Affiliate Marketing: The Best Programs To Join Across 10 Different Industries

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Last Updated: Jun 17, 2022

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There’s plenty of talk about diversifying your methods of income nowadays. While there are traditional methods, like investing in real estate or the stock market, sometimes you need a more basic, entry-level opportunity to make some extra money. With affiliate marketing, you can make additional income without needing to invest much, if any, money to get started. Whether you’re a blogger, a brand or an individual selling your own products, joining affiliate programs is a very popular way of generating another stream of income. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

With affiliate marketing, you can promote another company’s products on your website, social media or in blogs. If someone makes a purchase through your link, you’ll get a percentage of the sale as commission. While it’s certainly a simple way of making money, it’s not necessarily set-it-and-forget-it. You will need to devote time to creating content and promoting these products or services so that people from your audience will actually want to use your links to make a purchase. 

Affiliate Marketing For Affiliates

For people who want to become affiliates, it’s important to be strategic when putting together your affiliate plan. If you’re creating content like a blog and you want to promote affiliate links through there, you want to make sure they fit well. For instance, you wouldn’t want to promote a travel link in your recipe for bagels (unless you can make a good connection – like traveling for your favorite bagels). Your audience would likely get confused. 

You also want to plan out how many affiliate partners you’ll have and how frequently you’ll post about them. You don’t want to wear out your audience. If they get too used to seeing links, they might be less likely to click on them, which can lead to a decrease in affiliate revenue. 

Affiliate Marketing For Brands

For brands considering implementing an affiliate program, you want to think about a few things. What will your commission payout be? Will you work with an affiliate software to handle the tracking and payments? How will you screen your affiliates to ensure you have the right people promoting your product or service?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to spread the word about your brand through trusted sources. Many people believe other people more strongly than they believe brands. So, seeing their friend promote a certain product is often more impactful than seeing a paid ad for the same product on their Facebook feed. 

The Best Affiliate Programs To Join Across 10 Different Industries

So now that we’ve looked at what affiliate marketing actually is, let’s talk about some of the best affiliate programs you can join right now.

1. Social Media Affiliate Programs 


Kicksta is an Instagram growth platform that uses engagement marketing and AI to generate real, organic followers for your account. With Kicksta’s affiliate program, you can earn a 50% commission on every order you generate. Cookies will last on your prospect’s computer for 45 days to make sure they have plenty of time to consider and make their purchase. Subscriptions range from $49/month to $99/month, so there’s plenty of room to make money with Kicksta.

Join the Kicksta affiliate program here.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot offers social media scheduling, marketing and analytics. As a Social Pilot affiliate, you can earn 30% commission on new subscriptions as well as commission on renewals. Social Pilot cookies last 60 days from the time someone first uses your link.

Join the Social Pilot affiliate program here.

Kicksta logo

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With CrowdFire, a social media management tool, you can make 35% commission, or up to $420 per referral. You’ll earn money each month as your customers move through their plans. With CrowdFire, there’s no limit to the amount of referrals you can have, so you can keep earning while promoting their service.

Join the CrowdFire affiliate program here.


Elementor is an incredibly popular software for WordPress users, and its affiliate program has a 50% commission rate. Some top affiliates earn over $10,000 each month, so you can set your sights high when planning your strategy. Cookies for Elementor last for 30 days.

Join the Elementor affiliate program here.

elementor affiliate program

Promo Republic

Promo Republic is a social media marketing platform. With Promo Republic, you can earn up to 30% of new and recurring sales. They say their active affiliates earn anywhere between $40 and $1,500 per month. Cookies last for 120 days, and affiliates have a personal affiliate manager to help them through the process.

Join the Promo Republic affiliate program here.


SocialOomph is a social media and blog scheduling platform. The commission rate for the SocialOomph affiliate program is 40% and earnings can be paid out beginning 35 days after the sale was made. Cookies last for 30 days, and if they sign up for an account during that time, their account will always be linked to you.

Join the SocialOomph affiliate program here.

If you’re looking for a community management system, has you covered. offers a 30% commission rate for life. Each time your customer renews, you get another commission. You can even earn a small amount for bringing in free users.

Join the affiliate program here.


SEMrush sells solutions for SEO, PPC, social media, and more. With SEMrush, you can earn $200 for every new sale, $10 for every new trial and $0.01 for every new sign-up. One of the great things about SEMrush is that their cookie duration is 10 years, so there’s plenty of time for a sign-up to be attributed to you.

Join the SEMrush affiliate program here.

semrush get paid every signup

Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a free social media search engine. With Social Searcher, the commission rate is 50% for the first month and 10% each month thereafter. Their cookie duration is 90 days, which is one of the longer durations we’ve seen. Social Searcher also has a dashboard so you can monitor your standings as you refer people.

Join the Social Searcher affiliate program here.


Tailwind is a social media scheduling platform that specializes in Pinterest, and it has a varying commission rate of 15-25%, depending on how many referrals you generate. You can earn up to $29.97 each year per annual plan you refer. Depending on your subscription type, cookies last for 30-366 days. Tailwind also offers content bonuses and paid ad support at certain levels.

Join the Tailwind affiliate program here.

2. Weddings Industry Affiliate Programs

Wedding Hashers 

Wedding Hashers, a company dedicated to helping you find the best hashtag for your wedding, offers a 30% commission to their affiliates. They have high conversion rates, and 95% of their customers converted on their first interaction. With their 30-day cookie duration, it’s easy to earn a commission.

Join the Wedding Hashers affiliate program here.

wedding hashers


Greenvelope is an eco-friendly invitation company that offers 20% commission rates. Their 120-day cookie duration is the longest in the industry, and each sale supports the Earth with a 1% donation to sustainable causes.

Join the Greenvelope affiliate program here.

Gabriel & Co 

The Gabriel & Co fine jewelry affiliate program pays at a 4-5% commission rate. This program is hosted through the Flex Offers and Commission Junction affiliate networks. FlexOffers has a 30-day cookie duration, and Commission Junction’s cookies last for 120 days.

Join the Gabriel & Co affiliate program here.

Gabriel & Co logo


Through Sovrn, you can access an affiliate program with Zales, the jewelry store, that earns approximately 2% in commission. While that may sound low compared to some of the other affiliate programs, remember that fine jewelry is also more expensive, which still translates to a significant payday.

Join the Zales affiliate program here.

Manly Bands 

Manly Bands sell unique wedding bands sure to catch your audience’s eye. Start working with Manly Bands and start earning up to a 6% commission on successful referrals. Enjoy a 90-day cookie duration and begin referring your friends, family, and anyone else today.

Join the Manly Bands affiliate program here.

Dorris Wedding

Dorris Wedding is a dress company that offers a 12% commission rate to their affiliates. Cookies last 90 days, and their average sale is around $139. They also offer additional cash bonuses on a sliding scale for sales totaling $500 in one month to $5,000 in one month.

Join the Dorris Wedding affiliate program here.

dorris wedding affiliate program


Minted, which sells art, stationary, home decor, and more, has a

where you can earn up to a 20% commission. They use the ShareASale platform and offer 120-day cookies for a longer sales window.

Join the Minted affiliate program here.


With personalization all the rage in wedding planning right now, Evermine provides stickers and labels that can personalize any number of things. They also offer 8% commission and have a 60 day cookie duration. Their average order size is $40-70, and they use the AvantLink referral program.

Join the Evermine affiliate program here.


For newlyweds who are changing their name, HitchSwitch is a great resource. For their affiliates, they offer 10% commission for beginner affiliates. Their average order size is $74, and they provide updates to their affiliates so they always know what to promote next.

Join the HitchSwitch affiliate program here.

hitchswitch logo

She Said Yes

The high-quality jewelry brand She Said Yes offers its affiliates 10% commission, and on average orders are approximately $450. With over 1,000 items in stock and a 30-day cookie duration, She Said Yes is a great referral program for anyone who loves to talk about jewelry.

Join the She Said Yes affiliate program here.

3. Internet Retail Affiliate Programs


Fiverr, a popular site freelancers use to find jobs, has many different affiliate programs, and depending on the service you choose to promote, you could earn anywhere from $15-$150 or 10-50%. They also provide professional support and intuitive dashboards to make this process simple. Affiliates can earn up to $1,000 on a single conversion.

Join the Fiverr affiliate program here.

fiverr affiliate program


Amazon Associates can earn up to 10% in commissions when people purchase through your affiliate links. Depending on the category of products you’re promoting, Amazon has various rates, rules and regulations, but if you regularly create content about Amazon products you love, this can be a great choice.

Join the Amazon affiliate program here.


Shopify is an e-commerce company businesses use to build their online webshops. With Shopify, you’ll refer merchants to create their own Shopify site. Once they do and have been an active member for two months, affiliates earn 200% of the monthly plan price. Cookies last for 30 days, but with such a high commission rate, it’s worth it to talk up Shopify as much as possible.

Join the Shopify affiliate program here.


AliExpress is an online marketplace with products in a variety of categories, from fashion to electronics to toys and more, commission rates vary but they reach as high as 50% for some products. Top sellers earn up to $20,000 each month. They offer millions of products and have a network of over 130,000 sellers.

Join the AliExpress affiliate program here.

allexpress portals affiliate program


Walmart, known for their everyday low prices, has an affiliate program that pays between 1 and 4% for online sales. Their cookie duration is only 3 days, so you’ll certainly want to act fast here. With Walmart, most sales will be smaller in size, so you’ll want to aim for quantity. 

Join the Walmart affiliate program here.


Target, yes the Target with the red logo and anything you could imagine in their aisles, offers their affiliates 1-5% commission, depending on the product. They have a 7-day cookie duration, and they offer easy tracking, weekly deals and over 1 million products to promote to your audience.

Join the Target affiliate program here.


Everyone knows about EBay, the online auction site, but did you know that the online auction site also has an affiliate program? With EBay, you can earn between 1 and 4% on purchases made through you, up to $100 or $550, depending on the category. Cookies have a 24-hour life for referrals, but if someone wins an auction up to 10 days after clicking your link, you’ll still get the credit (and the payout).

Join the EBay affiliate program here.


With Etsy, the virtual small business marketplace, you can promote small businesses and earn a 4% commission on qualifying sales. Their cookie has a 30-day duration on the web and a 7-day duration when using the app. Etsy provides you with jpg banners, logos, and other collateral to help you promote well. 

Join the Etsy affiliate program here.

etsy affiliate program

Best Buy 

The electronics store Best Buy’s commission rate is 1%, but remember that most products there are more expensive, so that percentage still works out just fine. They do have a list of products that don’t qualify for affiliate marketing, so check that out before you start promoting. Their cookie duration is one day, so you’ll want to act quickly.

Join the Best Buy affiliate program here.

Hobby Lobby 

Hobby Lobby, the popular arts and crafts store, has an affiliate program hosted through Flex Offers, which pays about 3% commission on eligible sales. For anyone who works or has an audience in the crafting industry, this can be a great way to direct your audience to a quality store for supplies.

Join the Hobby Lobby affiliate program here.

4. Travel Affiliate Programs


Sandals is one of the most notable names in vacations, with all-inclusive resorts in many tropical locations, and you can jump on that train and earn a 4% commission on eligible sales like private candlelight dinners and luxury suites. They have a 60-day cookie duration, and their average 3-month earnings per click is almost $138. Affiliates are also entered to win free Sandals vacations, so it’s really a win-win situation.

Join the Sandals affiliate program here.

sandals affiiate program

Virgin Experience Gifts 

With Virgin, you can promote nine categories of gifts, like flying or driving adventures, food and drink or getaways, that contain experiences from under $200 all the way to $10,000. They offer a 5% baseline commission, a 45-day cookie duration, and performance incentive for their affiliates.

Join the Virgin Experience Gifts affiliate program here.


Skyscanner is a very effective website that helps people find low-cost flights. While they’ve currently paused entry to their affiliate program, make sure you check out Skyscanner’s program in a few months. They offer a commission beginning at 20% of the revenue Skyscanner receives (so not the total purchase price of the airfare). They also offer a direct partnership program if you’re interested in that. 

Join the Skyscanner affiliate program here.


With Expedia, the popular travel discount website, you can earn 2-6% commission, and their cookie duration is 7 days. They have over 260,000 properties across the world that affiliates can promote, so if you’re in the travel industry, it’s a great program to join.

Join the Expedia affiliate program here.


Priceline promotes the best deals for hotels, flights and cars, and they offer 70,000 properties to promote and a 3-5% commission. Their cookie duration is 30 days, so your potential customers have a little longer to actually make their decision, which can lead to more sales attributed to you. They offer customers up to 60% savings, so they’re very attractive to shoppers.

Join the Priceline affiliate program here. is a one-stop-shop offering flights, hotels, car rentals and even attractions. With, you’ll earn a 4% commission, and they have over 2.2 million properties – there’s certainly something for everyone! However, it’s also important to note that they don’t have a long cookie duration. In fact, it ends when the user closes their browser.

Join the affiliate program here.

Get Your Guide 

If you like to promote European experiences, Get Your Guide tends to focus on the European side of the globe selling experiences, adventures and excursions for people planning trips. They also offer an 8% commission, and their cookie duration is 31 days. Their goal is to work with travel writers who talk about their experiences.

Join the Get Your Guide affiliate program here.

Get Your Guide make money with travel site


Viator sells tours and attractions to travelers, and affiliates can earn commission starting at 8%, and there are no set-up costs or monthly fees to create an account with them. They offer partner websites in 10 languages, and their platform is designed to work with active websites.

Join the Viator affiliate program here.


Skyroam, a travel hotspot company, offers you a 15% commission when your customers buy or rent Skyroam’s hotspot. This is a great option because your customers don’t even need to make a long-term commitment of purchasing the product. Renting will do just fine! Cookie duration is 30 days, and of course, the Skyroam hotspot works internationally.

Join the Skyroam affiliate program here.

Travel Wifi 

Travel Wifi sells hotspots and data for anyone needing to stay connected while on the road, and while they don’t have a sophisticated affiliate program, you can earn $20 for each referral from your link. Simply add your email address to their website and you’ll be sent your personal link.

Join the Travel Wifi affiliate program here.

travel wifi refer your friends

5. Makeup And Beauty Affiliate Programs

Madison Reed 

Madison Reed is a hair color company selling plenty of products for anyone looking to change up their ‘do. For anyone creating content in the beauty space, Madison Reed offers a strong affiliate program. Their commission rate is up to $25 for new customers and $5 per order for returning customers. Their average order value is $40, and cookie duration is 30 days. They also offer an affiliate referral program, so you can earn $10 for each new affiliate you bring into the program.

Join the Madison Reed affiliate program here.

BH Cosmetics 

BH Cosmetics sells high-quality, affordable makeup and cosmetic products. With BH Cosmetics, you could earn 6% commission on all sales generated through the affiliate link on your website. You also get a 90-day cookie duration, which increases the chances that sales will be attributed to you. BH Cosmetics sees about a 4.75% conversion rate, which is actually a fairly high conversion rate.

Join the BH Cosmetics affiliate program here.

BH Cosmetics affiliate program


If you’re already shopping at Sephora, the well-known beauty store, you might as well promote their products and earn 5-10% commission. Their cookie window is short, though, at only 24 hours, but many people who are looking to purchase makeup don’t take weeks to make a decision anyway. They have over 13,000 products and no brand restrictions when it comes to earning commissions.

Join the Sephora affiliate program here.


Beautylish is an online makeup store selling specially curated brands from around the world. With Beautylish, you can earn up to 10% commission on each sale. They offer a 30-day cookie duration as well as creative and marketing assets you can use to promote the products you choose. 

Join the Beautylish affiliate program here.


For those who love shopping at Ulta, the very popular beauty store, promote their products on your website and you could earn a 2-5% commission. Their cookie duration is 30 days, and they offer a number of affiliate-only benefits for you to enjoy.

Join the Ulta affiliate program here.

Beauty Encounter

Beauty Encounter offers beauty essentials at affordable prices. Their commission rates begin at 1%, and they give you access to 34,000 products. Their average purchase value is $105, and their conversion rate is 4%. They also have dedicated affiliate managers to help walk you through the process.

Join the Beauty Encounter affiliate program here.

Beauty Encounter Affiliate Network

Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek helps people find the perfect shades and colors of makeup for their skin, hair, and eye color. They provide a 15% base commission on sales made through your link. Their cookie duration is 15 days, and they have a dashboard set up to give you frequent reports of how your link is performing. You also get access to insider news and your own personal beauty specialist.

Join the Makeup Geek affiliate program here.

Lash Star 

Lash Star Beauty sells a complete product line covering all things lashes. You can earn a 10% commission on all Lash Star Beauty products sold through your special link. They work with the ShareASale program and offer a 30 day cookie duration. This is a great opportunity for makeup artists and lash enthusiasts.

Join the Lash Star affiliate program here.

100% Pure 

At 100%% Pure, you can promote natural, pure products for those who care about what goes on and in their bodies. You can make an 8% commission, and you’ll get a 45-day cookie duration for longer sales times. With a successful partnership record, you could even score an exclusive brand deal with them.

Join the 100% Pure affiliate program here.

100% Pure Affiliate Program

Sally Beauty 

Sally Beauty offers a 5% commission rate and a 7-day cookie duration. They’re one of the most well-known beauty retailers, so you can capitalize on their name recognition and promote the more than 6,000 products they sell.

Join the Sally Beauty affiliate program here.

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6. Heath And Medical Affiliate Programs 

Medical Supply Depot 

Medical Supply Depot is a source for many kinds of medical supplies in the US. Its affiliate program offers between 7.5% and 9.5% commission, depending on the total sales you generate each month. Their cookie duration is 45 days, and they have thousands of products you can promote.

Join the Medical Supply Depot affiliate program here.

Ava Care 

Ava Care is another online medical supplier, and they have an affiliate program with a 5% commission rate and 45 day-cookie duration. Many people purchasing medical supplies know what they need to buy, so they don’t take too long to convert to a sale. 

Join the Ava Care affiliate program here.

Avacare Medical Affiliate

Just Thrive 

Just Thrive is a supplement, antioxidant, and probiotic company geared toward people who enjoy health and wellness content and products. They offer a 10% commission on all sales made through your link, and they have a six-month cookie you can use. Top affiliates with Just Thrive even get the chance to try new products.

Join the Just Thrive affiliate program here.


KOS is a plant-based protein powder company that also sells superfoods and other supplements. Right now their affiliate program is closed, but check back because they might open it again. When they do, affiliates earn a 15% commission, and they have a 30-day cookie duration. 

Join the KOS affiliate program here.

Life Line Screening

As health and wellness become more popular, so does preventative health screening. That’s what Life Line Screening has to offer: the chance to detect major health problems before they become problems. Their commission is a flat-rate $90 per sale, and their cookie duration is 30 days. They offer 5 preventive screenings for $149.

Join the Life Line Screening affiliate program here.

Wheelchair And Medical Supply 

The Wheelchair and Medical Supply website 1-800 is a wheelchair and scooter supply company. They offer an affiliate program with a 6% commission rate, and their best selling wheelchairs range from $549 to $2,295. Their program also has a real-time reporting dashboard so you always know where you stand.

Join the Wheelchair and Medical Supply affiliate program here.

4MD Medical 

4MD Medical sells medical equipment for at-home use. Their commission rate is 6% and they have a 60-day cookie duration. 4MD Medical says they have higher conversion rates because their customers know what they need, rather than just spending time browsing.

Join the 4MD Medical affiliate program here.

4MDMedical logo

AeroFlow Healthcare 

AeroFlow Healthcare provides medical equipment to patients with the desire to help them live a better life. They have multiple sub-brands that have various affiliate rates. Their commission ranges from 8-10%, and their cookie duration is 30 days. Their breast pump affiliate program also has a $4 pay rate per valid lead submission.

Join the AeroFlow Healthcare affiliate program here.

Total Diabetes Supply

Total Diabetes Supply sells diabetic supplies at a discounted rate. Their affiliate program has a tiered commission rate between 6% and 8%, and they have a $5 payout for qualified medical claim leads. Their average order size is $70, and they have a cookie duration of 30 days.

Join the Total Diabetes Supply affiliate program here.


HPFY, or Health Products For You, sells over 20,000 healthcare products and medical supplies. They offer up to a 5% commission rate and an average order size of $100. They have a 30 day cookie duration and regularly run specials, deals and promotions you can promote.

Join the HPFY affiliate program here.

HPFY logo

7. Fitness Affiliate Programs


Fitbit is one of the leading manufacturers of fitness trackers and watches. Their affiliate commission begins at 3%, and higher volume affiliates can earn higher rates. Fitbit is a very well-known brand, and if you’ve had a good experience with them, it can be easy to promote their products.

Join the Fitbit affiliate program here.

fitbit make money from your site

Ace Fitness 

Ace Fitness is one of the most popular health coach certification programs on the web today. With a 7% commission rate and some programs that reach almost $1,000, this can be a great affiliate opportunity. Their cookie duration is 90 days.

Join the Ace Fitness affiliate program here.


Reebok, the popular sportswear and product brand, has an affiliate program that anyone can join. They offer a 7% commission rate and say that their average order size is $100. You can also earn $5 for each affiliate you bring into the program. Their cookie duration is 30 days, and they keep in touch about promotions, contests, and sales opportunities.

Join the Reebok affiliate program here.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers, one of the most well-known weight loss programs, also offers an affiliate program. They offer a flat-rate commission of $10 per qualifying subscription. They work with Commission Junction to host their affiliate program and say they are consistently among the top earning programs on the platform.

Join the Weight Watchers affiliate program here.


With the GNC affiliate program, they say you can create your own online nutrition store. GNC is a large health, wellness, and supplement store with thousands of products to promote. They offer a 5% commission rate. Their cookie duration is 7 days, so you’ll want to promote well so your customers make purchases quickly.

Join the GNC affiliate program here.

The Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe sells, you guessed it, vitamins! Affiliates earn up to 10% in commissions, and you can promote more than just vitamins. They also have supplements, proteins, superfoods, natural beauty products and more.

Join The Vitamin Shoppe affiliate program here.

The Vitamin Shoppe affiliate program


The Bowflex brand is a well-known supplier of fitness equipment, like cardio machines. Commission rates begin at 3%, and they have a 30-day tracking cookie. All of your performance is tracked in real-time and available whenever you want to see it.

Join the Bowflex affiliate program here.

Life Fitness 

Live Fitness sells workout equipment to facilities and at-home users. Affiliates earn a commission of at least 8% per sale, and their average order value is $3,000. They also have a 30-day cookie, so you’ll still get credit if it takes your customers a little while to make their purchasing decision.

Join the Life Fitness affiliate program here.


Monki is a fashion brand with a message of inclusivity and empowerment. They offer an 8% affiliate commission rate, and they have a 30-day tracking cookie. They also give you access to creative assets and promo banners you can use on your site.

Join the Monki affiliate program here.

monkl logo

Barefoot Yoga 

Barefoot Yoga sells all things yoga related, like mats, props, and meditation balls. Their affiliates earn 10% commission and you can start earning as soon as your application is accepted. Barefoot Yoga sells 5,000 yoga products, so there’s something for everyone.

Join the Barefoot Yoga affiliate program here.

8. Music Affiliate Programs


You might know of StubHub from selling concert tickets. Did you know you could promote your favorite music artist or entertainment group? StubHub uses an affiliate partner called Partnerize to manage their affiliates, and they offer a 30-day cookie. Their commission rate is around 9% per sale, and since they’re so well-known, it can be easy to promote them.

Join the StubHub affiliate program here.

StubHub Publisher Program


zZounds is a music supply site that carries things like guitars, microphones, amps, and anything in between. Their commission rate is 6%, and one of their most popular products generates a $125-300 commission regularly. Depending on how much you sell, you could also earn bonuses, too. Their cookie duration is 45 days.

Join the zZounds affiliate program here.

Vivid Seats 

Vivid Seats is an independent marketplace for tickets. They offer a 10% commission to their affiliates, and their cookie duration is 30 days. They even have a customer response team to handle any questions your customers may have so you don’t have to do it.

Join the Vivid Seats affiliate program here.

Guitar Center 

If you’re in the music business, you know about Guitar Center. If you aren’t, you can safely assume that they sell guitars, but they also sell more than that, like keyboards, lighting, and DJ gear. They pay 6-8% in commissions, and they have a 14-day cookie window. They’ll provide you with logos and other collateral needed to promote their products well.

Join the Guitar Center affiliate program here.


Singorama is a website that sells singing lessons online, with a vocal coach. Their affiliate program is especially for their learn-to-sing system. Their instant-download products pay at a 70% commission, and any shipped products pay at a 40% commission. Their cookie duration is 60 days.

Join the Singorama affiliate program here.

singorama affiliate area

Ticket Liquidator 

Ticket Liquidator sells millions of tickets to events in plenty of industries. They offer a 6% commission on sales, and they have a 30-day cookie duration. Their sellers are all thoroughly vetted, and their orders average at about $350, with some reaching over $1,000.

Join the Ticket Liquidator affiliate program here.


Audimute is a company selling sound absorption equipment, much of which is made in the USA. Their commission rate is up to 5%, and their average order is more than $200. They also have a 60-day cookie and pay bonuses to high-earning affiliates.

Join the Audimute affiliate program here.

Sam Ash 

Sam Ash sells music equipment like recording gear, amps and instruments. They offer a 10% commission rate and have over 50,000 products on their website. If you’re already creating content around the music industry, check them out today.

Join the Sam Ash affiliate program here.

Musicians Friend 

A musical instrument store, Musicians Friend’s affiliate program pays a 4% commission rate. They’ll provide you with a full creative library so you can start promoting their products (and earning commission for yourself) as soon as possible.

Join the Musicians Friend affiliate program here.


MasterClass is a streaming platform that allows members to learn anything they want from the experts in that area. They offer a 25% commission on sales, with bonuses for your first sale and then when you hit certain sales levels. Their average order value is $125, and their cookie duration is 30 days.

Join the MasterClass affiliate program here.

MasterClass logo
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9. Fashion Affiliate Programs

Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot is a social selling fashion company that’s always looking for new affiliates. Their commission rate is 12% for new customers and 5% for returning customers. They also offer a $100 payout for every ambassador referral, and their average order size is over $100. They also have a 30-day cookie duration.

Join the Stella & Dot affiliate program here.


Boohoo is a global fashion leader that began in Manchester. Commission rates vary, but they tend to average around 7%, and they have a 30-day cookie. They also offer increased commission for their highest affiliates.

Join the Boohoo affiliate program here.


Revolve is an online fashion store that sells top designer pieces. Their commission rate is 5%, and they use a 7-day cookie. They give you access to a banner you can put on your website, or you can just add your link wherever you want.

Join the Revolve affiliate program here.

J Mclaughlin 

Looking for trendy clothes? Head to J Mclaughlin. And if you like what you see, join their affiliate program where you can earn 15% per sale. Their cookie duration is 30 days, and the clothes they sell appeal to a wide range of customers.

Join the J Mclaughlin affiliate program here.

J Mclaughlin affiliate program

Urban Outfitters 

Urban Outfitters is a very popular store with a successful affiliate program. They offer a 5% commission on any sale generated through your link. Their cookie duration is only 24 hours, but if your customers know what they want, that won’t be any problem.

Join the Urban Outfitters affiliate program here.

True Religion

True Religion sells jeans for men and women, so there’s certainly someone in your audience who would love to buy through your link. Their commission rates vary between 3% and 8%, and they have a 7-day cookie they use to attribute your sales to you.

Join the True Religion affiliate program here.


Shein seems to be everywhere right now, especially on TikTok. If you like what your favorite influencers are sharing, it might be time for you to get in on the affiliate action. Their commission rate is between 10 and 20%, and you can earn extra bonuses from sharing promotions. Their cookies last for 30 days, and there are over 2 million items in stock.

Join the Shein affiliate program here.


Lulus, which sells dresses, tops, swimwear and more, has a great affiliate program for fashion bloggers and enthusiasts. Their commission rate is 7%, and their average sale is over $50. They also have a dedicated affiliate management team to work with you.

Join the Lulus affiliate program here.


ModCloth is a women’s clothing online store, and they carry clothing from independent stylists and designers. Their commission rate is 2% on coupon sales and 5% on loyalty and content. Their average sale is $125, and they offer a $10 payout for each affiliate you bring into their program. Their cookie duration is 30 days.

Join the ModCloth affiliate program here.

ModCloth Affiliate Program

Free People 

Free People, a bohemian fashion brand, offers an affiliate program for fashion bloggers or anyone else who wants to promote their offerings. While they don’t list their commission rate online, if you love their clothing and want to talk about it on your blog, you might as well add an affiliate link to your post!

Join the Free People affiliate program here.

10. Gaming Affiliate Programs


Razer sells gaming laptops, headsets, and more gear for anyone who enjoys PC gaming. They offer commissions up to 10%, and they’ll give you special offers you can use to help drive traffic. It’s important to note that this is different from their Razer Streamer program, although Streamers can also become affiliates.

Join the Razer affiliate program here.

Razer streaming program


Zygor sells in-game guides for World of Warcraft. You can earn a 50% commission, which is about $43 for each customer. They also have subscription offerings which can turn into recurring monthly revenue for you. Their cookie duration is 60 days.

Join the Zygor affiliate program here.


Acer is a technology company selling laptops, desktops, projectors, and more. They offer a 4% commission rate, and their average order value is $400. They make success easy by providing creative and text links as well as a support representative. Their cookie has a 14-day duration.

Join the Acer affiliate program here.

Astro Gaming

With Astro Gaming, you can promote products that are associated with computers and gaming, like headsets, controllers and accessories. Earn a 5% commission per sale, and with a cookie duration of 180 days, you have six months to earn that commission from your audience. 

Join the Astro Gaming affiliate program here.

Epic Games

Epic Games is the maker behind Fortnite and other games like Rocket League and more. Commission rates begin at 5% and vary depending on the game. In this case, you earn money primarily for in-game purchases made using your code. When someone enters your code, it’s valid for 14 days, unless they enter another (much like how cookies work).

Join the Epic Games affiliate program here.


GameFly brings video games into peoples’ hands through mobile apps and new and used games for consoles. Affiliates earn between $5 and $15 for each person who signs up for a free trial or pre-paid subscription. You can also earn 10% of new or used games purchased and more.

Join the GameFly affiliate program here.

gamefly affiliate network


Geekbuying is an online marketplace for anything from computers to sports equipment. Earn up to a 10% commission rate for certain select products. Their cookie duration is 30 days, and there are so many different products you can promote.

Join the Geekbuying affiliate program here.

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming sells games, game keys and various online games and bundles. Their affiliates earn up to 5% for each sale, and they have a dedicated account manager who can help you become successful. You also have access to their entire catalog of 7,000 games to promote to your audience.

Join the Green Man Gaming affiliate program here.


Logitech, the computer and gaming accessories brand, has an affiliate program – who knew?! Affiliates earn between 4-10% commission, and their average order value is $125. They use a 30-day cookie to help you capture all customers attributed to you. You can also earn commission on orders you make yourself, which is a great bonus.

Join the Logitech affiliate program here.


Twitch is a streaming platform primarily used for video game streaming and esports broadcasts. The Twitch affiliate program works a little differently. Affiliates earn money by having their viewers purchase subscriptions. They can also earn revenue through the sale of in-game items on Twitch. As the program develops, the criteria for who can become an affiliate will be changing, so if you’re interested in becoming a Twitch affiliate, check out the current rules to learn more.

Join the Twitch affiliate program here.

Twitch Affiliate Program

Should You Start Affiliate Marketing? Top Things To Consider

We’ve listed out 100 great affiliate programs here. Is this a stream of revenue you want to pursue? Consider these things before making your decision. 


  • It’s a fairly simple source of income and doesn’t require hours and hours of work. 
  • You can set your own content creation schedule. 
  • Chances are you’ll promote brands you already use and love, so it’s easy to talk about them. 


  • You need a decent size audience to be able to generate enough clicks to win a sale. Excellent conversion rates are about 4%, so it would take about 25 people to click through your link for one to convert, on average. 
  • The key to successful affiliate marketing is creating consistent content, which takes time. 
  • Promoting too often can make your audience see you as spammy. 

Select The Right Affiliate Marketing Industry For You

Whether or not affiliate marketing is the right choice for you is a personal decision. If you decide it’s a good fit, hopefully one or more of these affiliate programs will interest you. Which one were you most interested to read about here?

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