January 12, 2017 by kicksta

2017 Influencer Marketing Trends [Infographic]

2017 Influencer Marketing Trends

2016 was a big year when it came to Digital Marketing. We saw digital ad spend hit an all time high, mobile traffic officially surpassed desktop traffic, content marketing sky rocketed (with the help of fake news websites), and we saw marketing efforts face its first hindrance in AdBlock software. The highlight of 2016 was the explosion of brands using Influencer marketing to reach their target demographic in a more “trust-worthy” way. If there was any doubt among marketers on the success & future of Influencer Marketing, it was quickly put to rest with Google purchasing the Influencer Network Famebit.

Going into 2017, the industry knows that Influencer Marketing is going to grow significantly, so we put together all you need to know on the 2017 Influencer Marketing Trends in the infographic below.

2017 Influencer Marketing Trends

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