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Everything You Need to Know About Time and Scheduling Instagram Posts

Everything You Need to Know About Time and Scheduling Instagram Posts

Social media is a funny thing—to an outsider, the platform seems like a great way to connect with old friends, stalk secret crushes and watch cat videos, but really nothing more. On the flip side of things, however, for up-and-coming businesses, social media means one thing—money.

And no, we’re not saying that to be greedy or anything, it’s just that, understandably so, businesses are concerned with new customer acquisition, long-term growth and entrepreneurial sustainability. Simply put, social media—Instagram, in particular—helps them do just that.

But how are said businesses to go about making the most of booming social channels like Instagram? What are they to do in order to maximize the reach of each and every Instagram image or video snippet? Though by no means an all-encompassing answer, much of it has to do with the time and scheduling of posts.

Seriously, thanks to the likes of some of the Internet’s finest Instagram marketing influencers, this scheduling stuff has almost become a sort of science. Interested in what’s been discovered? Keep reading to learn more about when you should be firing off your high-quality Instagram posts.

Nighttime Is the Right Time

Think about it—more often than not, when have your life’s most wild and crazy moments taken place? Yup, that’s right—in the evening. It’s not that your brand needs to be pushing material that’s conducive to the lunacy of nighttime mischief, but the fact of the matter is that people are off work, letting loose and happy to pull out their phones and see what’s going on within their various social circles.

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In fact, a study by Later recently found that the best times for brands to post are around 5 p.m. and 2 a.m. Though those times might seem random, considering the aforementioned reasons, they’re really about as logical as they come. Should you be posting one to two times a day? Absolutely. But whatever you do, make sure that at least one of them goes live during the evening or early morning hours.

Weekdays or Bust

Here’s another interesting Later-driven finding: contrary to popular belief, weekends aren’t actually the best time for brands to up their Instagram publishing activity—weekdays are. To determine this, the likes and comments from surveyed posts were added and then divided by a user’s follower count. The end result? The day-specific engagement percentages seen below:

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No, engagement rates between the different days of the week aren’t all that staggering, but when looking for any kind of competitive edge in a crowded niche, these kinds of advantages must be exploited. Needless to say, to increase the likelihood of post success, place a greater emphasis on publishing your material on Wednesday, Thursday or Tuesday.

Be Open to Experimentation

So, in theory, the best, most heaven-sent time for you and your team of digital marketing strategists to post would be on Wednesday at 5 p.m. While certainly helpful, this doesn’t mean that other days and times don’t work. Remember, each industry comes with an entirely unique base of buyers. Because of this, experiment with different publishing patterns to find what works best for your audience.

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For the time being, however, stick with the basics. Above, you’ll find one of our latest, most up-to-date Kickstagram infographics. Cling to each of the graphic’s suggestions, and you’ll greatly increase your account’s chances of reaching a larger, more engaged audience. Keep at it—you’re not nearly as far from successful Instagram scheduling as you might think!

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