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4 Easy-to-Implement Ways to Tell Your Brand’s Story With Images

4 Easy-to-Implement Ways to Tell Your Brand’s Story With Images

It doesn’t take a genius to see the product- or service-pushing brilliance behind a platform like Instagram. Sure, over 500 million active users take to the platform each month, but the reason brands flock to the image-centric outlet extends far beyond readership …

It’s emotion that counts.

More than any other social network, Instagram provides businesses just like yours with a short-form, visually-stimulating medium through which one of emotion’s biggest influencers can begin building rapport with future customers—stories.

We get it—in recent years, the term “storytelling” has become a bit of a buzzword for digital marketers. And though you’re probably sick of hearing about it, there’s sound logic behind their advertorial obsession …

Simply put, stories are one of the easiest ways to build an emotional connection—be it with a friend, family member or buyer, your audience wants to feel like they’re a part of something bigger than anything they’ve ever known.

Basically, people see themselves in stories.

For example, think of some of the all-time greatest characters—Indiana Jones, Forrest Gump, Frodo Baggins, etc. Once an audience notices a thread of similarity between themselves and the character in question, a long-term connection is made.

Yes, you’re looking to improve your bottom line, but as a company, when you position your ideal buyer as the hero in your brand’s story, likewise, emotional connections are made.

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The end result? More customers, more sales and most importantly, more money.

So, using Instagram, how exactly is this to be done?

Sure, it’s a good idea to give fans a “behind-the-scenes” look into how your business operates, but there’s definitely more than one way to tell your company’s story—below, you’ll find four of the most effective methods:

1) Give a Shoutout to Your Company’s Roots

Regardless of what you might’ve thought back in high school or college, history is really just one giant story—and it’s a good one, at that.

No, not all of history’s chapters are all that enticing, but with the right audience in place, the story (or history) of how your business came to be will be more than enough to engage potential buyers.


They’ll identify with your struggles, solutions and successes.

Even better, this tactic will give you the opportunity to bust out a throwback photo or two from past years. Seeing as how this isn’t likely the type of content you regularly promote, it’s bound to catch the attention of your fast-scrolling followers.

2) Highlight Your Most Loyal ‘Brand Fans’

Who doesn’t appreciate some recognition every now and again, right?

As a business, you’ll take all the positive press you can get, but followers are no different—they want to be personally recognized by the brands whose stories they’ve grown to love.


Because of this, interact with your followers.

But if you’re really looking to make a splash, go above and beyond the call of duty, featuring images of them, too. And if they’re using, enjoying or getting creative with your products and services as part of the story you tell, it’s an added bonus.

3) Feature Your Products or Services In Action

This technique could potentially feed off of the one that precedes it, but it’s important enough to deserve its own spot on our list.

Using Instagram, sell an experiencenot a product or service.

Think about it—a sizable chunk of your business’ story comes from the goods or services you’re selling. But instead of force-feeding audiences with features, special offers and sales jargon, give them a taste of what it’s like to gain access to what you’re all about.


The more you can make them feel like they’re already a customer of yours, the more likely they are to call, click or stop by your place of business to formalize the arrangement.

4) Promote a Powerful Quote or Two

Here at Kickstagram, we’ve seen firsthand how incredible quotes can be for improving audience interaction on Instagram. Truth be told, though, that’s not all they do—they also help you build out the underlying values of your brand’s unique story.


To make this happen, edit high-quality images to include motivational quotes from your biggest heroes. Then, if you’ve got the time, take things a step further, providing a long-form caption to explain why a quote inspires you and your business each and every day.


We’ve said our piece, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Now, the tables are turned, and it’s your chance to get involved. So, taking to Instagram, hit us up with a comment or question about telling your company’s story.

Can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us—until then, thanks for reading!

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