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How Your Brand Can Capitalize On Instagram Story’s ‘Poll’ Option

How Your Brand Can Capitalize On Instagram Story’s ‘Poll’ Option

Instagram continues to get more interactive with every update, and many of these new features can be utilized for marketing purposes and organic Instagram growth. The Instagram Story ‘poll’ option is the latest tool for keeping your followers engaged.

Assuming your followers have the latest version of the app, anyone who views your story can participate in these fun and interactive polls.

What merely seems like a fun way to ask your followers what you should make for dinner or which TV series to binge, is actually a fantastic tool for brands to get quick and honest feedback from their consumers.

Below are several ways to incorporate the Instagram poll into your everyday digital marketing routine.

Comparison Polls

Perhaps the most popular method for utilizing the poll is a comparison of two items. Also known as the “this or that” questions, brands are able to easily assess creative decisions based on their followers’ opinions.

How Your Brand Can Capitalize On Instagram Story’s ‘Poll’ Option

For example, if you’re an apparel company torn between two color schemes for your latest collection, post a quick poll on your story. Here you will have the option to remain exclusive about the product by only showing colors, or post pictures of the actual item, giving your followers an authentic feel for your development process.

This type of interaction is applicable to any type of company; it is simply up to you to make it relevant to your brand. Giving your consumers the opportunity to engage creatively will redefine their loyalty to your company, especially once they see the product hit the market.

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Hold a Contest

Instagram contests aren’t necessarily a new concept, but holding them through polls really should be the next marketing craze.

One creative way to hold a contest through an Instagram poll is to have your followers direct message or tag you in one of their own posts for a photo contest. By reposting their content in your story, you’ll be able to track real time results over the next 24 hours, and have no problem deciding the winner.

Take this idea and add your own creative twist for some fun, non-intimidating engagement with your followers. You’re also likely to get dozens on direct messages in the process, so use this opportunity to interact on a more personal level to promote organic Instagram growth.

How Can We Help

If your brand doubles as an informational outlet, polls are your new best friend. Many companies like to write lengthy, educational captions, or post informative videos on their account. If this reflects your brand’s Instagram presence, then use the polls to give your followers what they want.

Start by posting an initial poll with two topics. Allow your followers to pick which topic they’d like to learn about. Follow up with an informative post on your page, or giving a step-by-step lesson right there in your story. If you can’t decide how to post the information, ask your followers with another poll!

What to Post

Whether you’ve run out of ideas or you simply cannot decide which video from the archives to post, go straight to the most important source for guidance. Your followers love feeling involved in the creative process with their favorite brands, even if it’s something simple and mindless.

How Your Brand Can Capitalize On Instagram Story’s ‘Poll’ Option

An example of this technique, consider posting a series of photos or videos, all with a similar theme that represents your brand. Assuming your followers will engage positively, ask what they’d like to see next by using a poll in your story. This will ensure that they’ll stay tuned for your next posts.

This concept can also be used to gage whether or not to release a product.

Seeing as the Instagram story poll is still so new, we’ve only scratched the surface of marketing potential. Be sure to consider these tips to keep your content fresh and followers interested as you continue your digital marketing voyage.

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