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7 Instagram Trends that Will Affect Social Media Managers in 2019

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Instagram is an ever-evolving community, which makes keeping up with Instagram trends a neverending cycle.

The platform keeps introducing changes and users keep accepting them.

In a matter of days, we see influencers adopting the new feature, so we go with the flow.

The question is: How can Social Media Manager incorporate new Instagram trends and utilize them to better their client’s success on Instagram?

The truth is: the faster Social Media Manager can accept new Instagram trends and incorporate them into their strategy the better their marketing efforts will perform.

After all, we know the utilization of a new feature typically mean a boost in the Instagram algorithm.

Plus it gives you a chance to share your message in a completely fresh way.

If you’re looking to focus your efforts on the biggest Instagram trends of 2019, look no further.

We’ve collected the seven biggest Instagram trends you should be aware and how it will affect your social media marketing efforts in 2019.

1.  Instagram Is Catching Up with Television

When IGTV first appeared in 2018, it looked like an extension of the stories. Instagram users got more space to film parts of their lives. But it grew big!

The forecasts for 2019 indicate that people are expected to spend an average of 170.6 minutes per day online. That’s just as much time as they will spend on TV: 170.3 minutes.

Despite its slow takeoff, IGTV is predicted to make great contributions towards that trend.


What does this mean for Social Media Managers?

It means you should incorporate long-form video content in a vertical format into your strategy.

Depending on the type of brand you’re promoting, you can showcase moments from behind-the-scenes, Q&A sessions, and interviews with influencers -really anything that our audience will be interested in.

Instagram practically gives you an opportunity to broadcast your own TV show. Use it well!

2.  IG Live in the Feed

With a recent update, users that broadcast on IGTV can now also share a short preview in their feed. If you check the kinoyoga profile, for example, you’ll see the vertical videos from IGTV among her posts.

7 Instagram Trends that Will Affect Social Media Managers in 2019

This doesn’t seem like a huge change? Oh; but it is!

Think about it. It gives you a much better opportunity to engage your followers on IGTV.

Before this feature showed up, it was a bit difficult to promote IGTV channels. The low traffic and engagement that early adopters saw left many wondering if IGTV would be Instagram’s biggest flop.

Now that you can write captions and actively direct your followers to IGTV, it has the potential to capitalize on the ever-growing trend of mobile videos.

Social media manager who utilizes IGTV for clients have to incorporated preview posts in their feeds as well. Otherwise, you’re really only doing half the job.

3.  DMs Are Getting Big

If you watch IG stories often, you probably noticed that replies on stories translate to sending direct messages.

Influencers and brands alike often use the question sticker in stories to encourage conversations and then share the answers they get in direct messages.

Question Sticker

DMs are becoming the most effective and impactful means for brands to connect with their Instagram followers.

The users can send voice messages, share posts or stories, or even have a video chat. Instagram is slowly, but surely turning into a convenient messaging platform. Making connections is no longer limited to liking posts and commenting on them.

Now, the users can really engage with the profiles they like.

Maybe the time for a standalone Instagram messaging app has come? Maybe we’ll see it in 2019? Who knows?

All we know is that you should definitely include direct messaging in your SMM campaign. It’s great for humanizing your brand and getting really personal with its followers.

4.  Influencers Are Still Big

For a while, we saw a growing level of distrust towards influencers who had been accused of promoting brands without clearly disclosing their collaboration.

They got paid to show you some products, but they never said as much.

So Instagram users started calling out the influencers, often writing comments about their posts being misleading.

Now Influencers are obligated to use the paid partnership tags, such as #ad or #sponsered.

The rise of Influencer Marketing

That changes things for businesses and influencers; they have to be more transparent with their campaigns.

There was a fear that customers would be less likely to buy if product posts disclosed the collaboration with a tag.

However, Influencer marketing is still very much so on the rise, especially on Instagram.

Even with the new disclosure policies, Instagram influencers still have thousands of engaged followers to promote brands’ products and services.

2019 is definitely not the time to seize your collaboration with influencers. In fact, you should amplify it.

This Instagram trend does seem to be going away anytime soon.

5.  Long-Form Content

Instagram is still all about the visuals. However, the Instagram trend of long captions is becoming more more common.

Just check the captions on Gisele’s profile. You’ll notice that she doesn’t perceive the platform as a place for posting pretty pictures. She has a message and she uses the caption to share her voice.

In 2019, we’re going to see a rise in this Instagram trend. People want more from Instagram influencers and brands than a bland, contextless caption. They want to engage in discussions and learn the story behind what they see in the picture.

This is the time for you to focus on Instagram captions and concider it a serious compometn of your content marketing campaign.

We’ll see more brands hiring writing services like Assignment Holic UK, Assignment Masters, and just for the sake of getting brilliant Instagram captions.

For Social Media Managers, this means it’s time to step-up your caption game.

6.  Greater Transparency

SproutSocial conducted an important survey regarding brands and transparency.

They found that the majority of customers (55%) felt like brands were only somewhat transparent on social media platforms.

7 Instagram Trends that Will Affect Social Media Managers in 2019

Among the factors used to determine a brand as transparent on social media, these were the most important ones:

  • Admitting mistakes
  • Honest responses to questions
  • Disclosed prices
  • mployment diversity.

In addition, consumers want brands to be more transparent about the changes in their products, company values and practices, policy changes, and employment practices.

This is a big lesson for businesses to learn. When their audience demands information, they should be ready to provide it.

If there’s nothing dirty in your practices, you should be even proud to disclose this information.

7.  Commercialization of IG Stories

You probably noticed that ads are now appearing in Instagram stories.

That’s because many users prefer watching stories over scrolling through their feeds. Stories are fresh, and there’s something new to see every single day. Ever hour, even!

7 Instagram Trends that Will Affect Social Media Managers in 2019

Instagram stories were big for brands in 2018, but with the opportunities for advertising, their potential grows. Your Instagram ads don’t have to be expensive or complex; it just needs to be enough for the viewer to visit your profile and get interested in your brand.

We cannot predict what Instagram will introduce next.

What we can say, however, is that Instagram trends are constantly changing, and brands should use those changes as an opportunity. Observe the trends, and find ways to include them in your strategy!

7 Instagram Trends that Will Affect Social Media Managers in 2019

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