July 16, 2018 by Alexz Miller

5 Creative Ways to Use the Question Sticker for Instagram Stories

5 creative ways to use the Instagram stories question sticker

Last year, Instagram introduced its poll sticker for users to gather opinions and feedback from their followers. Now with the new question sticker for Instagram Stories, there’s an even better way to engage your audience!

With these question stickers, you can prompt your followers to submit questions, which can then be answered in a public post. Or, you can ask your followers a question and see their private responses. Whatever your goals are, there are plenty of creative ways you can utilize this new tool.

social static Instagram question sticker

How to Engage Your Audience with Question Stickers on Instagram

To use the feature as a conversational platform with your followers, prompt them to ask you a question.

Then, pick out questions that you want to answer publicly and share them in a new story post.

Note: The responder’s username will not be shown when you repost it.

This is your chance to show a more transparent and personal side of your brand while connecting with fans one-on-one. Here are some ideas:

1. Spotlight an Expert

Give an exclusive perspective and advice by having an employee or influencer take over your story for the day to answer questions.

  • 🤩
  • 🤙
  • 🤑

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As you can see @Lulu’s uses the question feature to help their audience know more about the models behind their brand.

lulus fashion question sticker example

2. Prompt Questions about a Certain Subject

Direct the conversation by requesting questions about a topic your fans are curious about.  

For example, if you were a health and fitness brand you could inspire questions about meal prep to help steer the conversation to a topic you are an expert in.

health and fitness question sticker example


3. Q&A about a New Product or Feature

Create some buzz and clear up any lingering questions about the newest changes to your business or industry. Just rolled out a fall collection? Ask your audience what they like about the new line!

How to use the question sticker for brands

Another way to use this feature is to ask your followers a question and get detailed feedback.

4. Use It as a Contest

Ask a question about the topic of your contest and the person with the most creative response wins.

Daylee, a women’s fashion boutique, make their fans feel like they are apart of the journey by hosting a giveaway using the question feature.

daylee Instagram question sticker contest

5. Gain Customer Feedback

 The customer knows best after all! Ask your followers for their opinions or suggestions to get some great perspective directly from your fans.

Instagram question sticker feedback

So, how do I post a question sticker?

Now that you know what you want to ask, here’s how to post a question sticker to your story.

  1. After taking or uploading a photo or video to Stories, tap the stickers icon in the top-right, and select the “questions” sticker.
  2. Change the default text to anything you’d like and post!
  3. To see people’s responses, swipe up on your story.
  4. Then if you want to answer someone’s response publicly, just tap the response and you can share it in a new Story post. How cool 😎

how to use Instagream Question sticker

How will you use the question feature to engage with your followers via Instagram Stories? Let us know for a chance to be featured on our page!

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