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5 Big-Time Instagram Trends to Take Advantage of In 2018

5 Big-Time Instagram Trends to Take Advantage of In 2018

Upholding a progressive social media marketing campaign can make all the difference in today’s digital market. Instagram has grown into one of the leading platforms for all types of businesses to define their brand and connect with new consumers.

Assuming you’ve been an active Instagram user for a few years now, there’s no denying how much the app has changed since its early days. While many perceive the constant updates to be excessive, you don’t really have a choice but to adapt if you wish to see organic Instagram growth and ultimately sustain a successful business.

The New Year will bring plenty of additional features for business accounts to utilize, but there are a few that show promising signs of longevity. Below are five Instagram trends for your to take advantage of.

1) Instagram Story Filters

Ridiculous yet entertaining, face filters first became popularized by Snapchat in 2015. Instagram has since adopted the idea and various tweaks have been implemented to make this seemingly useless creation an effective tool for organic Instagram growth.

Location and event filters are a fantastic and simple way for your account to get noticed by new consumers who aren’t yet familiar with your brand. By adding a location or event filter your Instagram story, your photo or video will appear for anyone to see among all others that have the corresponding filter. Try this out the next time your company hits the road for some easy field marketing.

2) Gallery Posts

Perhaps you’ve just received an abundance of product photos that you love and you can’t decide which ones to post. You don’t want to wait and post them all individually, and you also don’t want to “clog the feed” and an excessive amount of immediate posts.

Instagram has recently introduced gallery posts, where a user can upload up to 10 photos or videos in a single post to be viewed seamlessly through a slideshow feature. This is a great opportunity for brands to showcase an entire collection in a single post.

3) Shoppable Posts

There’s no need to direct your followers to the “link in bio” to shop, anymore.

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5 Big-Time Instagram Trends to Take Advantage of In 2018

Similar to tagging your friends and family in photos, business accounts are now able to tag shoppable products. Users will be sent directly to that specific product in your online store with a single click from your post.

4) Story Links

Stories are a fun and simple way to display the various layers to your company. Users respond well to a genuine, behind-the-scenes look into their favorite brands.

5 Big-Time Instagram Trends to Take Advantage of In 2018

Maybe it’s a tour of the office, or videos from a sponsored event. No matter what the content may be, don’t forget the ultimate goal is organic Instagram growth and portraying your brand in a positive light.

Use this opportunity to send viewers to your web site, online store or any other landing page with a single upward swipe by using Instagram Story links.

5) Working With the Algorithm

As you should already know, Instagram no longer displays posts in reverse chronological order. Rather, the posts in your feed are displayed according to an algorithm, which is based on the accounts you engage with most frequently. Some brands have noticed a decrease in engagement since this feature, while others love the new layout.

One way that successful business accounts have adapted to this algorithm update is by “sandwiching” posts. This means posting a sponsored, promotional post on either side of your organic post to gain engagement.

With sponsored posts on the feed, users also won’t get the impression that you’re over-posting but rather you’re a business professional who knows how to use the service to your advantage.

Consider this trends moving into 2018 for the best digital marketing campaign possible and do your best to stay current on what’s to come.

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