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Published: Jul 3, 2024

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Due to the importance of technology in the 21st century, digital marketing has become vital for any business. Today this is the only way to reach out to the right audience and increase visibility. Out of all social media platforms, Instagram is the most important and popular among all kinds of people.

Therefore, this essay will be a guide to proper Instagram marketing and promotion. We will show you simple tips on how to craft content that will be appealing, well-organized, and will attract a lot of customers. if you have a newly established movie theatre don’t miss out on this essay as it can completely change your sales rate and income. 

Why do movie theatres need an Instagram presence?

Firstly, we have to discuss why movie theatres need an Instagram presence. Having an Instagram account isn’t just about posting pretty pictures; it is a powerful marketing tool that can become a reason for the success of any business. Having Instagram is essential for many reasons:

  1. Huge audience

Let’s start with a huge user base. Instagram has over a billion monthly users worldwide, and it offers you access to a vast audience. In the first stages of creating your movie theatre, it’s significant to reach out to the customers and target audience. Billions of people scroll through Instagram daily and search for inspiration there, usually where to have fun. This allows you to promote your movie theatre and make them want to visit you.

  1. Visual nature:

Instagram is mainly concentrated on visuals. People share stunning photos, videos, and stories here. This gives you the opportunity to showcase your movie posters, trailers, and teasers and enchant people with a feeling of curiosity and interest. You can share stunning scenes from the movies, lovely photos of your theatre, and the excited faces of your customers. This is the main “trick” to allure your followers on Instagram.

  1. Collaboration with influencers

Another great benefit of Instagram is that you can team up with Instagram influencers. Influencer marketing is quite a popular thing nowadays. Influencers already have authority and recognition which is very important for your new business. Their influence on people allows you to use this partnership as a marketing tool. Just a simple promotion of influencers’ stories is enough to increase your follower count since they attract thousands and millions of people.

How to start an Instagram account for a movie theatre?

Create an Instagram account for your movie theatre:

Firstly, you must download the Instagram app and sign up with a business email or a dedicated email for social media. Choosing a username is also very important, as it should reflect your theatre’s name or niche.

Optimize your profile: 

The next and quite important step is to complete your profile with a recognizable profile picture, like your theatre’s logo, a laconic and appealing bio that describes your business’s focus or motto, and a link to your website.

Plan your content strategically:

Content planning is one of the most important steps, as strategic content can easily attract potential followers. You must plan the content you’ll post in advance. Focus on creating eye-catching, vivid posts, stunning pictures, and interesting stories. You should choose one theme or style for your account and follow it. 

Master Instagram features:

One more significant step is to master Instagram features. Use every feature Instagram offers, like stories, reels, live videos, polls, etc. This creates diverse, interesting content and helps you communicate with your customers frequently.

Use Instagram automatons:

Lastly, you can use Instagram automatons to help you run your account. Automatons are bots that allow you to relax, while they take care of mundane tasks, like responding to usual customers’ questions in DMs or comments, and automating likes while allowing a social manager to do more important work. 

Instagram automatons can save people’s time and energy and, most importantly, increase the number of followers faster. Automaton tools can help you to learn more about your target audiences’ preferences, which is crucial for having effective results from an Instagram account. You can buy Instagram automation tools on Flock Social, which is a platform that can help you get more followers by automatically attracting real Instagram accounts based on your target audience.

What kind of Instagram should a movie theatre have?

Here are some tips on how to organize your feed and what kind of Instagram account you should have:

  1. Hashtags and captions:

Hashtags are a very important feature of Instagram. Using proper and relevant hashtags smartly can increase your visibility and exposure. Hashtags make it easier to discover something you are interested in, so it is a great thing for both people and businesses. It allows you and your movie theatre to reach out to as many potential customers as possible.

Post captions are also significant. You should use short, but creative captions. They should be interesting, catchy, and not boring. 

  1. Optimize Instagram shopping features:

Traditional purchasing methods have been transformed into Instagram shopping. Therefore, you should optimize Instagram shopping features. Instagram gives you the opportunity to create shoppable posts and links. You should add those links to every post or story. This makes buying tickets much simpler, which is quite important as it saves people’s time and energy. 

  1. Use Instagram reels:

Using Instagram reels would be great for a movie theatre business. Reels are quite popular these days. Tons of Instagram users scroll reels for hours and have fun. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you posted reels of movie trailers, sneak peeks at some movie scenes, or just funny videos of your stuff. 

How to gain more followers on Instagram as a movie theatre?

1. Connect with your audience:

  • Engage with your followers:

Replying to customers in a friendly and polite manner is the number one rule of social media marketing.  Communication between you and your customers should be maximally genuine if you want to build a loyal community and have effective Instagram marketing. Answer quickly and nicely to comments, and DMs, and try to be positive.

  • Glimpse to behind-the-scenes: 

Share behind-the-scenes videos as reels or stories. People are always interested in what’s happening inside, so give them access. Post interviews with actors, interaction with fans, and your preparations for a new movie. You can also make videos featuring your stuff, for example, which one is their favorite movie, and so on. This kind of content makes people feel like they’re part of this and gets you closer to them. 

  • Use polls and quizzes:

You should use Instagram’s interactive features like polls, quizzes, and Q&A questions. By creating polls on Instagram stories. You can collect people’s opinions about anything, like preferred movies, actors, which movie they’d like you to add, and so on. In addition to that, you can organize interactive challenges that will be related to movies. This kind of communication and interactive content is the main guarantee of gaining more followers. 

  • Organize giveaways and contests:

Another way to communicate with your audience is to run contests and giveaways that will be related to your theatre tickets. One of the necessary requirements to participate in a contest should be for people to follow your Instagram account. In addition to gaining followers, contests and giveaways will bring you the sympathy of your customers. 

2. Collaborate with influencers:

Today one of the most popular ways of digital marketing is teaming up with influencers. Instagram influencers hold a lot of power and have an influence on people, so collaborating with them is quite a popular marketing tool for new businesses to gain more followers and reputation. It is very important to have a recognizable and popular face promote your movie theatre, since they have their own audience, that trusts and follows them. 

3. Use Instagram automation to gain niche followers quickly:

You should try using Instagram automation tools to gain more followers. Flock Social is a platform that helps your account grow by interacting with real Instagram users who match your target audience. After a brief initial phase, they’ll begin following and later unfollowing these targeted accounts, stimulating them to engage with your content. This approach will remarkably boost your visibility, interactions like comments, likes and your follower count.

Movie theatres with the most successful Instagram pages:

  • Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – @alamodrafthouse
  • AMC Theatres – @amctheatres
  • Regal Cinemas – @regalmovies
  • Cinemark Theatres – @cinemark
  • ArcLight Cinemas – @arclightcinemas

Is it mandatory for a movie theater to have Instagram?

I think it doesn’t matter which business we are talking about when we live in the age of technology. For movie theatres, like any other business, having an Instagram page is mandatory. Since marketing has largely moved to the digital world, movie theatres should also search for customers on social media, especially on Instagram. 

How soon can you establish a strong Instagram presence for travel agencies?

Generally strong Instagram presence needs months and even years to build loyal connections between the agency and its followers. However, if you want to strengthen your Instagram account and gather a large audience in a maximally short period (1-2 months) you must contact Flock Social and get their help to gain more followers with the use of Instagram automatons.


In conclusion, Instagram is the best platform for movie theatres and promoting them. Its visual nature and opportunity to share mesmerizing scenes from movies or your behind-the-scenes means a lot to your business’s success. If you follow all our tips about using stories, reels, hashtags, polls, and interactive content in general, you will definitely benefit from it. These are the main principles of gaining followers, building a loyal community, and of course, increasing income. 

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