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Get More Followers on Instagram: Calling all Influencers

Get More Followers on Instagram: Calling all Influencers

In this day and age, everybody wants to be ‘Internet famous.’ Whether it’s for personal or business purposes, we all get a sense of validation from having fans online that genuinely appreciate what we post. So much so, that this notion of mere Internet fame has become a profession in its own, and nobody can really argue with why we strive to get more followers on Instagram.

Influencers are a new type of marketing tool being utilized by all types of businesses. While we typically associate influencers with the fashion industry, we are starting to see tech companies as well as the food and beverage industry take advantage of this phenomenon for the sake of strategic digital marketing.

Successful brands have utilized celebrity influencers for decades to help market their products. It’s only since the rising of social media marketing that we’ve seen a rapid increase of non-celebrity figures gain followings for simply being good at social media – it’s also not as simple as you’d think.

Longing for more followers on your personal account where you post pictures of your pets and family is a bit selfish at its core, yet we’re all guilty of it. From an influencer’s perspective, however, it’s an absolute necessity in order to get work in your field.

It’s crucial to define your personal brand as an influencer before you can really understand how to grow your Instagram audience. Unlike personal, “for fun” accounts, below are six reasons why a large following matters for Instagram influencers specifically.

1) Greater Social Reach to Get More Followers on Instagram

Think about your personal brand from a potential client’s standpoint: how are you valuable to their company? What industries do you identify with and do your followers agree? If your page consists of outdoorsy posts (hiking, rock climbing, surfing etc.) then you should be attracting relevant, outdoorsy brands.

Perhaps the most important and obvious reason why it’s important to have a sizable following as an influencer is your social reach. The more eyes that see your posts, the more likely a brand is to take you on as an influencer.

2) Social Validation

You might have the most incredible page with breathtaking photos and videos, but from a brand’s perspective you seem questionable in authenticity due to your lack of followers.

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This is a tough pill to swallow, but nobody said the influencer game was easy.

Having a large following validates your quality to a brand and gives them a reason to reach out. Get more followers on Instagram to ensure that you stand out amongst the rest.

3) Increase Your Rates

Followers mean dollar signs to influencers. As you continue to grow, keep tabs on other influencers in your field and use them as leverage to up your rates. Your argument is undeniably legitimate regardless of your non-celebrity status. Nobody can deny your value if your social reach is upwards of 40,000 followers.

4) New Clients

A fruitful influencer career means always taking on new clients.

example of how to get more followers on Instagram

As business accounts and personal users start reposting your content and consistently tagging you, your following will grow and work will start to fall in your lap. However, always remember to stay true to your brand and take on clients whom you relate to.

5) Social Media Fame to ‘Real’ Fame

It’s not uncommon for Internet sensations to become household names in the so-called ‘real world.’ We’ve seen actors, models and business owners spark successful careers from their social media roots.

If your goal is to go beyond your current influencer profession, keep refining your brand and working with likeminded clients who are as driven as you are.

6) A Platform for Your Voice

Having a significant social media following is a big responsibility, and a great opportunity to voice your opinion on social, political or environmental issues.

Be sure that your messages reflect the opinions of your clients to avoid controversy, unless that is your goal. It’s rare for influencers to voice their opinions on such matters, but followers have taken a liking to it as you prove to be more than a pretty face or an adventurous mountaineer.

For influencers uncertain of how to grow your Instagram audience, consider these tips for sure ways to get more followers on Instagram.

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