Celebrity Giveaways: A Powerful Way To Gain More Followers On Instagram

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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2021

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Celebrity giveaways are certainly an effective way to boost your presence on Instagram since they draw increased traffic to your page, which eventually leads to an increase in followers. 

But getting a partnership with a celebrity is much easier said than done, right? Well, not exactly…with the new Kicksta Boost, you can use celebrity influence to up your Insta game pretty easily. This new feature from Kicksta, powered by TSMA, will make celeb connections attainable for you, so you can watch your follower count soar in no time.

If you’ve been looking for a way to start the process of partnering with celebrities on social media, or if you’d like to use Instagram giveaways to gain followers, we have some important info coming your way!

What Are Celebrity Giveaways?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s cover the basics. First things first: what is a celebrity giveaway?

celebrity giveaways

What Are Celebrity Giveaways?

Celebrity giveaways typically involve a big-name celebrity, such as a famous influencer or entertainer, and a brand that the celebrity has partnered with. In this collaboration, the celebrity will give away a product or service from the brand to a lucky fan or follower on social media. 

Typically, when celebrities announce giveaways, they lay out some ground rules of the competition. For example, entrants are usually required to follow both the celebrity and the brand. Then, they will be asked to complete another action, such as reposting a photo about the giveaway on their Instagram Stories.

After the deadline for entering the giveaway has passed, the celebrity will choose a winner. This is typically done randomly since celebrity giveaways usually have a high volume of entrants. The winner will then be announced, and that person will receive the designated prize from the giveaway. 

Why Do Brands Do Celebrity Giveaways?

First and foremost, brands are drawn to celebrity giveaways because of all of the advertising that comes along with them. Having a big-time star tell all of their followers how great your brand is…well, that obviously is appealing.

In addition to having a high volume of people hear about your brand, you will also gain credibility among the general public and potential followers and customers. People tend to trust celebrities, so if their favorite influencer or entertainer is touting your brand, you’ll start to see an uptick in the people who are attracted to your social media accounts.

Social media is at the center of everyone’s attention these days, so having a well-loved Instagram user promote your Instagram account is highly valuable. Once you enter the world of celebrity giveaways, you’ll begin to experience an increase in Instagram followers.

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How Much Does It Typically Cost To Do Celebrity Giveaways?

There’s really no set price or standard when it comes to celebrity giveaways on Instagram. There are a lot of factors that ultimately influence the price you’ll end up paying…but things can add up quickly.

One major factor in how much you pay is who you actually work with. Celebrities ask for widely varying prices, depending on how high of a demand there is for collaborations with them. 

Some of the biggest names on social media, for example, will ask for $1 million per post when you design a social media campaign with them. Others will ask for five digits in total for the whole campaign. It really depends on who you work with – how many followers do they have? How long have they been around? How big is their influence on Instagram?

Another factor to take into consideration is how you get in touch with the celebrity. More often than not, you’ll need to go through an agency in order to work with a major celebrity (but, a smaller celebrity may be more reachable outside of an agency).

This will impact the cost of your celebrity giveaway, as well, since agencies often set their own prices and take fees for themselves out of what you pay, prior to paying the celebrity. 

Bottom line: celebrity giveaways are expensive. Using an Instagram giveaway to gain followers  is certainly an effective form of marketing, but it does come at a significant price, so it’s important to fully think through your decision before making this investment. 

How To Grow Your Instagram Followers Using Celebrity Giveaways

Now you’re probably thinking that using Instagram giveaways to gain followers through celebrity giveaways sounds pretty good, right? So, let’s take a look at how you can do exactly that. 

Question number one: how does the process work for hosting celebrity giveaways?

How It Typically Works

As we mentioned above, your best bet when it comes to connecting with a celebrity for a giveaway is typically to go through an agency. 

Agencies represent a myriad of high-profile influencers and entertainers. So, to connect with one of their clients, you’ll need to reach out to the agency and talk about pricing, contracts, campaign plans…all the business stuff.

The agency will then connect you with a celebrity, and you’ll proceed from there. 

Another way to get in touch with celebrities for celebrity giveaways is by reaching out to them directly. Although, you’ll want to save this method for smaller-scale celebs such as micro-influencers or more low-profile entertainers. These connections, while on the smaller side, can definitely be very beneficial to you, so don’t underestimate them! 

If you’d like to opt for a giveaway partnership with a smaller-scale celebrity, you can start by reaching out to them via direct message on Instagram. This is the best way to reach many micro-influencers. After you begin communicating with them, you can eventually move your conversation to another platform, such as email.

The process for partnering with one of these smaller-scale celebrities is pretty much the same as the process of partnering with one of the bigger names; you just won’t be going through an agency. So, you’ll work with the celebrity to establish the general outline for your giveaway campaign and then fill in the details. 

How It Works Using Kicksta Boost

Kicksta Boost is a partnership between two of the top Instagram growth tools available – Kicksta and TSMA. The Kicksta Boost feature allows you to benefit from the growth services offered by both Kicksta and TSMA, which guarantees you a minimum of 850+ new followers every month. 

girl promoting Kicksta Boost celebrity giveaway

Through Kicksta Boost, you will utilize the celebrity giveaway growth method that was created by TSMA. In the end, you’ll benefit from a tried and true system for using an Instagram giveaway to gain followers. Here’s how it works: 

First, your brand will be partnered with a celebrity Instagram user who has at least 500k followers or is in the top one percent of Instagram users. Then, this celebrity will host a giveaway, just like the ones we talked about earlier. Here’s where you come in – one of the requirements for joining the giveaway will be to follow your brand on Instagram. 

Since the celebrities that host these giveaways must have a high engagement rate, it’s ensured that their followers will be active in joining the giveaway. This means that you’re guaranteed to see an uptick in followers as Instagram users follow your account in order to join the contest. In other words, your guaranteed success in using an Instagram giveaway to gain followers.

In addition to the people who are required to follow you, you’ll probably see an increase in traffic on your page that consists of curious Insta users who aren’t entering the giveaway but saw their favorite celebrity post about your account. Like we mentioned before, celebrities have the power to give credibility to businesses, so having a celeb boost your brand on Instagram is invaluable for your popularity levels.

All of this will lead to an increase in your follower count, which will cause your Instagram to grow in general. Overtime, this helps you to develop a significant presence on the app. In other words, the Kicksta Boost will help you to achieve both long- and short-term growth. 

If you’re not already convinced to try Kicksta Boost, let’s talk numbers. Instagram user @therealtjwright reported gaining 7,000 Instagram followers by using TSMA’s growth service. And, you can check out TSMA’s home page to hear more positive reviews!

Can You Successfully Do A Celebrity Giveaway On Your Own?

All this talk of celebrity giveaways and success stories might have you feeling inspired to take charge and run your owncelebrity giveaway independently. So, is that even possible?

Sure, anything is possible. And, if you know exactly who to reach out to, how to get in constant with them, how to design a celebrity giveaway, and then how to successfully run that celebrity giveaway…you’ll be in business.

However, there are a lot of question marks in there. Like we mentioned above, TSMA makes sure that all of the celebrities they work with have a specific minimum number of followers and a specific minimum engagement rate. This means that, by working through TSMA, your message will reach a guaranteed minimum audience size. 

If you decide to go off on your own, you may end up getting in touch with a celebrity whoise partnership won’t be beneficial to you in the end. And, it’ll be hard to contact many celebrities on your own, without going through an agency. 

So, while nothing is impossible, hosting a celebrity giveaway on your own may not be the smartest idea. These giveaways require an investment of both time and money, so you want to make sure that they will help you to achieve success. And, the Kicksta Boost guarantees you at least 850 new followers a month. In other words, the Kicksta Boost is probably the smartest way to go if you’d like to use a Instagram giveaway to gain followers. 

How To Get Started With Kicksta Boost

Now that we’ve covered the basics of using an Instagram giveaway to gain followers, you should feel ready to get going with you very own celebrity giveaways, right?

A Brief Reminder Of Why You Should Try The Boost

Celebrity giveaways are a terrific methods of gaining followers on Instagram, because they get your brand’s name out in front of a large audience. And, when you use the Kicksta boost you’ll be guaranteed that your brand’s name is getting out in front of an engaged audience. 

Aside from that benefit of celebrity giveaways, this growth method also gives credibility to your account. People tend to trust the celebrities they love, whether these are popular entertainers of micro- or macro-influencers on Instagram. So, when a celebrity requires followers to go follow your account in order to join a giveaway, people will feel assured that your account is worthy of following. 

And, if all of that hasn’t convinced you to use an Instagram giveaway to gain followers, just think about the growth that you’re promised to see by using Kicksta Boost. This growth tool guarantees that you’ll see an increase of 850 followers per month on your Instagram account…that’s a lot of followers for a single month!

And, the best part of the the synergy between Kicksta and TSMA is that you get to enjoy both long-term and short-term growth. The short-term growth comes from spurts of users that come to follow your account in order to join a giveaway. But, all of these add up overtime, and, eventually, you’ll have a much larger following than you used to. 

This higher number of followers will impress Instagram users, making you look even more credible and interesting to potential followers. This will entice them to check out your page and give you a follow, as well…There’s your long-term growth.

Instagram growth is an ongoing process that you’ll need to engage in for the benefit of your brand. And, it’s important to be strategic about this. But, the Kicksta Boost, powered by TSMA, will help to alleviate some of the pressure of growing your Instagram by applying the tried-and-true method of running celebrity giveaways to your account. 

Well, What Are You Waiting For?

Using Kicksta Boost will help your account to grow like crazy in no time, and the best part is that there’s minimal planning and effort required from you! So, you can focus your time and energy on all of the other important tasks on your plate. 

So, really, what are you waiting for? Try out Kicksta Boost and let us know what kind of progress you see. We’d love to hear about all the new followers you gain!

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