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Why Buying ‘Likes’ On Instagram Will Get You Nowhere

Why Buying ‘Likes’ On Instagram Will Get You Nowhere

Now that posts are no longer shown in chronological order due to the latest algorithm update, many users with significant followings have noticed a drastic decrease in likes and new followers. While this isn’t true for everyone, many users have resorted to purchasing likes to compensate.

Everybody’s hungry for engagement on Instagram, especially brands with a clear marketing vision. However, it’s easy to get lost in the superficial hype of social media and lose sight of what’s really going on with your engagement.

Keep in mind that the algorithm was updated to ensure that your genuine consumers – those who frequently engage with your account – would see your posts no matter when they checked the app.

Acquiring real, active Instagram followers through compelling posts and genuine engagement is the only way we recommend you get more likes. Some brands have resorted to making fake or “burner” accounts to like their own posts, while others utilize “bot” services to build their ‘like’ count.

These techniques can surely increase the number at the bottom of your posts, but they won’t help your business. Just as users frequently ask, “can you buy followers on Instagram?” The same goes for likes. Yes, you can buy them, but it will do nothing, if not harm your business.

Loss of Credibility

Instagram has existed long enough for most users to become experts on identifying fraudulent behavior. For example, many of us calculate follower-to-like ratios in our head without knowing it.

With that said, an account with 5,000 followers and 10,000 likes on each photo looks a little suspicious, and will likely lose some respect as we perceive them to have purchased those likes.

Why Buying ‘Likes’ On Instagram Will Get You Nowhere

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Many ‘like’ and follower services will also program their bots to comment on posts for further, and seemingly more genuine engagement. This seems like a win for the buyer, but the comments are far from human and rarely reflect the content of the post.

“Great job!” and “I love your pics!” are common phrases to look out for. They might appear legitimate at first glance, but as they keep appearing on unrelated posts, your followers will take notice that they are indeed a bot.

Instagram Will Report You

Since the infamous Instagram purge of 2014, there’s been a team strictly dedicated to wiping the app clean of any bot accounts or those affiliated. While the network obviously can’t detect every single fraudulent activity that occurs, it’s certainly not risking your brand’s entire account over a few hundred likes.

Why Buying ‘Likes’ On Instagram Will Get You Nowhere

Instagram was founded on the premises of clean, authentic content and engagement. It’s a privilege to be able to use such a great platform – for free nonetheless – to promote new businesses. Buy respecting these original guidelines, your company will see more beneficial results and sales even if it takes a little longer.

No Increase In Sales

The ultimate purpose of creating an Instagram page for your brand is to grow your consumer audience, showcase new products and increase sales. Buying likes has never earned anybody a thing aside from a damaged reputation. Being true to your brand identity should always be a top priority.

Real, active Instagram followers care less about likes and followers as they do quality content. As a brand, it’s important to remember your ultimate goal and what your consumers truly care to see. If you want your posts to stay visible to as many users as possible, post often and always interact with your followers in the comments.

We’ve admittedly hit a breaking point in social media where we perceive Internet popularity, whether it’s deserved or not, to be something to aspire for – even more so than defining our brand.

We need to put an end to the “can you buy followers on Instagram?” mindset, and start thinking ‘big picture’ as you continue your Instagram marketing campaign. Don’t let petty numbers interfere with your brand’s success.

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