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Why Your Business MUST Use Instagram in 2018

Why Your Business MUST Use Instagram in 2018

2018 is finally here! Whether last year was a rousing success or full of disappointments (or maybe a mix of both), there’s no denying that for most of us, the start of the new year is a time of hope, optimism, and of course, resolutions.

So what should be at the top of your company’s resolutions for 2018? Naturally, here at Kicksta, we hope that getting more involved in Instagram marketing is your number one priority!

That being said, while we’ve already discussed how you can grow your Instagram following in the new year, we also understand that some businesses are still a bit reluctant to devote their time and resources into yet another social media marketing platform. But as we’re about to show you, Instagram marketing isn’t optional anymore. For businesses that are serious about digital success, it’s an absolute MUST.

Large User Base

Let’s start with the basics. Sure, while Instagram may never topple Facebook in terms of raw users, its numbers are still nothing to sneeze at. Instagram hit 600 million users in December 2016, with the latest 100 million joining the platform in a short six-month period. That’s some impressive growth.


Instagram may have been considered a minor player in the social media world back in 2012, its popularity now well exceeds Twitter and LinkedIn—and that’s just among U.S. adults (Instagram is even more popular with teens). If that’s not enough, Instagram recently surpassed Pinterest to become the second-largest social media platform in the United States.

While its current number of users is already quite impressive, if recent growth trends are any indication, Instagram’s user base will continue to expand, providing even more opportunities for marketers to reach new customers. 


While a large user base is certainly impressive, savvy business owners know that this doesn’t always translate to marketing success. Just look at Facebook, where marketers have been forced to pony up more and more cash for diminishing returns.

Instagram Growth Hacks

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Instagram, on the other hand, has proven to be a major asset for digital marketers, in large part due to Instagram’s business-friendly approach and the high engagement level of its users.


According to Instagram’s internal data, half of all Instagram users follow at least one business on the social media platform. More importantly, however, is the fact that these users are highly likely to engage with business-produced content in a meaningful way.

In fact, 60% of Instagram users “say they learn about a product or service on Instagram,” while 75% visit a company website or take another key action after viewing a marketing post. Instagram records over 4 billion likes each day, further proof that your posts are far more likely to be seen and make a difference here than anywhere else.

Key Audiences

Now, we’re not going to lie and tell you that every audience and every niche is going to manage to accrue a huge Instagram following. While Instagram is extremely popular 18-49 year olds (over half of 18-29 year olds have an Instagram account), less than 5% of internet users age 65+ are on this social media platform.

So if you’re trying to sell hip replacements to seniors, Instagram might not be for you.

The good news is that most other businesses do target those prized demographics, and there are plenty of marketing niches that easily lend themselves to a visual platform. Sure, we all know how much Instagram users love their “food porn,” but it really doesn’t matter if you’re marketing a fitness program, home decor, the latest fashion trends, travel destinations, or even ballet. If your target audience includes individuals under the age of 49, just make your content visually engaging and you’ll build a following.


Get Going!

If the above points aren’t enough to convince you that Instagram is worth your time in 2018, then probably nothing will. But trust us. The sooner you get going at beefing up your Instagram marketing efforts, the better equipped your company will be for digital success—both this year and in the years to come.

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