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Instagram Follower Growth: The Numbers Behind Influencer Marketing

Instagram Follower Growth: The Numbers Behind Influencer Marketing

From energy drinks to high fashion, brands of all types are utilizing social media influencers to boost their user engagement. By opting to work with an Instagram follower growth service, companies are seeing immediate results by simply reaching a larger audience.

We’ve finally learned enough about this phenomenon to tell you how these influencer-marketing campaigns are being priced, and the numbers that factor into what you’re paying for.

Influencer’s Following Means Greater Instagram Follower Growth

The biggest factor that ultimately decides how much an influencer can charge per sponsored post is their amount of followers. This is their initial appeal to brands and a rough number of how many users will engage with their post and your product, and how much Instagram follower growth you will have.

Instagram Follower Growth: The Numbers Behind Influencer Marketing

A common rule of thumb for influencer agencies to gage rates is $1,000 per 100,000 followers. Do note that this is very fundamental and brands are willing to pay significantly more or less depending on the product or level of engagement the profile sees.

According to a recent study by Influence.co, influencers typically charge anywhere from $82.60 to $763.30 for posts. For reference, users with less than 1,000 followers see the shorter end of the stick while high profile users with 100,000 followers or more can actually make a living off of Instagram.

Celebrities are also taking advantage of this influencer opportunity. As opposed to companies going through an Instagram growth service to find influencers, brands are known to pay celebs thousands for a single post.

According to Marketing Week, Kendall Jenner was one of the top celebrity social endorsers in 2016. She’s known to rake in a quick $400,000 for a single post in exchange for access to her 82 million followers. Doesn’t sounds like a bad marketing strategy if you have the overhead.

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Different brands attract different audiences, and some followings just happen to be larger and more diverse than others.

The same study by Influence.co examined the top ten most popular niches on Instagram and the influencers who promote within each realm. On average, modeling and fitness influencers obtain 141,563 followers, making their field the most popular. That said, a sponsored post earns them $434 on average.

Instagram Follower Growth: The Numbers Behind Influencer Marketing

Other significant categories studied were fashion, photography, food, design, music and pets. Landing unfortunately at the bottom of the list was music. On average, prominent music-based accounts receive 26,403 followers and $201 per sponsored post.

What this means for brands is that they need to thoroughly research each influencer before opting to pay them for promoting your product. Anybody with millions of followers can post a photo with a product, but if it doesn’t reflect their personal brand or the taste of their followers, it will be a highly ineffective expense on your end.

Instagram users develop such a strong emotional relationship with their favorite celebs or social media influencers. Unknowingly, we take more inspiration from prominent Internet personalities than most advertising campaigns, due to the timely behind-the-scenes feeling they gives us.

Thusly, now more than ever, brands of all nature ought to start paying close attention to Instagram trends and personalities to find the appropriate outlets for their products.


Opting for a male or female influencer to represent your company is completely dependent on your brand. However, the numbers behind the two might come as a surprise.

The social assumption behind phrases like “social media influencer” or “Instagram model” is primarily feminine. That said, female influencers typically charge less per sponsored post than men. This could very well be due to fluctuating demand in this growing field.

Instagram Follower Growth: The Numbers Behind Influencer Marketing

According to Influence.co, the average female influencer charges $218 per post whereas male influencers charge $358 on average.

Don’t let these numbers scare or discourage your from capitalizing on this fruitful age of digital marketing, as you now have a reference for how much you should be paying for genuine exposure and Instagram follower growth.

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