tenfold.” -Adriana Yedidsion Adriyedi7.com, @liveloladventure

“Use the insights on Instagram to your advantage – post at the times it says your followers are online, see what content does the best and make more of it!” -Tessa Salt Tessaholly.com, @tessaholly

“The most important method of growing your following and engagement is to stick to posting quality content that fits into a certain theme, and adhere to that theme with only minor deviations. That builds considerable momentum, if done right.” -Ian D’costa @dangyrzone

Always add a location and tag necessary accounts in pictures, like tourism boards. -Verushka Ramasami Spicegoddess.co.za, @verushka143

“The top three things I keep in mind while managing mine and my clients’ Instagram channels are this: cohesiveness in your feed, personalized stories and genuine engagement. You can’t miss any of these points and expect growth.” -Heather Ditmar SheGoesGlobal.net

“It’s always great to use a hashtag that can be used across your various mediums. Something unique and catchy that can be used in different settings is all the rage.” Dany Kelly litchfieldnationalparks.com.au, @litchfieldnationalpark

“Use as many hashtags as you can. Loophole: As soon as you post a photo, add a comment with up to 30 tags, and THEN add a caption with more.” -Paula Broussard Paulaspassport.com, @paulaspassport

“When a company engages with their audience beyond posts and targeted ads, they are showing their human side to the digital world, thus inviting creators to join and want to participate in user generated content. That’s how to build an honest gallery of product content for Instagram – you invite your audience to create it, by being their friend.” -Taylor Belanger Movewithtaylor.com, @taylorbelanger

“Instagram is first and foremost a community-based platform, so I’ve found it helpful to always keep that in mind when utilizing Instagram to grow my brand. By staying genuine and true to yourself, even while doing sponsored posts or ads, you show your audience that you are a real human and are not looking to just “sell out”. It’s been important for me to build a strong, close-knit community of like-minded individuals on Instagram not just for support, but for emotional well-being as well.” -Melissa Teng @witandfolly

“When we were first trying to grow our account for Dang Travelers, we struggled with trying to be like other Instagrammers versus being ourselves. But we quickly realized being real is what people connect with; your real moments, your real thoughts, and your real adventures.” -Angela Essington Dangtravelers.com, @dangtravelers

“Make use of the stickers for Instagram Stories. Hashtags and Location stickers can help you be seen by new audiences. Polls and Questions will help you connect with them.”

-PJ Ortiz Luis

PacificYO.com, @pacificyo

“Think about what makes you unique and different from every other Instagram account out there. Then do it. No one ever finds success by copying everyone else.” -Ashlyn George Thelostgirlsguide.com, @thelostgirlsguide

“Don’t use comment pods, they are for fakes, phoneys, and any genuine influencer should not be using them. The aim of blogging is to build a genuine community who like your content, not a fake one.” -Martin Handthatbites.com

“Be authentic and vulnerable. There are millions of accounts out there with the same types of pictures and empty captions. But you are the only person that can be uniquely YOU. Embrace that and people will notice.” -Katie Diederichs Twowanderingsoles.com, @twowanderingsoles

“Through Instagram, I’ve grown a robust following of techies from a variety of different multicultural backgrounds. Through hashtags like #BlkCreatives or #DigitalNomad or #DopeArtSquad, I’ve met people who are working on amazing products, apps, and events and I’m excited to share these finds on my blog.” -Sasha Horne SashaTalksTech.com, @SashaReports

“Engage with feeds that you want to emulate. Look for accounts with similar photography and highly active, engaged community. These are exactly the type of followers you want on your account.” -Jenn Coleman Colemanconcierge.com, @coleman_concierge

“Don’t over-edit and show them a world that doesn’t exist.” -Omniya Shafik Ototheworld.com, @omniyafareed

Bonus Tip From Kicksta:

Over-editing your photos can drastically decrease the quality of your feed. Find out how this photographer edits her photos to make her Instagram looking picture perfect!

“Don’t follow the crowd with what everyone else is posting. Be original, have a unique voice, create content that is an expression of yourself. Instagram doesn’t need 1000 more replicates of itself. Your uniqueness is your power.” -Phoebe Greenacre Woodandluxe.com, @phoebegreenacre

“Posting about my field (lifestyle) helps me give a chance to see the kind of content I can offer as a writer.” -Manavi Siddhanti Beforbeauty.com, @pragatisiddhanti

“Join and participate in Facebook groups with like-minded travelers and content creators! This connects you to so many other great accounts that you can be inspired by and learn from. These communities are also very helpful in giving feedback and bouncing off ideas.”

-Sheena Cheong

Etsyexplores.com, @etsyexplores

“I think it’s important to remember that your Instagram is your brand story and message to your audience. The who, why, what and where are equally as important in your Instagram gallery as they are with your written words.” -Skye Gilkeson Thefittraveller.com, @thefittraveller

“While Instagram is beautifully aesthetic, I think the caption/story that accompanies the photo has now become an integral part. Honesty is essential.” -Siobhan Wyatt Dreaminginsequins.com, @dreaminginsequins

“Want more eyes on your Instagram? You have to give to get is my motto. I spend a good quantity of time liking other people’s posts and hope that these followers will reciprocate, after all, this is why we follow each other.” -Mitch Chaitin Gaynycdad.com, @gaynycdad

“Make virtual friends by commenting and engaging with their posts. Those who respond back in the same manner will most likely stick around and continue to support/engage with you.” -Madelain Where My Heart Wanders

“People loves a good story, but its has to be a true story. So be consistent with your content and try do something different from your competitors.” -Dea Mendes @jamonthepig

“We believe in organic engagement, so we take the time to hand-curate accounts to follow who have similar missions and ethos and take the time to genuinely engage with their content. We write thoughtful, meaningful comments, and share posts through our stories that particularly resonate with us.” -Ashley Halligan Pilgrimmag.com, @pilgrimmagazine / @contemporarypilgrim

“Have a clear aesthetic and consistent content- so that people know what to expect from your page and why they should follow you. Try not to intersperse this with too many pictures that don’t fall into the category which your followers are interested in.” -Lisa Martin Lisamartin.co.uk, @lisamartindrums / @saltstudiosuk

I have saved text shortcuts for my hashtags. I group similar hashtags together. For example, my shortcut #hike turns into #hikingculture#womenwhohike#hikers_of_instagram#hikingadventures#hikerchicks#hikinglife#hikingaddict#hikingtheglobe#trekkingIt makes the hashtag process quicker!

To do this on an iPhone, go to settings > general > keyboard > text replacement.

-Caterina Natale

Sandcloud.com, @thewildwildzest

“Be authentic. Share what you love and everything else will follow. -Alexandra @thehappyeveralex

“Introduce your audience not only to your own products but other relevant information and recommend fellow entrepreneurs and their products too.Mix some humor and personal stories to break up the business posts.” -Hoàng Trương ChiBeingChi.com, @hoangchitruong.author

Instagram Tips From

Health & Beauty Bloggers

Last, but certainly not least, our health and beauty bloggers tips for Instagram are great for anyone looking to get into the wellness space. From yogis to make up artists, these users inspire their followers to feel beautiful both inside and out.

“Stay consistent with posting to your feed and stories. Your followers know what to expect from you, are constantly reminded of your presence, and get to know you more. Plus, brands look for consistency when seeking influencers. The more consistent you are the more work opportunities you will have.” -Jannine Mackinnon Happystylishfit.com, @happystylishfit

“Be positive. Everyone has struggles in their own life, people want to follow other people who share positive and inspiring messages.”-Erin Sweatchic.com, @sweat.chic

“People engage with people more than they do with a brand. I’ve noticed double the likes and engagement on Instagram posts that include a picture of me and I receive more comments through IG stories than I do through my static posts. Make more use of IG stories to show more of YOU; teach something, share a tidbit of your life/adventures, show behind the scenes of your business.”– Yentl Lega Younfolded.com, @younfolded

“Make sure to only join comment pods if you’re willing to invest your time. Comments can sometimes come across as fake especially when the same group of people are engaging with all your post. To avoid this, build genuine relationships with everyone in your group and that will help produce more genuine engagement.” -Shanae Wildgoose Prettyincoils.com, @prettyincoils

“Make sure every post communicates what you do. When your posts are too diverse, it dilutes your message and your audience gets confused. All posts have to emphasize the value you bring to your audience.” -Emma Hogg Alifeichoose.com, @emma_alifeichoose

“Being consistently unique within your content is better than being perfect.”-Meiliyana Uniqueblogofmei.com, @meiliyana_11

“Do not make the mistake of hashtagging a competitor! While you get double exposure, the brand isn’t going to be remembering you much other than.. SHE TAGGED OUR COMPETITOR (SNARLS).” -Tammy Lim Plusizekitten.com, @hellotammylim

“One of the most important elements is be consistent with the overall look of your feed. If you use a filter then use that same filter with each image. Be consistent with your editing.”

-Penny Sadler


“Instagram is my favorite social media platform as it’s where I’ve connected with other bloggers. The best way to start those connections is to engage! Like AND comment on their posts – meaningful comments that show you’ve read their caption entirely. You can also search a hashtag for bloggers in your area to schedule meet-ups and other fun collaborations.”-Kim R. Alwaysanewdayblog.com, @alwaysanewday

“Be authentic with what you put out there and think about the intention behind every post. Your authenticity is what makes you 100% different from everyone else”.-Tabitha Fernan Herawakening.com @herawakening

“Know your target market. It’s so important that your message/image/services are actually reaching your potential client base. I spent month trying to keep up with the Jones’s and was putting content out there to compete with the 20 Something market. In reality that isn’t my client for the most part and what I was posting wasn’t appealing/relatable to my potential clients, it didn’t work for me either. Find your target market, even track the average age group of the existing clientele and create content that they are interested in and excited to see the next thing posted.”Erica LevishLavishestheticsandlashes.com@lavishestheticsandlashes

“Figure out your vibe, so you can collect your tribe of followers! It’s important to hone in on what you want your page to say about you & or your brand when followers land on it. Make sure that your followers know what they’ll be getting when clicking through your profile. It should look cohesive, have consistency and most importantly represent your brand”. – Kelli Christinehairbykellichristine.com@hairbykellichristine

“Make sure you understand the content your audience wants and deliver that to them as much as possible.” -Michelle Labmuffin.com, @labmuffinbeautyscience

“Share a tangible interest with your following. This gets your brand in their minds even when they aren’t on IG. For example, I’ve mentioned repeatedly how much I love roses and now I get messages all the time from people telling me they think of me when they see roses.” Nadia Ameri Theflowerapothecary.com, @theflowerapothecary

“As an influencer, I’ve found that consistency with posting on IG will bring a customer overflow. It will take time but that hard work will pay off. One of my favorite tools are Hootsuite; it’s a life saver for your business.

Utilizing the free portion of this tool in my 1st week I had over a 30% increase in engagement and a profit of $500 bucks, a good paycheck for a beauty salon in 1 week using FREE ADVERTISEMENT outside of my regular clientele that is not on IG.”

-Danyelle Breweer


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