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3 Reasons Now’s the Time to Commit to Instagram Stories

3 Reasons Now’s the Time to Commit to Instagram Stories

As Instagram continues to prove itself as one of the most prominent social media platforms, it’s about time you jump onboard and explore its latest features for the sake of free and simple marketing.

This idea of a story – made popular by Snapchat in 2013 – gives your audience a sense of timeliness and a real behind-the-scenes experience with your brand.

Allowing your audience to take an inside look at your office, meet employees or virtually attend an event should be a no-brainer if you’re exploring how to grow your Instagram audience with genuine followers.

1) Connect On a Personal Level

The fundamentals of marketing lie within this notion of connecting with your audience on an emotional level. This might sound a bit sappy while talking about Instagram, but it couldn’t be more true – what could possibly be more effective than your audience naturally stumbling upon an exclusive design meeting with their favorite apparel company, or your latest gadget at a tech convention?

These quick snippets of social media goodness can be marketing gold if used strategically and tastefully.

One of the latest additions to the Instagram story is a continuous play feature that allows viewers to watch each story with a single tap. That means your company’s Instagram audience no longer has to actively seek out your story, as they will automatically stumble upon it along with their family’s and friend’s.

This feature ultimately leads to more eyes on your content, so you might as well drop a nonchalant link in there. Now with a quick upward swipe, you’ve got eyes on your site and hopefully the checkout page shortly after.

2) Go Live

Who doesn’t love a live stream of an event or party that you desperately wish you could be at? Instagram has adopted this feature for an even more intimate viewer experience and an additional way to attract more eyes on you without clogging the feed.

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The beauty of Instagram Live is the freedom to make your broadcasts as long or short as you please. Unlike the Instagram Story, however, your live broadcast disappears immediately once you stop recording.

3 Reasons Now’s the Time to Commit to Instagram Stories

This interactive livestream also allows viewers to chime in by commenting on the video or chatting with one another. Go ahead and try this out at your next event or fun sales meeting, I guarantee you’ll get more viewers than you expect as Instagram will notify each of your followers who are currently online as you begin recording.

Keeping a fresh Instagram Story is a sure way to use the latest algorithm update to your advantage. When it comes to getting the most possible eyes on your posts, it’s crucial to note that your posts must be at near the top of the feed for as long as possible. This can be achieved easily by utilizing the story feature and going live regularly.

3) Connect With a Younger Demographic

For anybody curious about how to grow your Instagram audience to its fullest potential, you must be willing to cater to all types of consumers. As the Snapchat Story proved to be most popular amongst a younger demographic, they’ve proven to be accustomed to the Instagram addition as well.

3 Reasons Now’s the Time to Commit to Instagram Stories

Millennials tend to have a real knack for sniffing out inauthentic brands and spammy advertisements. Reassure your audience that you are in fact human and you care about your consumers as much as your real, authentic brand.

For more Instagram Story inspiration, visit your favorite accounts and take note of how they are utilizing the story feature. Pay special attention to how popular personal accounts differ from your favorite companies.

Instagram Stories are designed to post with little preparation in comparison to permanent uploads. Don’t stress perfection and have some fun exploring these new, creative marketing tools.

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